Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hiya ! It's been sunny over here for the last few days, something that has been absent for the past few months. The days are getting darker later, so that means Spring is almost here!!! *happy dance

My Spring Break has just started and I plan to make the most of my week. I got a lot of catching up to do for school. :( Wahh!

Here's a list of things for me to accomplish this week:

- Catch Up on School
- Take a Hip Hop & Break Dance Class
- Hand out Resumes
- Bake/Cook something :)
- More blogs!!!

I figured posting it on here would motivate me more since I would have readers reminding me. Hehehe, we shall see how that works out!

*** Random Rant: Don't you hate it when you got a bunch of tabs out, and all of a sudden an advertisement video starts out of nowhere but you don't know which site it is from so you can't close it?!? :@ ***

Anywhoooo, I just started playing League of Legends (Anyone else plays that here?!?) and watching Dream High! (Currently on Episode 2) I hope this won't be interfering with my plans...

That's all for now! Just wanted to drop a casual post. I hope to be able to put out some Fashion/Make-Up related posts soooon.

Sooo stay tuned!!

I believe natural sunlight can make anyone look good in photos!! Especially for us camwhores. Hehehhehe! >: ) (I know, check out my peach fuzz. ~ Too darn lazy to photoshop that out, whatever.)

Heart Brushes: [x]


  1. is that your natural lip colour?!! if it is WOW! :P

  2. You are very pretty! ^^

    It's a bit funny the picture is transparent and the background is showing trought it? ;]

  3. /reply/

    Haha, I figured :] The book is available online and in stores, shouldn't be hard to find!

    And awwww, thank you! <333 Much appreciated! ;D

  4. aww you are pretty! i wish to have a spring break. i need a week off >.<

  5. omg I totally agree about the tabs thing.. either an stupid ad or someone's blog has autoplay music. GRRR I tagged you in my latest post here. : )


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