Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Future

Victoria Secret Angels :)

The past few days have been really hectic with one thing racing in my mind: the future.

The future has always been an unpredictable event, full of surprises with twists and turns.. but when comes the time where you are face-to-face with it, it gets really scary.

I'm currently a first-year student, hoping to major in the Business field in the near future. Marketing, Account, or Finance.. I'm not quite sure where I want to be headed yet.

Lots of uncertainties cloud my future, and I can't help but be tad bit worried.


My love for Fashion has slowly been growing, and I question myself if I should go down that road.. but I fear I am not knowledgeable enough in that field to succeed in. Perhaps do a fashion-business related path?
So definetly putting on my 'nerd' gear on and pushing myself 100% into my studies... >___> Okay, maybe 90%, .. at least 80%? :S


Anyways in other news, I got a new camera! The 'Olympus STYLUS-7040.' I managed to grabbed this brand new sucker for just $79 on the net! I usually go for Canon, but I wanted to try out the 'beauty function' on this thing that so many bloggers have raved about.

I'll let you guys know the results soon, so far I don't see a huge difference. But that's viewing from the camera, instead of the computer. Can't wait to snap photos with it! My old camera was seriously sucking a lot..


Some of you may have heard the recent announcement of
Katy Perry's 'The California Dreams' Tour. She's heading down to my city this summer, and I am debating whether to purchase tickets or not!! I'm not a huge fan of her voice, but I really love the theme and her latest songs. Not to mention she is beyond gorgeous, and has an amazing personality to go with!

Katy Perry

Apparently there's GLOW-IN-THE-DARK COTTON CANDY!!!


I'm heading down the States this weekend to visit some family friends so I wanted to put a post up before I leave.

I actually went two weeks ago to go shopping and had an interesting experience with a lovely girl scout. So I was kind enough to stop by and do a survey for her on '
Girls and Self-Esteem Issues.'

Girl Scout: Do you feel like you have talent
to showcase to the world?
Myself: No.
Girl Scout: ...
Myself: Yeah I know, it's quite sad... :(
Girl Scout: It is..

Definitely one of those things that didn't need an answer.. but she was 14/15 ish, I'll let her go..

Have been reading a lot of blogs lately and roaming around, it's an amazing to see what a wonderful community blog spot is, and the interesting aspects of different people's lives!

Anyways, enough for now. Will be back soon! Xo

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Breakdance

This past week I wasn't feeling very happy, and I desperately needed a 'lift me up!' I figured that on Friday Night, I just had to go out. Spoof up my life a bit from the regular boring routine. To my dismay, all my friends were busy with work or something.

So I decided to drop-in a break dancing class. I was given a dance certificate for my birthday so I thought it was a good time to put it to use. Also, it's been months since I have practiced my moves. -.-"

The bus arrived earlier than it's scheduled time, so I had to wait for the upcoming bus. (
Don't you hate it when that happens?!) I was running late, so I ran the last three blocks to the studio. Before I even stepped into the dance studio, I was already breathless! Great.


B-boy/B-girl is a term coined to describe a male/female who practices break dancing.

Break dancing, or b-boying is the same term. (Q_Q What about us b-girls?!)

I'm lucky to have a really talented break-dance teacher. He's from a really amazing b-boy crew called, 'Now or Never.' His name is Jheric, also known as, B-boy Twist.
Now or Never Crew

They originated from Canada, but contain some of the best break dancers in the bboy world. They've had appearances in the 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony, CW's Hell Cats, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and more!

Surprisingly, there was only one other student in class today. It was a benefit cause my teacher was able to focus more on each student rather than with a full class off 30 students.

We started with the basic footsteps, the

Here's a video I embed showing you how to do a 6 step if you are interested. The instructor is pretty amusing! LOL Check out his awesome red track suit!!

This is like the very first thing every b-boy/b-girl must master before moving on. This isn't the first time I've been taught/exposed to this, but I must admit... I haven't done my share of practicing.

We went over the
Coffee Grind as well, which I find super fun to do! Basically, with one firm feet on the ground, the other leg 'sweeps' the floor, and once it meets your other feet, you must 'hop' so your sweeping feet can continue and complete a full circle.

LAWL The awesome pic that popped up when I went to Google '
Coffee Grind.' XD Should have known..

Towards the end of the class, we did a bit of a drill with the '

So basically for the class, we just kept practicing our basic footsteps, over and over again.

It was super tiring, and a really intense work out! (
Believe me) Break-dancing has a lot to do with body strength, which as a girl, I don't have much as a guy so it takes me a bit more time. And also cause there was only the two of us.. so any slacking would be obviously seen. :(

Ichigeki performance at the 2005 Battle of the Year. One of my most favourite performances of all time.

Gamblerz Crew. (Also winner of the 2005 Battle of the Year competition.) Korea has one of the best breakers in the world. I also had a chance to meet a member of the crew when he came here to Canada. :3

I literally felt like dying on my way home. The studio was all the way in downtown, so I had to travel quite a bit back. My limbs were so sore... but it was SO WORTH IT! Nothing feels better when you're push to your limits by 110%.

