Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Dreams

I cannot believe we are ringing in a New Year in a mere few hours!!! Bleh, 2011 was so shitty but it had it's lessons and good times as well. Although I have lost a great love in the first half the year, I did find a new one. I failed many times in various places of my life, and fell down a hole for a bit. But I never once fell too deep to not be able to get out. I thank many of my friends for their support, and thank 2011 for those experiences that have truly made me a better, and stronger person today. (Corny, and cliche, I know. )

From a Christmas party last week. :) Beautiful tree isn't it? The bunny I'm holding is Bob btw.

It's that time of the year again to set some New Years Resolutions. Last year's resolutions were so vague, that it was hard to determine whether I actually did follow them or not. LOL! But one thing is confirmed, I did not become friends with the gym at all. Haha! (I think I only went once, or twice at my school.. -__-)

I took the time to organized them into categories. :)

This is the most important field that I must succeed in this year, 110% of my efforts, sweats, tears and time. I will try harder to cut off my internet, and gaming time. I cannot afford to do bad anymore in school.

I really want to start dancing.. (Hiphop/breakdance). I've been telling myself this every year for a while. I need to take the time to constantly practice, and improve myself.

It wouldn't be New Years resolutions without a fitness goal. I hope to get fit, and finally reach the body goal I've always wanted to achieved.

To blog ALOT more, and frequently. To be a better blogger, and improve constantly. Time to pull out my nerd pants, and learn all the HTML codings. Hehehehe.

To learn to cook lots of delicious dishes. :-) (Gotta learn to be a woman, haha..) Gonna prep myself by playing Cooking Mama.

I will work very hard this year to accomplish my goals.

On a last note, welcome 2012! I hope it will treat you all well. Enjoy your night, and party safe. :) Thank you everyone who has subscribed to my blog this year, and commented. Means a lot.

2012, Bring it on. FIGHTING, FIGHTING!

Also, it's been a full year since this blog was opened. (January 1, 2011.) Yay!

Finally getting a few days off after working almost a week straight after Christmas. Going to use the time to make a new layout! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merrry Christmassssss !!!

OMG!! I cannot believe it is Christmas already. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! I've been incredibly busy the past week. I work in retail, so it's been pretty busy at the malls with everyone scrambling around for last minute presents for others; (and themselves!) I am super stoked for Christmas this year. I'm not gonna lie, the past Christmas years have been pretty bunked lately. Ever since the kids (myself, and cousins) started growing up, and families been consumed with the busyness of life, Christmas just wasn't as magical anymore. Let's admit it, it's not as fun without the BIG, mysterious, wrapped presents under the tree. (TOYS!!) But of course, Christmas is NOT about the awesome toys we receive. It's definitely about family. And I am very thankful I still have them all here with me this year. :)

I have already celebrated Christmas with my immediate family last night (Christmas Eve) with a wonderful dinner that my Mommy cooked up. We substituted our turkey for some chicken from the supermarket instead because we're not a huge fan of turkey, and it takes us days to finish. Then later on this evening, going to head over to my cousin's for a family gathering and more Christmas celebration.

Anywaysssss! I've been itching and kicking my butt daily to fart out a blog, but never had time to fully finish one. I still have about two weeks left of winter vacation but it is filled up with work. And even though I got paid almost $300 the other day, I blew it all up on Christmas shopping. *sad face I swear, I am such a generous person this year. Santa better give me a fucking good present this year.

So, it's almost been a whole month since my birthday!! I finally got around to snapping 'artistic' photos of my early gifts. :) I have such wonderful friends! I swear I feel like I don't deserve such awesome people in my life, who know me so well. Love, love, love.

Here is the awesome Hello Kitty bouquet that my special someone got me. :-)

"For You."

Check out my nice photography. ;)

Isn't this the cutest, corniest bouquet or what? It makes me so happy and giggly when I see it in my room. ^__^

Thesee were given to me by one of my closest girlfriend, who I really adore and appreciate in my life. One of the most unique, independent individual I know. Loveeee you! Muah!

