Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspirational Photos ~

Here are a bunch of inspirational, high fashion photographs that I have found at various places on the Internet.

Hopefully this would make my blog looks interesting, and pretty. :D Hehe!

Alessandra Ambrosio

Be back, with a more wordy post soon! Xo.

Don't have the credits for these photos, but once I find out, I will update this post.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Hate Having to Explain Why I Don't Want to Drink Alcohol

Gonna rant for a bit...

So I attended a birthday party on Friday . The birthday girl was turning 19, so of course drinks were expected to be involved. (LEGAL drinking age here is 19) Anyways, I am cool with it. Like how people like to say to justify their actions, "It's my life, and my body, I do whatever I want with it!"

What I'm
NOT cool is when I'm being harassed to 'just take a shot.'

Such irony, because these people get all defensive when someone say something about their drinking.

"You have no right to judge me, and don't tell me what to do."

YET, these people are JUDGING ME.

"Learn to have some fun, don't be such a party pooper."

"You don't drink? What's wrong with you?"

"Don't be such a goody two-shoes."

Okay, maybe these examples are better for peer pressuring. But still, I am being labeled as boring, and a 'goody two-shoes.' Sure, maybe I am a goody two-shoes but that doesn't mean my life is boring. (I swear every so often, DOESN'T THAT MAKE ME HARDCORE?!) There is a lot more to me than that; such as I can probably kick you ass in Street Fighter and discuss about the latest trends on the runway. Don't take my lack of alcohol-ness to define me, cause I surely don't define you with alcohol. (At least I don't say it out loud.)

If you're telling me to respect your decisions, then in turn, you should respect MINE.

HUGE NOTE: I know A LOT of you drink alcohol on special occasions, and just because you drink alcohol does not mean you are alcoholics. I understand that. Like I have stated earlier, I have nothing against my peers drinking alcohol, just as long as they don't push me into it against my own will! Alcohol can be quite amusing and fun when drinking in moderation, and at the right place.

Now, for all you readers wondering why I chose not to drink alcohol, here are some reasons why:

And btw, it has nothing to do with having a close alcoholic relative, or losing someone in a alcohol related accident. It is nothing THAT serious.


1) I like being in control.

We ALL know one main reason why alcohol is such a popular beverage is because of the effects it has on the human
body and mind. It's quite amusing actually, as there are a variety of 'drunks.' (Such as extremely emo-ness, or the opposite, totally scary happy.) One of my classmates fall under the 'mad' side, and he would rage about everything in sight. L-O-L!!! Anyways alcohol is a great way to loosen up.

As for myself, I don't like the idea of 'loosing' my mind and not remembering anything when I wake up. (Of course this depends on how much I drink, but being asian, I don't think my alcohol intolerance is THAT high.) --
Asians don't be offended, just a small joke.

2) I don't want to become addicted.

I know myself best out of everyone. And I clearly know that once I like something, I can easily being attached and addicted to it. Addictions are scary! And they don't just range from alcohol and drugs, but also everyday life things such as the Internet, our cell phones, or (many girls have).. shopping (I have this for sure.)! I don't like relying or being attached to anything because it makes me feel
weak. So if I don't know how alcohol tastes like, I will never develop an addiction to it.

3) I don't want to depend on alcohol to have fun.

It's very common that parties include alcohol nowadays. No more pinatas, horrible karaoke, or Truth of Dare (INNOCENT VERSION PLOX.), :( . Alcohol can be cool, I mean watching drunkies declare their love for some guy that doesn't like them, and humiliating themselves is pretty damn entertaining. lololol

But once people resort to having a drinking party, they tend to stick with it..
every year. Except throw in the clubbing once you get your fake IDS. (Which I am SO up for!) But yeah, I don't like the idea of having alcohol to have fun all the time. When I have a birthday, I like to sit, enjoy, and catch up with all my girlies and actually remember the conversations the next morning!

4) I want to be different.

You will probably read this and think it is a very lame excuse. But I always had a knack to be different. (Not Lady Gaga different. ) It's very common in this age that teenagers drink, illegally. Sneak alcohol, have fake IDs, etc. Well, I want to be different. It's a bit of a personal pride thing for me, like 'I was never one of THEM teenagers.' Haha. ^^"

5) I don't want to.

Simple. I'm not interested in alcohol, and I prefer orange juice. Kthx, bye.


If you don't want me to judge you, then don't judge me!

Someone out there will probably get offended by this post, one way or the other. (There's always ONE person that gotta be offended.)

Oh wells.

Peace! xoxo