Anyways hope I didn't bore you guys too much. I don't like putting in so many videos in a post, but break dance can't be describe easily in words nor pictures.

Seems ever since my '
Japan' post my blog has been picking up followers. The continuation of that blog post will be up soon!! So stay tuned!! xoxo

For now, I'll end this blog with a semi-amusing pic cause every post should have one LOL.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hey Dolls!

Just want to thank every single person that has commented or are following my blog so far!

It means a lot to me, and I will be continuing to work hard and provide (hopefully) amazing blog posts in the near future. :)

So I thought it was about time I open up about myself, and give a glimpse to you readers about my life.

So my boyfriend has just arrived home here from Japan after leaving approximately three weeks ago. Just thought I'll share a few goodies he got me from over there. :)

All Hello Kitty fanatics out there, SCREAM!! Whether you're into hats or not, admit it, it's cute.. with a little edginess. I'm trying to incorporate
hats into my style lately (As much as I like the feminine look, I don't mind toning it down with a bit of street style.) Not ALL Hello Kitty items must be super girly, right?

OMG, I was so excited when I held the 2ne1 album in my hands!! I've recently became a BIG fan of them after hearing 'Go Away' and 'Can't Nobody.' (For those are not familiar with them, they are used in my 'Eyeliner Look' Post recently.)

First of all I thought, WOW this album cover/package is HUGE compared to over
here in Canada/America. If ALL albums here were like this, trust me, I would buy them all instead of downloading it illegally!! (lol)

I wuv the photo album inside. :3

Each individual member wrote a note inside the
photo album but sadly I cannot read Korean. :( This really makes me want to learn!

Hehehe a pair of beautiful earrings. I love earrings, I believe they can really make a difference in your look. I really love this pair, it's so simple and elegant. The little details leave me in awe.

Check out the dangle heart chain from the earring holder! (is that what it's called?) And the red heart at the corner is adorable! <3.

I was super excited when I found he bought some Japanese snacks home!! I've been hearing about such snacks all my life, such as cucumber and octupus flavoured ice cream...

Here are some chocolates. They are really good! They come in Mochi, and Biscuit flavours. And 'normal' ones as well! Sadly, I don't have a Biscuit flavour one to take a pic of. :(

Lol KIT KAT! Soya sauce flavour of course...... yepp. I haven't tried these yet, but I'll let you guys know!!

This one is a bit interesting, I'll let you guys guess what it is! It's something covered in the brown stuff.. so it's not originally brown!

I don't know what to call these.. but one of the white ones' flavour is 'sparkling wine' which is sour, and very interesting.

Going to Japan has been like.. my very first goal as a child. And I really can't wait to be able to go there!! First I gotta save up a lot of money (for the plane ticket) and for $HOPPING!! Heard one too many times how expensive everything is. :S

But first, I gotta get a job!! ^^"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beauty and the Briefcase

So I've just finished watching 'Beauty and the Briefcase' starring Hilary Duff.

She has grown up into such a beautiful woman! :')

And if any of you OC fans recognize, the blond guy in the far left is Luke.

I know, the summary sounds boring, but the flick is not bad! Obviously not an Oscar-worthy film,

But if you love..

New York + Fashion + Hot Guys in Business Suits

Then you should give this movie a try!

This basically sums up my dream life. The main character Lane (Hilary Duff) gets to work in the beautiful New York City clad in high-fashion clothing every single day, and works in an environment filled with hot men in suits. Rawr! ;)

But then in reality I would probably in a crammed little office with my own little desk in the corner instead of my own cubicle, and the men would probably be fat, and ugly cause only the nerd, and geeky guys would have been able to succeed in the business field.

I kid, I kid.

Okay, so one of my favourite part of the movie are many of the great outfits Hilary wore.

One of the first outfits, it's a bit too colourful for me (and that's saying a lot) but I think Hilary pulled it off lovely!

I am in love with the black Elizabeth and James blazer! And she paired it with such a beautiful purple dress. Gotta love the shoulders. :)

This little black dress is so classy.

After watching this movie, it has convinced me to get myself a pair of nude pumps!

Have you watched this movie?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The popular cat-winged eyeliner look is so 2009. It's now 2011, it's time to spice up your regular night-out routine with a little edge! ;)

I have been spotting various Korean artists sporting really cool eyeliner styles that really makes the eye pop!

CL from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

The focus of this look is the eyeliner (obviously.) Very strong bold THICK top liner, with fierce lashes at the edges of the top and bottom eyes. This look is a bit hard to pull off but is fierce nonetheless! Don't forget to line the bottom line as well with a little wing to balance the top one, -but not too much! No eyeshadow is needed since the eyeliner is so bold and strong.