Pink. Bow Tie. = ME. She knows me sooo well. :') (It's a belt btw.)

I fell in love with these right away when I opened it!! These are gorgeous, I cannot wait to wear them.

I have an obsession with headbands ever since I laid my eyes on Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. :) This being pink and has a bow tie just adds 100+ points to it. Maybe I'll blog about my headband collection one day.

Once again, Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Accepting My Failure

As I scanned over the sheets of paper filled with numerical nonsense, my head starts hurting as it tries to find whatever random information it could pull out that would fill these empty spaces. I scratch my head again, as if it would help. I start cursing in my head, saying any damn curse word that I could have think of; and perhaps even inventing some in the process. (I was scared that my imagination would expand, and the words would accidentally slip out of my mouth.) I try to pray to every spirit out there or any ghostly figure to magically input some numbers into my head and that maybe, just maybe, it would turn out to be the right answer.

Sigh, I was such in distress during the exam because I felt like such a failure. Although Asians are stereotypically known to be good at math; well...yeah not all of us are. (Duh, that's why it's called a stereotype.) BUT! This isn't just a regular business calculus course, well at least, not to me. And this isn't the proudest thing I want to say, and am actually embarrassed. I'm repeating this shit for the second time. Have I been doing better than the previous time I took it? Yes, I have. I understand it a lot more now, and I passed all my quizzes and midterm. But just barely passed it. Repeating it for a second time is one time, to do a lot better is another. So I sat there, thinking about the future. (I know, when I should have been focusing on the exam. But it's not like I would know how to solve it any better.) So.. what happens if I fail this class, again? What if I barely manage to pass with a C-, should I retake it? If I retake it, how will it affect my application into the business program? Repeating it for the third time.. really Tifa?!

I felt so stupid. Really stupid. But I know I'm not. Did I work harder than I did last semester for Math? Yes, a bit. But not that much harder. I usually browse through the notes a day before the quiz, and do a few questions of the book. That's it. I don't analyse it over, and over again like I should have. I thought that since I am repeating it, most of the things should come natural for me. And some has, but there were still a lot I needed to study for. I may claim to not be stupid in that context, but am I stupid for not putting in more effort the second time? HELL YES.

But sitting here, and regretting would not do anything for me. This is a lesson for me to learn (second time to learn actually.. cough.) I've decided to ask advice from the counsellors to see what my options are, and see if I can 'detour' my way to the school I want. I am really determine to get there. And if I end up retaking this math course.. not only will I have to sit through a whole semester of class again, but also say good bye to $500. .____. FML!

Random Important Fact: I went to get a haircut and got 2 inches of hair off my head after the math exam. That's one way to deal with it. :)

So remember to stay in school kiddies, AND work hard!

/End of the "Failure of the Day." My soup for my Pho is boiling. :3 I'm sooo hungry right now! Yumm, you jelly?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello December! Goodbye Childhood!

Holy crap, it's already December! That means the end of the semester, and the year equalling to finals, and Christmas !!! My birthday was on the first day of the month, and this year I turn 19 years old. Time to say good bye to those teen years, and hello to adult-hood. Yuck! Which means, I have to pay annual taxes, have less benefits, and blah, blah, blah all the other boring adult shits!

Good news to all these financial situations, I finally got a job. I don't want to say much about it, but I am working in the heart of my city; downtown, and in a retail shoe store. Only had two shifts so far, but I am really loving it. I'm really happy that I was able to score a retail job to work on my sales abilities. :) All my co-workers seem very nice and friendly!

All my finals are on this upcoming week, and one on the next then I shall be done. I can't believe my math final actually landed on a Saturday morning... ridiculous thing ever. -_- But I shall be nerding on the days I do not have work in preparations.

I haven't been able to celebrate my birthday yet with my friends. But my girlies came over in the evening of my birthday for a nice girls night in. :) So sweet. And my *ahem guy "friend" also came to surprise me right at midnight with a wonderful "Cookie Monster" cake, along with a Hello Kitty bouquet. *blushes

I will post pictures up soon! But here's a preview of what I am talking about. These were found at my summer night market, and I was surprised he was able to find them considering I didn't think they sold anywhere else! :')

I was really surprised, and moved because it was a joke that I told my cousin to tell my next future boyfriend to get me one of these. :$ My bouquet looks a bit like the second picture, but wayy better. It has roses included, and is bigger. ^__^ I am such a spoiled princess.

