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Gossip Girls @ SOCIETY


Please check it out ! I won't be those annoying peeps that ask you to follow me. :) But if you have a twitter, hit me up an @. ;)


My girlies and I hit up
SOCIETY a few weeks back for a girls night out. I never been to it before, but was super excited. It seemed like a fun high class, and girly place.

Kekeke check out the dirty ceiling. 8) Bird poop stains!

Admiring my pretty ring from Forever 21!! :) It's
one ring btw.

Hello these are my friends, Kerropi & MashiMaru!! See I'm such a nice friend to not show their identities without having to blur out the faces and ruin the picture completely. These are actually their favourite Sanrio characters. I would be Hello Kitty. :D

My, what a big head you have. =D

Here's Kerropi, embarrassed to take a picture with me. Always. Story of our friendship. :P


This is my plate.
Blackened Wild BC Salmon. It was okay, not bad but definitely a lot pricier for what it's worth. :S

I totally forgot what this is..
Sherperd's Pie is my guess. Isn't the bowl cute btw?

'Mac & Cheese' Balls. Looks cute, I didn't try it though.. I should have. :3

My friend's
BBQ Ribs. Holy Moly! This thing was HUGE!! No need for plates, it's served on top of a huge chopping board. HAHAHHA!

I LOVE my maxi dress I got for $10. :$ It's soo comfortable !! I like that it warms your legs, and covers them too for those lazy day that you don't wanna shave. Haha! Oh and it could be casual. :) Used to think only tall chicks can pull them off, but now they make lots for shorties like me too! I'm 5"0 (and .5cm) so I know it's possible ladies!

Everyone's orders came to a total of about $21.... not me. I decided to order French Fries on the side after I finished my meal. I ruined the pattern. ):

I didn't want to replace everyone's head with a Hello Kitty friend.. I already seem self centered enough with all the pics of myself. Soo.. here's a small pic with a tint of blurriness on everyone's faces. :D

Afterwards, we went around the city to enjoy the lovely summer evening!

I watched my friend (Mashimaru) take this beautiful shot of the city.

So pretty right? And btw, there is NO PHOTOSHOPPING to this. Her camera takes such nice photos!! I love the effect. It's a normal Olympus camera btw.. same brand as my camera as well.

So I decided to take a picture like that as well..

.... .. .

It's the same fricken shot. Yet, taken by MY camera. Besides my troll friend photo bombing the photo in the corner.. it turned out like SHIT compares to my friend's pic. WTF?!? I was sad.. I wish I had invested in her camera model instead. ):

Awww.. breast friends 6 lyfe. :3 Sex in the city, no? Actually I don't know, I don't watch that.

You really don't realize how fucking awkward and stupid you feel it is to pose while people are walking past you till you do it....

On our way home, we stopped by the harbour deck.

Never one to skip a moment to cam whore and take self pics!!!!

Note to self: Learn some more poses to avoid awkward non-Facebook-a-ble pictures. (Like my new word?)

Some random chick enters the picture..... no I do not want to be hug damn it.

Another fan came in to join the picture. I shall smile and pretend to like them. :D

So I finally figured out my friend's camera was able to create that vintage effect on her camera.. it's because of the 'Pin Hole' magic function on the camera. Gosh I feel like an idiot. -_-"

Here's a shot taken by my camera set in Pin Hole mode. :)

Preview pic.

Next blog post will probably be about my trip to the nightmarket !!


At August 13, 2011 at 8:31 PM , Blogger M.W. said...


At August 14, 2011 at 10:51 AM , Blogger Jessica said...

This looks like a fun night! :)

At August 21, 2011 at 12:58 PM , Blogger Joey said...

I love your ring! And that maxi dress! I don't know what you're talking about because I still have trouble shopping for maxi dresses that aren't taller than me :P You look gorgeous in it, btw :)

Is your friend's camera the Optio i10 by any chance?


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