Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiya ! It's been sunny over here for the last few days, something that has been absent for the past few months. The days are getting darker later, so that means Spring is almost here!!! *happy dance

My Spring Break has just started and I plan to make the most of my week. I got a lot of catching up to do for school. :( Wahh!

Here's a list of things for me to accomplish this week:

- Catch Up on School
- Take a Hip Hop & Break Dance Class
- Hand out Resumes
- Bake/Cook something :)
- More blogs!!!

I figured posting it on here would motivate me more since I would have readers reminding me. Hehehe, we shall see how that works out!

*** Random Rant: Don't you hate it when you got a bunch of tabs out, and all of a sudden an advertisement video starts out of nowhere but you don't know which site it is from so you can't close it?!? :@ ***

Anywhoooo, I just started playing League of Legends (Anyone else plays that here?!?) and watching Dream High! (Currently on Episode 2) I hope this won't be interfering with my plans...

That's all for now! Just wanted to drop a casual post. I hope to be able to put out some Fashion/Make-Up related posts soooon.

Sooo stay tuned!!

I believe natural sunlight can make anyone look good in photos!! Especially for us camwhores. Hehehhehe! >: ) (I know, check out my peach fuzz. ~ Too darn lazy to photoshop that out, whatever.)

Heart Brushes: [x]

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

This is my favourite holiday. Why? Well besides the theme being my most favourite colour, PINK, I enjoy the LOVE atmosphere in the air! Whether I am single, or attached, seeing love around me makes me smile. :)

My boyfriend and I did not celebrate Valentine's, - yet. We will be postponing the dinner date to next week. He claims he will be taking me to a fancy place downtown. I cannot wait to take pics, and update you guys! I already got a part of my outfit ready. An inspired pink Herve Leger bandage skirt, which I am planning to pair up with a nice fancy blouse. I will make sure to stick to the holiday theme. :)

Anyhow, here are some photos from the past few weeks that I have gathered from my daily life...

Here is a lovely unedited shot from on my way to mall. See how I emphasized unedited? Lol, now everyone tell me how great my photography is! Not. Gotta hate those amateur noobs who take a stinking shot of a nice scenery and claim it to be 'photography'. Psh.

Hello Kitty (Top) Burger (Bottom)

Awesome cakes from a big Asian super market. I actually got the burger cake for my past birthday! Yes, everything is edible.

Ketchup - Strawberries
Beef Patty - Brownie
Lettuce - Lettuce.. LOL!! Yes, REAL lettuce. :S
Cheese - Mango Pudding

For my birthday, my burger 'tilted.' so in my lame attempt, I tried to put the burger back together like a regular hamburger.. instead only for my fingers to 'dig' into the cake.. yuck. And nope, the burger cake was not fixed.

Also got to catch up with my girlfriends, and went to eat some Wings. Yummm la !! We ordered us some Honey Garlic, Tandoori, Jalapeno, Greek, and two other kinds I forgot. But they were delish nonetheless!!

Check out the names of the wings from the 'House Special' menu:

I didn't realize I took a pic of this instead of from the 'normal' menu instead till now.

We went during a 'special' time so the wings were cheap. Each order came with 10 wings each. We each ordered two kinds. Three girls, three kinds of wings each = 60 wings !!!!

Are you hungry???





Now imagine ANOTHER plate for us little tiny asian girls to devour. Trust me, I'm staying away from these for a while!!

One of my dearest friend burst out during our course, "Hey, are ALL of these CHICKEN?"

*Facepalm of the century.

Yes, we have many moments like these with her !! *sigh

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year! ~

I'm pretty late but...... HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!

I am Vietnamese, and yes I DO celebrate it! (So do Koreans!) The difference being in my culture is that we celebrate the Year of the CAT, instead of the BUNNY. :( Which I am terribly disappointed in because bunnies are my favourite animals, and well cats... I'm not too fond of them.

Cat-ny, Buncat?.. -.-"

The pic up there is myself in a traditional Vietnamese, "Ao Dai." I decided to well red to match the lunar new year theme colour. :) (Usually Vietnamese brides wear red for their wedding as well!) And if you're thinking that your eyesight might have gotten a bit worse.. don't worry, I blurred my face 'lightly' for privacy reasons! LOL

Vietnamese Girls in Ao Dai(s)

The 'Ao Dai' comes in a sorts of colours and styles. The picture above shows the traditional simple version. Amazingly, the Ao Dai is becoming an international fashion trend. It was used in the Miss Universe pageant recently where all the contestants don a unique Ao Dai.

Miss Hong Kong and Miss USA in an Ao Dai

I love how the Ao Dai can make ANY woman look so elegant, and classy. :)

Other great news, I was able to snag a sample of the Hello Kitty fragrance at Sephora that was launched last month.

I actually do love the smell, its gentle and sweet. But I must question whether $64CAD is worth it for a small bottle..... It's very cute thought! Wah :'(

I'm not too crazy about the collection (which is a VERY good thing for my wallet). It's overpriced, and the quality isn't top-notched as I would like it to be.

Anyways, I know it's been too long since I have last 'pooped' out a blog. It's currently past midnight on Sunday (or technically MONDAY, groan.) And my body is slowly shutting down on me. (Yes, I'm not really a night person. I love/need my sleep!)

Toodless ! ~