I may sound like a total bitch, (wait nvm, I am. ) but this girl whom I am not very fond with posted a picture of a Hello Kitty bouquet she received from her boyfriend a couple of months ago on Facebook. I was sooooo jealous!! But now I don't need to anymore, my bouquet is way bigger and fancier. And I just want to say I have EIGHT hello kitties in it, while she only has THREE. Also mine is fucking pink, whiles her is blue. (Pink is better than Blue when it comes to these things.) MUHAHAHAHA MINE IS BETTER!! :3 But man do these people know how to make money! These little shits cost quite a fortune for a bunch of small plush toys wrapped in nice paper, way to torment boyfriends/guys' wallets!!

Anyways, back to studying..

I hope to put up a new layout by the end of the year. I'm getting tired of this one. *Yawn. Lacking pink and creativity. HAHAHA!

CYA! And good luck to everyone on exams. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm never gonna dance again; Cause guilty feet have got no rhythm

10+ Points for anyone who got the song reference in my title !! Because "Sorry I Haven't Been Updating for a Long Time Because I've been Busy or actually really Lazy" is such a long lame title.

But for the rest of you noobs, it's George Michael's "Careless Whisper." Here, I'll actually link the song here generously for you folks to listen to while you read this awesomeeee blog. :):):)

I swear this ain't some porno !! -__-"

SOooooooo! There's been so many events that I wanted to blog about that has happened during the time.. I don't even know whether to condense it all in one blog or not to bother at all! Decisions, decisions. I'm just going to type up some random thoughts and ramblings that have been plaguing my mind.

First of all, some updates. My second year of university has been pretty great in terms of classes, the socializing, the social life, ..........except for the marks. Those can use a huge boost as always. I'm currently taking Business Math: Calculus, Japanese, and continuation of Psychology!

BUTTTTTT I want to talk about Math... not because I love it or anything. (As embarrassing as it is, and the disgrace I am to asians everywhere.. I'm retaking the course because I failed it in the summer. :$) Life has its ways of working.. and reasons for failing us at times. (There's a reason for everything gibberish.) Teehee, so anyways there's the cutest Korean guy in my math class that I absolutely adore. He sits right behind me too!! Ok, I'm not sure where I'm going with this.. and if he ever reads this I'll probably die of embarrassment but it's not like I'm committing a crime by telling the Internet how cute I think he is....right??

I've only been able to speak to him once, and it was like two weeks ago. Since then I kept getting cock blocked by some seat-stealing jerks !!! So he didn't sit behind me. :( You don't know how devastated I was, and he HAS NOT been showing up for the last two class since the midterm. SIGH!!!! WHAT TRAGIC LOVE !!!!

Sad Old Me !! :'(

Ok, don't worry it doesn't bother me THAT much. But it sure does bring me some entertainment among the midst of midterms, and the grey clouds that are visiting my city for the upcoming few months. -__-"

To compensate for the lack of photos so far.. here are some from the events for the past month or so. Enjoy :3

Cousin & I at a fancy Thai Restaurant for a Birthday Party!

My best friend & I. Don't you love her maxi dress that she wears as a maxi skirt? HAHA! At another birthday party at a fancy Italian hotel restaurant. It was sooo good!

Bestie showing me how to camwhore with a DSLR. It's fricken hard yo! (Pshh do you like how I lined my bottom eyes with blue eyeliner? Inspired by 2ne1 ! :D)

HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING TO ALL YOU CANADIAN FOLKS! And if your American.. it hasn't passed yet. :3 And to the rest of the world!! And yes.. that is BOUGHT pre-made chicken from the groceries.. we didn't make the good old traditional turkey. But we had mash potatoes and gravy, corn, and cranberry sauce for the bread! YUMM!

