Monday, June 22, 2015

What NOT To Do On A Date

Since my last relationship, I've only been out on two dates three if you count the one I didn't know about. [here]  That's cause I'm really picky with whom I spend time with, but sometimes even my judgement betrays me.

Based on a recent event, here are some 'tips' I've accumulated from my experience.

  • Don't say that you are a LAST MINUTE PERSON when she asks where you are taking her. At least lie about it and say it will be a surprise.
  • DO NOT BE LATE. If you said you would pick her up at 6pm, then BE THERE at 6pm not an hour later. 
  • PLAN ahead. That means KNOW which restaurant you are going to, look up the hours and name, and more importantly, LOCATION.
  • Might as well RESERVE the damn place while you are at it. 
  • If it doesn't kill you, COMPLIMENT her on how she looks. She probably spent a long time getting ready just for you. Waxing/shaving, plucking brows, washing hair, brushing hair, ain't no fucking joke. 
  • If she is wearing 5-inch heels for you, be courteous and caring to her. It's not as easy as it looks. 
  • Be a fucking gentleman. 

I feel terrible for outing this guy, I mean he's super nice and everything, it's just one of those non-boyfriend material situation. Tragic, really.

Therefore Tifa's quest of love continues...

What are some of your experiences of a bad date?

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Small Boobs

Today I'mma talk about the most fascinating balls of fat known to mankind: BOOBIES!

That's right. The two lumps on a female's chest whose purpose is to provide nutrition to our babies, yet has the power to drive men and women around the world crazy.

The big debate that all females go through while growing up: Are bigger boobs better?

For us smaller-chested ladies, we already know society/media's preference for bigger assets. And it's even more frustrating for a little Asian girl like me to know the chances of me naturally achieving a size bigger than a measly B cup is but a dream. (This was based on the women in my family. I know there are some Asian women that have huge ta-tas!)

I used to drink three glasses of milk a day because I heard it would make my boobs bigger/grow taller. Clearly none of that was achieved......  At least I hope I have strong healthy bones now. That's something, yay!

Back then before I became a feminist and acknowledged how extremely sexist our world is still today, a reason for my growing-chest concerns was because of: boys. -_-

All boys like bigger boobs right?

Ugh, thinking back to when we turned to men for acceptance just disgusts me.

But let's face it ladies, our main (possible) reasoning for wanting bigger breasts is simply for vanity. That's right gentlemen, it's not to satisfy your fantasies or to sexually pleasure you in bed. It's for US. YES, WE CAN BE SELFISH TOO!!

I've been quite content with my natural assets because they fit my frame. Look, I'm a 5"ft girl with a petite body that normally fits size 2. Me having C's or double D's would just look silly!! Thankfully, I'm not completely flat either. I have something to work with, and if I ever needed the extra help, Victoria Secret's "Add 2 Cups Push Up" bras got my back!

So what is the inspiration behind this post?

Well recently I was shopping at GUESS and I found a really cute corset tank on the sale racks.

As shown below:

Simple, black, with the perfect ooze of sex appeal. And it was also a XS! Perfect right?


Besides the fact that I could not zip it up to it's full potential (I've been having this problem alot FML), my boobs did not fill out the cups fully. So even if I managed to zip it up, it would still look silly on me and a size up for the top is clearly out of the question. -_-

I was a bit upset. Although the top is tailored to an XS body, the breast ratio clearly is not. I do realized there are women out there who are petite that have big boobies. Either naturally or surgically enhanced.

Fuck me and my small boobs. -_-

Onto the next topic: Breast Implants.

I don't have a problem with them nor plastic surgery. It is not an excuse for us to de-value any human beings. Breast implants are quite the norm nowadays, and are not only excluded to porn stars. 

Although there were moments I wished my assets were a bit bigger, I had promised myself that I would not succumbed to the pressures of society and get a boob job. I wanted to be happy with what I have and not worry about my insecurities. 

That is, until now.

Not only are sexier attire usually made to fit bigger bosoms, it's almost impossible to find a bra/bikini in your size when they go on sale!!! (Ugh, I'm talking about the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sales -__-)

As much as I love my small boobies, these incidents are making me seriously consider getting enhancement.

Check out all these beautiful petite women with big boobs!!! Natural and enhanced (most likely) idk, point is they make these outfit look way better!!!

Dilya Diaz

Arika Sato

Lilly Ghalichi

I'm not confirming whether I would go through with it or not. It's just a thought that is bothering me atm. 

What do you ladies think about breast implants overall? Would you ladies do it, or are you happy with what you have? ;)

Ps. The different amount of words to say boobs is amazing!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

10 Months Later...

So... it's been awhile since I've last blogged.

I figured the best way to start again is to, well, start. LOL *genius right here*

* I HAVE been updating on other social medias from time to time though: Twitter / Instagram *

Over the course of 10 months many things have happened and I've grown (only emotionally, physically still short.), but at the end of the day I am still the crazy weirdo who always thinks of blogging but doesn't.

So what's new? Haven't graduated, still blonde (except now with ombré instead of the solid platinum blonde RIP), and still a god at League of Legends. Like that is ever gonna change hahaha

Except now I've finally got my driver's license, only a few years late? At least the jokes about my 5 year old having to bus in my family has stopped. Met so many awesome new friends/colleagues at school, a little bit more comfortable with socializing, and still can't down more than five shots for shits. (I still stand by my case that I don't like alcohol.. I tried.)

I have just signed up for the gym this past month. Currently on week 3 and the motivation and grind is still there. I go on every day off, and use my work days as a rest day. I'm already seeing results but I am still far from my goal. Super motivated to achieve it!! I also bought a new bikini at Forever 21 with a "push up" function. Bless the soul who invented that. Yay for no more flat-chested bikinis!!! Anyone interested in a pic? Jk.

I meet many interesting souls on a daily basis.. it's too bad I don't take the time to blog about them. A guy I took interested in at school was rebounding off me..  I'll consider blogging about it because I think it's quite a funny experience.

I'll keep it short since it's been awhile, and I know no one likes to read more than 140 characters in this generation.

See you in hopefully less than 10 months!!!