Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm never gonna dance again; Cause guilty feet have got no rhythm

10+ Points for anyone who got the song reference in my title !! Because "Sorry I Haven't Been Updating for a Long Time Because I've been Busy or actually really Lazy" is such a long lame title.

But for the rest of you noobs, it's George Michael's "Careless Whisper." Here, I'll actually link the song here generously for you folks to listen to while you read this awesomeeee blog. :):):)

I swear this ain't some porno !! -__-"

SOooooooo! There's been so many events that I wanted to blog about that has happened during the time.. I don't even know whether to condense it all in one blog or not to bother at all! Decisions, decisions. I'm just going to type up some random thoughts and ramblings that have been plaguing my mind.

First of all, some updates. My second year of university has been pretty great in terms of classes, the socializing, the social life, ..........except for the marks. Those can use a huge boost as always. I'm currently taking Business Math: Calculus, Japanese, and continuation of Psychology!

BUTTTTTT I want to talk about Math... not because I love it or anything. (As embarrassing as it is, and the disgrace I am to asians everywhere.. I'm retaking the course because I failed it in the summer. :$) Life has its ways of working.. and reasons for failing us at times. (There's a reason for everything gibberish.) Teehee, so anyways there's the cutest Korean guy in my math class that I absolutely adore. He sits right behind me too!! Ok, I'm not sure where I'm going with this.. and if he ever reads this I'll probably die of embarrassment but it's not like I'm committing a crime by telling the Internet how cute I think he is....right??

I've only been able to speak to him once, and it was like two weeks ago. Since then I kept getting cock blocked by some seat-stealing jerks !!! So he didn't sit behind me. :( You don't know how devastated I was, and he HAS NOT been showing up for the last two class since the midterm. SIGH!!!! WHAT TRAGIC LOVE !!!!

Sad Old Me !! :'(

Ok, don't worry it doesn't bother me THAT much. But it sure does bring me some entertainment among the midst of midterms, and the grey clouds that are visiting my city for the upcoming few months. -__-"

To compensate for the lack of photos so far.. here are some from the events for the past month or so. Enjoy :3

Cousin & I at a fancy Thai Restaurant for a Birthday Party!

My best friend & I. Don't you love her maxi dress that she wears as a maxi skirt? HAHA! At another birthday party at a fancy Italian hotel restaurant. It was sooo good!

Bestie showing me how to camwhore with a DSLR. It's fricken hard yo! (Pshh do you like how I lined my bottom eyes with blue eyeliner? Inspired by 2ne1 ! :D)

HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING TO ALL YOU CANADIAN FOLKS! And if your American.. it hasn't passed yet. :3 And to the rest of the world!! And yes.. that is BOUGHT pre-made chicken from the groceries.. we didn't make the good old traditional turkey. But we had mash potatoes and gravy, corn, and cranberry sauce for the bread! YUMM!

I just wanna post this picture as proof that I am somewhat of a woman, and can cook.. :/ A bit.

My girls ! :) Thank you for each and every one of you beauties.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! The malls are already decorated with Christmas decorations, and seasonal items are already being sold! (Yes!! Starbucks Christmas drinks!! ^__^) I'm still jobless.. which is such a shame. I really have to find a job soon, cause no joke, and I don't even mind sharing, I only have $20 in my wallet and that's it. LOL!! Yes, very shameful.. I've been applying, but none had hired me yet. BOO!! But then I had some missed calls and I DO NOT have CALLER ID! It fricken sucks. -__- To add on to my woes, my phone contact expires this Christmas Eve.. and my parents are cutting me off and making me pay my own bills from now on. Which is fine, but SIGH, I might have to be phoneless for a few months.


Taa-daa! A sexy picture of Candace to end the blog. :)


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  1. i haven't learn math since i finish highschool, i went to art after that. Right now i feel so slow =.= you are very cute in the pictures ^^


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