I just wanna post this picture as proof that I am somewhat of a woman, and can cook.. :/ A bit.

My girls ! :) Thank you for each and every one of you beauties.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! The malls are already decorated with Christmas decorations, and seasonal items are already being sold! (Yes!! Starbucks Christmas drinks!! ^__^) I'm still jobless.. which is such a shame. I really have to find a job soon, cause no joke, and I don't even mind sharing, I only have $20 in my wallet and that's it. LOL!! Yes, very shameful.. I've been applying, but none had hired me yet. BOO!! But then I had some missed calls and I DO NOT have CALLER ID! It fricken sucks. -__- To add on to my woes, my phone contact expires this Christmas Eve.. and my parents are cutting me off and making me pay my own bills from now on. Which is fine, but SIGH, I might have to be phoneless for a few months.


Taa-daa! A sexy picture of Candace to end the blog. :)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kate Middleton's 19th Birthday Party

I just realized (okay, maybe not JUST, but for a while.. but never admitted it.) how a horrible person I am at keeping promises and being reliant! I always promise shit, and it's not like I don't fulfill them, but I do them like weeks later or something when it's irrelevant. FML!

I think from now on, I should STOP making promises and I would actually do them! Perhaps I shall say, "I will try my best to fulfill your desire." (LOL WTF DID I JUST SAY.)

So even though I previewed the 'next' post with a photo of myself and friend.. well uh, promise broken.. it's not that post.. yet.

So! Why the bizarre post title?

First of all, in case you don't know who she is. Let me show you a picture:

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

I find it funny that we all call her 'Kate' with a 'K' when her real name is Catherine. But then I guess we usually don't spell it like 'Cate.' I remember going on a website when a bunch of wannabe trolls commented, 'Her name starts with a K dumbass.' Like no, YOU are the dumbass because you clearly don't know her real name. HAHAHAAHA

My cousin, whom I am super duper closed with (some people find this weird) , and is born in the same year as me, recently turned 19! (In Canada, this is the legal age. For drinking, clubbing.. ;) )
She is a HUGE fan of Kate Middleton. (She has the DVD of the Royal Wedding and all that. o_o) She threw a huge party at a nice restaurant with a private room. We were required to 'dress our best', and the most important factor, adorn a FASCINATOR.

If ANY of you have watched or seen pictures of the Royal Wedding, it's pretty much the fancy headband/hair accessory adorn on the head.

Please give me points for resisting to post a picture of Princess Beatrice's fascinator. Poor dear :/ (If you don't know what I am talking about, google 'Princess Beatrice's fascinator.')

I was pretty happy with the idea because I actually bought a $3 fascinator at this discounted store, but never had a chance to wear it!

Before the party, I had the biggest dilemma that every girl prob goes through..

I DID NOT KNOW WHAT DRESS TO WEAR! I narrowed it down to two options:

Option 1) One shoulder blue dress. Classy, and elegant!

Option 2) Tubeless leopard dress.

So I did a quick survey with my friends after snapping these shots.

Blue Dress:
0 Leopard Dress: 3

But who the frick cares about me right?! The birthday girl was definitely the 'princess' of the night!! I was in awe at how beautiful she looked. :)

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress:

My BEAUTIFUL COUSIN! (Short version):

This dress was ordered online at

Pictures from the Party

All the Royal Attendees!

After food was done, a shit load of photos were taking, and mingling..

It was time to HIT THE CLUB!

We arrived outside the club at 10:45PM. We were on the guestlist, but guestlist ended at 10:30PM. My plan was to stay till 12 since it was my first time going, and I was *ahem* underaged. But by the time it was 11:30 the long line up barely moved, and I headed for home. My friends actually didn't get in till an hour later.

So that was my first experience with going clubbing.. although sadly I never got in.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Hater Gator

Hello Guys, I happy to announced a HUGE milestone in my Internet/blogger life!

I finally got my first Hate Comment !!!! :D:D

This was apparently written in regard to my post Breaking News: Full Asian Chicks Will Never Look Eurasian Naturally . Where I took a dig at a girl from China who Photoshopped her pictures to look like a doll online.