Minzy from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

A very cute playful look! As you can tell, she lined two thin 'tails' on her top eyelids. The eyeliner is not as strong as CL's, so it would not contrast with the fun blue and yellow eyeshadow she has on. Blue and Yellow eyeshadow may be hard to pull off, try purple which compliments many eye colours and isn't too 'dangerous.'

Sandara from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

This look is similar to Minzy's but has a bit more BAM in my opinion. But instead of two tails, she only has one. Her lashes makes her look very dramatic. If you noticed carefully, she only placed the false lashes in the middle of her top eyelids, and in the corner of the bottom line. She also has some blue eyeshadow on, as well as pink which contrast very nicely together.

Park Bom from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

Park has two tails as well, but take notice that the other wing is at the bottom of her lash line. Unlike CL's look where the top eyeliner is 10x heavier than the bottom line, Park's lines are even and balanced. I really like this look, and is one of my favourite look in the video. The bottom lash line takes time and practice to master but once it's done, your eyes look amazing!! You can even dab a bit of eyeshadow to make your eyes pop even more.

All these look requires a long-lasting, strong, smooth eyeliner that holds well. I recommend using a gel eyeliner because it blends in smoothly and is able to line your eyes thick enough to make them pop! (Which is our goal, right?) Liquid eyeliner is good for cat-eyeliner, or a quick line because they are thin. But as you can see, the looks we want today require a bit more strength and thickness. Something the liquid eyeliner cannot provide us as well. :(

Lee Hyori advertising Clio Eyeliner

Before you girls head to your local MAC store and purchase the gel eyeliner, I suggest grabbing the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Which can be purchased at your local drug store! It's best if you practice with it first before emptying your wallets for a higher end product, especially if you are a noobie like me! ^^"

If you have your own angled eyeliner brush, use it. Cause the Mayebelline one sucks. The brush plays a really important role in the result of your look!

Good luck!

Credit: The 2ne1 pictures are taken from their 'Try to Follow Me' Music Video.

Happy New Years, and Welcome 2011!!!

A New Year, means new resolutions! I'm not exactly great at keeping up with my 'goal list' and resolutions are no different (I tend to forget them by the third week of January.. -.-.) So funny thing is one of my resolutions this year will be to...

1) Keep up with my goals/resolutions

- These past few weeks I have been checking off a lot of things on my 'to-do' list! Gradual improvement, but better than none right?

And because I am slowly aging, and entering adulthood I will soon no longer be able to eat whatever I want due to health. So I have decided it is better to start early, and continue to keep the doctors away.

2) Eat healthy and work out often

- My good genes won't be able to support me forever, I might as well try to be friends with the gym now.

3) Love
- I'm hoping this new year will be wonderful, and one way I want to ensure this is to spread love. I want to show more love and compassion to others, friends, family and even strangers. Cause everyone deserves love, right?

I find it best to keep New Year Resolutions short, and simple.

Cheers to the New Year!!

What are your resolutions for the year?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Greetings Wanderers! It seems you have somehow stumbled across this tiny blog. Your eyes flirt around from the floral backdrop to the vintage faded photo of
Marilyn Manroe in the banner. Well, welcome to my dear blog and I hope you will enjoy yourselves here!

Hello! I am
Tifa Mai, creator and owner of this blog. Art is my number one passion. I like to create, and admire all different forms of art. It is one of the many joys in my life. By creating this blog, I hope to share to you, the audience, the various inspiration and interests in my life.

Fashion & Make-Up - I would like to clarify first that I am no beauty guru, nor do I intend to be one. But I do see Make-Up as Art and I am obsessed with blending eye shadows! I love Fashion. My absolute favourite style to rock is modern vintage. So it is no surprise that Blair Waldorf is one is my top style icon. I also have a secret obsession with fierce styles such as statement shoulders, and spiked heels. I do not have a favourite designer, but I enjoy designs from Channel, Marchesa, and Alexander McQueen,

- Although dance has been a secret passion of mine that I had dreamed of pursuing since I was in elementary, it was not until recently that I was able to convince myself that it was not too late, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. My interest started with hip-hop, but it has recently changed to break-dance. I am by no means a breakdancer, nor a b-girl, as I have only just started this new hobby a few months ago. But I hope to open a new world up to you by introducing this style of dance.

Digital Art/Animation - I remember dreaming of becoming an artist when I was a child. Nowadays, I am quite fond of Photoshop and like to finish my artworks on there. I am a sucker for good graphics especially in video games. (The Final Fantasy series would no doubt be my fav!) For now I am doing 2-D drawings, but I hope to be able to touch base on 3D images in the near future!

These are only few of the various topics I will be covering on my blog! I hope this sneak peek has hopefully sparked an interest within you, and that you will come back. If you own a blog as well, I would love to see it as well. You're welcome to leave a comment below and I will make sure to check it out!

Much Love,

Tifa Mai

Credits: MakeUp Pic from MAC Cosmetics Barbie Collection
[x] Breakdancing picture from photographer, Ray Demski