Saturday, March 26, 2011

I miss my blog!!! + Floral Dresses

Woow!! It's been over three weeks since I've last blogged.

The excuse: School.

Of course the dreadful excuse that's been used over way too many times. There's only three weeks left of the semester and I really got to work my butt up to keep the grades up. (Or the asian parents will whack me with bamboo sticks, and not let me see sunlight till winter comes. :( )

Although I have been MIA for quite a bit, I HAVE been thinking of this blog. Been deciding what direction I want to take this blog, and what I can do to make it more interesting. I don't want to have just
another beauty blog. Bleh. This blog shall have more than that. :D Quality over quantity!

Will be working on a new layout soon, already tired of this. Especially the banner!

Been jotting down a lot of ideas for blog posts, so expect them soon!! ;) Some are quite interesting. Hehehehe!


Okayyyyy so all my life I've basically disliked floral patterns.


I used to think floral patterns = old. I don't know, it's probably just me but before the floral pattern fashion had hit us recently, all the floral patterns out were really ugly and bleh! Makes me think of something grandmas, middle-age women would wear. D: Dress B has a cute cut and the patterns is not bad.. but I still see 'oldness,' not vintage, OLDNESS. LOL!

BUT! In between 1-2 years ago, floral has hit the public fashion society again. I stayed away from them because I have this rule:
Stay away from pattern, because it will get old, FAST! (This is what happen to PLAID, sure it's nice, but it got overdone SO bad.)

Plaid Gone Wrong.

Okay before you girls start throwing your plaid shirt, pants, socks, bags, scarves at me, I want to say that I understand! A bit. I can see why majority of people like plaid stuff, it can be nice.. (sometimes.) BUT if you're going to get a plaid shirt, WHY, WHY RED?!? Am I the only one who thinks it makes you look like a LUMBER JACK?!? LOLOL!

HmMmm lumber jack....

Okay, back on topic!

So being the 'smart' shopping that I try to be, I stayed away from floral stuff hoping that the trend would go away soon. Since it made it's debut last summer, I thought by the time fall/winter rolled around it would quietly go away.. But no, they incorporated fall/winter colours into floral to make it wearable for the season. Hmmm.. I still stayed away from them.

BUT! Then THESE cute dresses came out, and WITH floral patterns, and YES, they look young!!!

Had to cover her face for a bit to see if the dress itself was really cute, or if it was just her. She's so prettty! <3 Everything about her outfit, the hat, bag, cardigan matches perfectly. I'm taking down notes to duplicate this look. :D Dress is only $12 USD, so I might snag it!

Love the fact that it looks like the photo shoot was done at an airport. Very cute dress and necklace. Sadly it retails for $78 USD. Wtf lah?!

And the fact it's almost spring/summer, I am soo tempted to get a floral dress!! Sighhh.

Saw this ad at the Forever 21 website, but cannot find any of the pieces on the site! Grr, this always happens. But I am IN LOVE with the classiness, and the romantic feel of this look. MUST MUST DUPLICATE!!

Note: Cool double pearl necklace! Def more modern.

Okay, that's it for the time being!! Thanks for following, and look forward to more pots coming soon. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The past two weeks went flying by so fast, I had to constantly remind myself how precious TIME is nowadays!

Remember that list I made in my previous post? Well, forget it, FORGET IT ALL! The most I managed to accomplish was do SOME math homework.. -o-"

To make up for the lack of posts, here are some pics from my belated Valentine's Date!

My date took me out to a really fancy restaurant called, The Shore Club. (And before you ask, no it is not a literally a club!) This is the first time I have ever been to such an expensive and fancy restaurant. This is like Gossip Girl style fancy, where Serena and Blair would go for brunch everyday.

This is the view from the upstairs where I was sitting. The setting is really dark, and 'romantic' so the pictures are not that clear. In the far corner there is a live pianist playing!!

Here is my main course. I regret not picking something more 'exciting' but if you saw the prices on the menu like I did, it would have been the least on your mind. But in the end, food was not bad!

We actually grabbed two plates of appetizers before this course, but my date kept looking at me weirdly when I tried to snap some photos. Apparently it was 'embarrassing.' Sigh =( Life of a blogger.

And I tasted Blue Cheese for the first, .. and last time.

This $10 sorbet taste exactly like... the $10 BUCKET of sorbet I could grab at my local supermarket.. Grr! And NO the expensive price did not create an illusion that it would taste better!! Theory proven false.

A dark picture of I & the pretty sorbet.

When we came in, we gave our coats to the receptionist at the front. And when dinner was done, and it was time to retrieve our coats, the employers actually 'helped' us put our jackets on. Wow, talk about service!!

What I have written so far made it seem like I did not have a great experience. Truth is, I had a pretty good time. Definitely a huge price to pay to feel like a princess for a night. (But then, not like I paid... I offered but he wouldn't allowed!)


I am in loveee with my blouse!! I got it at Zara. Hehe I love the classy, and sophisticated style. Can definitely wear for any formal events, and job interviews. A simple white blouse is a must-have for every girl!

PS. My LEFT leg looks so messed. I don't know why I pose like that with my legs in pictures. Yuck, gotta change that.

Close up shot!

Skirt from Forever 21. I like that it resembles those Herve Leger Bandage Skirt.

They retailer for about $300. Drop one of the zeroes, and minus ten and that is the price I got MY skirt for. :D (If you are HORRIBLE at arithmetic, it's $20..)

Another lovely shot.

Phew!! Props to ALL you bloggers out there that take daily outfit shots or whatever.. it is NOT easy taking an outfit shot by yourself!! Not only that, I gotta find a nice empty corner to take pictures with. I don't like the ugly background, and you guys can see all the random crap. x__x

Although I didn't get any flowers this year, I got this lovely bouquet last Valentine's. Hehehe yeah I'm showing off..

I just played like ten rounds of League of Legends before working on this post. Am I addicted or what?

No, I'm not. I just have nothing better to do. Sad fact of the day.

TTYL!!! <3<3<3