Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello December! Goodbye Childhood!

Holy crap, it's already December! That means the end of the semester, and the year equalling to finals, and Christmas !!! My birthday was on the first day of the month, and this year I turn 19 years old. Time to say good bye to those teen years, and hello to adult-hood. Yuck! Which means, I have to pay annual taxes, have less benefits, and blah, blah, blah all the other boring adult shits!

Good news to all these financial situations, I finally got a job. I don't want to say much about it, but I am working in the heart of my city; downtown, and in a retail shoe store. Only had two shifts so far, but I am really loving it. I'm really happy that I was able to score a retail job to work on my sales abilities. :) All my co-workers seem very nice and friendly!

All my finals are on this upcoming week, and one on the next then I shall be done. I can't believe my math final actually landed on a Saturday morning... ridiculous thing ever. -_- But I shall be nerding on the days I do not have work in preparations.

I haven't been able to celebrate my birthday yet with my friends. But my girlies came over in the evening of my birthday for a nice girls night in. :) So sweet. And my *ahem guy "friend" also came to surprise me right at midnight with a wonderful "Cookie Monster" cake, along with a Hello Kitty bouquet. *blushes

I will post pictures up soon! But here's a preview of what I am talking about. These were found at my summer night market, and I was surprised he was able to find them considering I didn't think they sold anywhere else! :')

I was really surprised, and moved because it was a joke that I told my cousin to tell my next future boyfriend to get me one of these. :$ My bouquet looks a bit like the second picture, but wayy better. It has roses included, and is bigger. ^__^ I am such a spoiled princess.

I may sound like a total bitch, (wait nvm, I am. ) but this girl whom I am not very fond with posted a picture of a Hello Kitty bouquet she received from her boyfriend a couple of months ago on Facebook. I was sooooo jealous!! But now I don't need to anymore, my bouquet is way bigger and fancier. And I just want to say I have EIGHT hello kitties in it, while she only has THREE. Also mine is fucking pink, whiles her is blue. (Pink is better than Blue when it comes to these things.) MUHAHAHAHA MINE IS BETTER!! :3 But man do these people know how to make money! These little shits cost quite a fortune for a bunch of small plush toys wrapped in nice paper, way to torment boyfriends/guys' wallets!!

Anyways, back to studying..

I hope to put up a new layout by the end of the year. I'm getting tired of this one. *Yawn. Lacking pink and creativity. HAHAHA!

CYA! And good luck to everyone on exams. :)


At December 6, 2011 at 6:22 PM , Blogger petitechouxx said...

happy belated birthday! and congratulation on your job!! im still jobless =.=


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