Sunday, January 2, 2011

The popular cat-winged eyeliner look is so 2009. It's now 2011, it's time to spice up your regular night-out routine with a little edge! ;)

I have been spotting various Korean artists sporting really cool eyeliner styles that really makes the eye pop!

CL from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

The focus of this look is the eyeliner (obviously.) Very strong bold THICK top liner, with fierce lashes at the edges of the top and bottom eyes. This look is a bit hard to pull off but is fierce nonetheless! Don't forget to line the bottom line as well with a little wing to balance the top one, -but not too much! No eyeshadow is needed since the eyeliner is so bold and strong.

Minzy from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

A very cute playful look! As you can tell, she lined two thin 'tails' on her top eyelids. The eyeliner is not as strong as CL's, so it would not contrast with the fun blue and yellow eyeshadow she has on. Blue and Yellow eyeshadow may be hard to pull off, try purple which compliments many eye colours and isn't too 'dangerous.'

Sandara from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

This look is similar to Minzy's but has a bit more BAM in my opinion. But instead of two tails, she only has one. Her lashes makes her look very dramatic. If you noticed carefully, she only placed the false lashes in the middle of her top eyelids, and in the corner of the bottom line. She also has some blue eyeshadow on, as well as pink which contrast very nicely together.

Park Bom from 2ne1
(Click for larger view!)

Park has two tails as well, but take notice that the other wing is at the bottom of her lash line. Unlike CL's look where the top eyeliner is 10x heavier than the bottom line, Park's lines are even and balanced. I really like this look, and is one of my favourite look in the video. The bottom lash line takes time and practice to master but once it's done, your eyes look amazing!! You can even dab a bit of eyeshadow to make your eyes pop even more.

All these look requires a long-lasting, strong, smooth eyeliner that holds well. I recommend using a gel eyeliner because it blends in smoothly and is able to line your eyes thick enough to make them pop! (Which is our goal, right?) Liquid eyeliner is good for cat-eyeliner, or a quick line because they are thin. But as you can see, the looks we want today require a bit more strength and thickness. Something the liquid eyeliner cannot provide us as well. :(

Lee Hyori advertising Clio Eyeliner

Before you girls head to your local MAC store and purchase the gel eyeliner, I suggest grabbing the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Which can be purchased at your local drug store! It's best if you practice with it first before emptying your wallets for a higher end product, especially if you are a noobie like me! ^^"

If you have your own angled eyeliner brush, use it. Cause the Mayebelline one sucks. The brush plays a really important role in the result of your look!

Good luck!

Credit: The 2ne1 pictures are taken from their 'Try to Follow Me' Music Video.

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At January 6, 2011 at 2:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks! pretty isn't it?? >_<

btw. your layout is very cool too! i love the roses.. very pretty! @_@


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