Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Breakdance

This past week I wasn't feeling very happy, and I desperately needed a 'lift me up!' I figured that on Friday Night, I just had to go out. Spoof up my life a bit from the regular boring routine. To my dismay, all my friends were busy with work or something.

So I decided to drop-in a break dancing class. I was given a dance certificate for my birthday so I thought it was a good time to put it to use. Also, it's been months since I have practiced my moves. -.-"

The bus arrived earlier than it's scheduled time, so I had to wait for the upcoming bus. (
Don't you hate it when that happens?!) I was running late, so I ran the last three blocks to the studio. Before I even stepped into the dance studio, I was already breathless! Great.


B-boy/B-girl is a term coined to describe a male/female who practices break dancing.

Break dancing, or b-boying is the same term. (Q_Q What about us b-girls?!)

I'm lucky to have a really talented break-dance teacher. He's from a really amazing b-boy crew called, 'Now or Never.' His name is Jheric, also known as, B-boy Twist.
Now or Never Crew

They originated from Canada, but contain some of the best break dancers in the bboy world. They've had appearances in the 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony, CW's Hell Cats, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and more!

Surprisingly, there was only one other student in class today. It was a benefit cause my teacher was able to focus more on each student rather than with a full class off 30 students.

We started with the basic footsteps, the

Here's a video I embed showing you how to do a 6 step if you are interested. The instructor is pretty amusing! LOL Check out his awesome red track suit!!

This is like the very first thing every b-boy/b-girl must master before moving on. This isn't the first time I've been taught/exposed to this, but I must admit... I haven't done my share of practicing.

We went over the
Coffee Grind as well, which I find super fun to do! Basically, with one firm feet on the ground, the other leg 'sweeps' the floor, and once it meets your other feet, you must 'hop' so your sweeping feet can continue and complete a full circle.

LAWL The awesome pic that popped up when I went to Google '
Coffee Grind.' XD Should have known..

Towards the end of the class, we did a bit of a drill with the '

So basically for the class, we just kept practicing our basic footsteps, over and over again.

It was super tiring, and a really intense work out! (
Believe me) Break-dancing has a lot to do with body strength, which as a girl, I don't have much as a guy so it takes me a bit more time. And also cause there was only the two of us.. so any slacking would be obviously seen. :(

Ichigeki performance at the 2005 Battle of the Year. One of my most favourite performances of all time.

Gamblerz Crew. (Also winner of the 2005 Battle of the Year competition.) Korea has one of the best breakers in the world. I also had a chance to meet a member of the crew when he came here to Canada. :3

I literally felt like dying on my way home. The studio was all the way in downtown, so I had to travel quite a bit back. My limbs were so sore... but it was SO WORTH IT! Nothing feels better when you're push to your limits by 110%.

Anyways hope I didn't bore you guys too much. I don't like putting in so many videos in a post, but break dance can't be describe easily in words nor pictures.

Seems ever since my '
Japan' post my blog has been picking up followers. The continuation of that blog post will be up soon!! So stay tuned!! xoxo

For now, I'll end this blog with a semi-amusing pic cause every post should have one LOL.


  1. Woahh *-*
    I only know a few girls who break and I respectttttt you girls ! It's obviously a pretty hard thing for girls cos of all that strength needed ): But still! Thats so cool *-* A lot of my guy friends break and I like watching them sometimes hehe. You should totes take a picture of you like doing an air chair or something hehe <3

  2. Break dancing looks soo cool!! I also love your blog layout and the header, the bow is adorable hehe :) x


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