I had to read the comment a few times before I fully understood it was an attack on me. LOL

And surprise, surprise it was written by an Anonymous. :) (Aka, pussy/pansy.) BUT! I must thank this person for making my day and inspiring me to blog more. It truly made me happy that someone finally find me worthy of writing a negative comment on. :D It's also a good thing they left the comment Anonymously.. or else I would be trolling them hard. :/

I was also disappointed how irrelevant this comment is. Okay so she's apparently prettier than me without photoshop... that doesn't mean anything to me. It's like pointing out that I am asian.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Gossip Girls @ SOCIETY


Please check it out ! I won't be those annoying peeps that ask you to follow me. :) But if you have a twitter, hit me up an @. ;)


My girlies and I hit up
SOCIETY a few weeks back for a girls night out. I never been to it before, but was super excited. It seemed like a fun high class, and girly place.

Kekeke check out the dirty ceiling. 8) Bird poop stains!

Admiring my pretty ring from Forever 21!! :) It's
one ring btw.

Hello these are my friends, Kerropi & MashiMaru!! See I'm such a nice friend to not show their identities without having to blur out the faces and ruin the picture completely. These are actually their favourite Sanrio characters. I would be Hello Kitty. :D

My, what a big head you have. =D

Here's Kerropi, embarrassed to take a picture with me. Always. Story of our friendship. :P


This is my plate.
Blackened Wild BC Salmon. It was okay, not bad but definitely a lot pricier for what it's worth. :S

I totally forgot what this is..
Sherperd's Pie is my guess. Isn't the bowl cute btw?

'Mac & Cheese' Balls. Looks cute, I didn't try it though.. I should have. :3

My friend's
BBQ Ribs. Holy Moly! This thing was HUGE!! No need for plates, it's served on top of a huge chopping board. HAHAHHA!

I LOVE my maxi dress I got for $10. :$ It's soo comfortable !! I like that it warms your legs, and covers them too for those lazy day that you don't wanna shave. Haha! Oh and it could be casual. :) Used to think only tall chicks can pull them off, but now they make lots for shorties like me too! I'm 5"0 (and .5cm) so I know it's possible ladies!

Everyone's orders came to a total of about $21.... not me. I decided to order French Fries on the side after I finished my meal. I ruined the pattern. ):

I didn't want to replace everyone's head with a Hello Kitty friend.. I already seem self centered enough with all the pics of myself. Soo.. here's a small pic with a tint of blurriness on everyone's faces. :D

Afterwards, we went around the city to enjoy the lovely summer evening!

I watched my friend (Mashimaru) take this beautiful shot of the city.

So pretty right? And btw, there is NO PHOTOSHOPPING to this. Her camera takes such nice photos!! I love the effect. It's a normal Olympus camera btw.. same brand as my camera as well.

So I decided to take a picture like that as well..

.... .. .

It's the same fricken shot. Yet, taken by MY camera. Besides my troll friend photo bombing the photo in the corner.. it turned out like SHIT compares to my friend's pic. WTF?!? I was sad.. I wish I had invested in her camera model instead. ):

Awww.. breast friends 6 lyfe. :3 Sex in the city, no? Actually I don't know, I don't watch that.

You really don't realize how fucking awkward and stupid you feel it is to pose while people are walking past you till you do it....

On our way home, we stopped by the harbour deck.

Never one to skip a moment to cam whore and take self pics!!!!

Note to self: Learn some more poses to avoid awkward non-Facebook-a-ble pictures. (Like my new word?)

Some random chick enters the picture..... no I do not want to be hug damn it.

Another fan came in to join the picture. I shall smile and pretend to like them. :D

So I finally figured out my friend's camera was able to create that vintage effect on her camera.. it's because of the 'Pin Hole' magic function on the camera. Gosh I feel like an idiot. -_-"

Here's a shot taken by my camera set in Pin Hole mode. :)

Preview pic.

Next blog post will probably be about my trip to the nightmarket !!