Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Future

Victoria Secret Angels :)

The past few days have been really hectic with one thing racing in my mind: the future.

The future has always been an unpredictable event, full of surprises with twists and turns.. but when comes the time where you are face-to-face with it, it gets really scary.

I'm currently a first-year student, hoping to major in the Business field in the near future. Marketing, Account, or Finance.. I'm not quite sure where I want to be headed yet.

Lots of uncertainties cloud my future, and I can't help but be tad bit worried.


My love for Fashion has slowly been growing, and I question myself if I should go down that road.. but I fear I am not knowledgeable enough in that field to succeed in. Perhaps do a fashion-business related path?
So definetly putting on my 'nerd' gear on and pushing myself 100% into my studies... >___> Okay, maybe 90%, .. at least 80%? :S


Anyways in other news, I got a new camera! The 'Olympus STYLUS-7040.' I managed to grabbed this brand new sucker for just $79 on the net! I usually go for Canon, but I wanted to try out the 'beauty function' on this thing that so many bloggers have raved about.

I'll let you guys know the results soon, so far I don't see a huge difference. But that's viewing from the camera, instead of the computer. Can't wait to snap photos with it! My old camera was seriously sucking a lot..


Some of you may have heard the recent announcement of
Katy Perry's 'The California Dreams' Tour. She's heading down to my city this summer, and I am debating whether to purchase tickets or not!! I'm not a huge fan of her voice, but I really love the theme and her latest songs. Not to mention she is beyond gorgeous, and has an amazing personality to go with!

Katy Perry

Apparently there's GLOW-IN-THE-DARK COTTON CANDY!!!


I'm heading down the States this weekend to visit some family friends so I wanted to put a post up before I leave.

I actually went two weeks ago to go shopping and had an interesting experience with a lovely girl scout. So I was kind enough to stop by and do a survey for her on '
Girls and Self-Esteem Issues.'

Girl Scout: Do you feel like you have talent
to showcase to the world?
Myself: No.
Girl Scout: ...
Myself: Yeah I know, it's quite sad... :(
Girl Scout: It is..

Definitely one of those things that didn't need an answer.. but she was 14/15 ish, I'll let her go..

Have been reading a lot of blogs lately and roaming around, it's an amazing to see what a wonderful community blog spot is, and the interesting aspects of different people's lives!

Anyways, enough for now. Will be back soon! Xo

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At January 31, 2011 at 1:33 AM , Blogger Marielle said...

Well, just an advice, don't worry about the future but with the present. Because what you're doing today decides what you will become tomorrow. ;) :>

At February 21, 2011 at 12:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really sorry but I had a laugh about the girl scout thing :x

You've got a new follower too!


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