Monday, July 18, 2011

DTP Auto Show 2011

A few weekends ago, I had the excitement to attend the DTP Auto Show! Being the typical Vancouver city, it was raining on and off. -___- And this year it was half inside AND outside. :( !! Grr!

So what is the DTP Auto Show? Well formally called just 'DTP', it is a show with all the hottest pimped out cars, HOT MODELS, and awesome performers! Honestly it sounds like a stereo-typical guys dream event! Hehehe!

Well I got there right when the doors opened, and surely enough there was 99% guys.. Except for the occasional boyfriends that dragged their girlfriends along, OR their girlfriends threatened to come to make sure they didn't try to make a move on the models.. I'll go with the second option. :D

Since we came earlier, barely any of the models have arrived yet! But of course the main purpose of this event is for the cars... right? :D There were some pretty sweet rides there! I am so jelly.

MmMm a bike! I'm getting myself one of these somedays.. after I get my driver's license.. one step at a time. LOL

A lotus baby!

A super sexy GTR with a nice vinyl matte wrap. What a stunner.

Anyone care to tell me the name? Too lazy to look it up, and I don't wanna keep pretending I know cars. :(

Some models from the agency,
I Heart Models.

Kk onto the models! The models in attendees this year are:

Stephanie Ly!

Race Car Queen, Hwang Mi Hee !

And my favourite import model, and the main purpose why I came to this event!





Winnipeg's French/Chinese,

Before I get some assumptions, let me make it clear that I am straight. I do find girls more fun to look at, and there ain't that many hot guys in my area. -.- I like to say that I like to 'appreciate girls beauty.' Rather than hating and being jealous right?

Can you believe it? In an event where 90% of attendees were guys, there was barely any good lookers? Okay you think I'm shallow, but whatever. In one of the most shallowest and materialistic events I've attended, I think it's okay to think that. :D I shouldn't have been surprise that most of the attendees were horny old, young (as in 12..), perverted men... Sigh! Where else must they fulfill their sexual satisfaction? This is probably the only place where hot half naked chicks are willing to be all over them, and give them attention!

I did meet Dannie Riel for the first time about.. two/three years ago at the same event. She was a sweet heart, and gorgeous as ever. :3 I remember pushing my then boyfriend to take a picture with her! (:

I literally squealed when I caught a glimpse of Dannie at her booth this Saturday. -.-

There she is !!!! (Check out the asian guy's expression on the right, Ha!)

It was still pretty early on the event but there was already a crowd of guys around her. So I went in to take my picture with her right away before it got way more crowded, and my make up was still in tact! (And my hair too.. because of the rain. -.-)

$5 for a pic with the lady! BUT FREE for ladies. WOO! It's good to be a girl. ;)

Also got TWO signed posters from her. 1 for $15, and 2 for $20. I know, a fricken rip off for a piece of print paper. But the pictures are not online and I couldn't resist!! Sexy posters on my wall!! YEAHH!

Came back inside to seek shelter from the rain, see this HUGE crowd and guess who has arrived?

Hwang Mi Hee!

Holy look at those legs! She's pretty tall.

Had like a massive text spam to get an autograph from her but sadly.. she wasn't doing autograph sessions!! Google her up, this girl is gorgeous. (She prob had worked done but still awesome eye candy) I would want a poster of her. ):

She definitely bought something new to the car shows. Most of the models were the 'North American' type hot, while she is straight from Korea, and has the 'Asian Beauty.' Uhh did I make sense? She has the 'doll' face look while Dannie Riel screams "
HOT I WANNA BANG HER!!" Both of which have a ton of make up on anyways.

Just posing by cars for like 15 mins each per session... What a job!

Check out the HOARDS of guys behind her!! So amusing to watch them slowly creep closer, and closer to her...

Chester Cee AND Victor Kim were also there to perform!

You can check them out on Youtube. Very talented, and humble guys! Couldn't find them afterwards even though there was suppose to be a meet and greet session. -.-

There was also a bboy battle going on, but it got moved from the stage outside (due to the rain) to a little small room where you can't see shit... especially with a height like mine. :(

Overall, it was an awesome show even though you can tell the funding got cut so bad this year! But hey I won't complain. I love DTP. :D

Btw, do you guys like the new layout? Comment and let me know ! ;) Toodles. ~


At July 28, 2011 at 5:34 AM , Blogger m i s s . t e a said...

BAHAHAA i love your posts, they make me laugh hehe :D i love when things are free for girls (like free bar entry for girls because they tend to buy cocktails which are more expensive than what guys tend to buy i.e. beers apparently). your layout looks great! i would love to have a blue dress with red cherries :D xx misstea & co.

At July 28, 2011 at 5:41 PM , Blogger Joey said...

omg I want to hug you! I totally agree! I'm straight, too, but I think the female form is so much better to look at. It's something about the curves that's so sexy. I appreciate beauty, both male and female ;)

lol these carshows are always full of pervy men with their gigantic DSLRs taking a million shots of these car models.

You saw Victor Kim? That's pretty cool!

At July 28, 2011 at 10:06 PM , Blogger Robots in Trouble said...

hmmm... i'm not really into auto shows O_o is that a bad thing?

im glad you enjoyed it there though :}

-robots in trouble

At July 29, 2011 at 3:08 AM , Blogger Haku said...

Omo! The eye candy<3 Uhhhh, I wanna go too, the cars were freaking sweet! Not to mention those gurls~~

At August 6, 2011 at 12:42 PM , Blogger Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog! Great style

At August 10, 2011 at 10:22 AM , Blogger BlueVanilla said...

Great blog! Love fun car shows and hot chicks!

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