Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Umm.. Hi There !!

For the 0 (fyi that's the number 'zero' and not the letter 'o'.) people on here that noticed my absence or even care..... just wanted to let y'all know that?:

I am back !!!!

Holy, I was gone for almost two three months! So what have I been up to? Sorry, I don't have an interesting answer to give you guys. :(


It's been a brutal battle of school these past couple of months. I had finals by the end of April, and throughout May/June I tackled down the 7 week summer school semester!! I took Calculus and Japanese.. didn't do well in either

Desserts while studying ftw!

Oh, and I got out of my first relationship that was 3.5 years long. Will blog more about my heartbreak one day. Also I dyed my hair copper, but sadly it's not that much different. Definitely going in for the bleach and dying it ashe brown next time.

I know it's a bit odd that I put the 'after' picture on the left.. but I wanted to show you all the beautiful grass field! :D Maybe not the best comparison picture but all you need to know is my hair was pitch black with faded dye at the bottom. Not hard to imagine. :)

There's not very much I want to say as I will leave it to future bloggings. (Please let my life be my interesting, LOL!)

I'll leave you all here with a beautiful picture of my city, taken from the high mountains on a gorgeous day!

Can you guess what city? (:

Lots of love, xoxo!


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