Saturday, January 1, 2011

Greetings Wanderers! It seems you have somehow stumbled across this tiny blog. Your eyes flirt around from the floral backdrop to the vintage faded photo of
Marilyn Manroe in the banner. Well, welcome to my dear blog and I hope you will enjoy yourselves here!

Hello! I am
Tifa Mai, creator and owner of this blog. Art is my number one passion. I like to create, and admire all different forms of art. It is one of the many joys in my life. By creating this blog, I hope to share to you, the audience, the various inspiration and interests in my life.

Fashion & Make-Up - I would like to clarify first that I am no beauty guru, nor do I intend to be one. But I do see Make-Up as Art and I am obsessed with blending eye shadows! I love Fashion. My absolute favourite style to rock is modern vintage. So it is no surprise that Blair Waldorf is one is my top style icon. I also have a secret obsession with fierce styles such as statement shoulders, and spiked heels. I do not have a favourite designer, but I enjoy designs from Channel, Marchesa, and Alexander McQueen,

- Although dance has been a secret passion of mine that I had dreamed of pursuing since I was in elementary, it was not until recently that I was able to convince myself that it was not too late, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. My interest started with hip-hop, but it has recently changed to break-dance. I am by no means a breakdancer, nor a b-girl, as I have only just started this new hobby a few months ago. But I hope to open a new world up to you by introducing this style of dance.

Digital Art/Animation - I remember dreaming of becoming an artist when I was a child. Nowadays, I am quite fond of Photoshop and like to finish my artworks on there. I am a sucker for good graphics especially in video games. (The Final Fantasy series would no doubt be my fav!) For now I am doing 2-D drawings, but I hope to be able to touch base on 3D images in the near future!

These are only few of the various topics I will be covering on my blog! I hope this sneak peek has hopefully sparked an interest within you, and that you will come back. If you own a blog as well, I would love to see it as well. You're welcome to leave a comment below and I will make sure to check it out!

Much Love,

Tifa Mai

Credits: MakeUp Pic from MAC Cosmetics Barbie Collection
[x] Breakdancing picture from photographer, Ray Demski

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  1. Oh, this really made me like you even more~ You're such a likable person ; w ; - To me. I love dancing as well! It's really a passion though and I want to be a dancer, and study it .. it's just a bit sad I've never ever struck by the chance to get a dance class or ever actually try a 'genre' /le sigh.
    But, B-boy and hip hop are my faves! Even though I can only freestyle..


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