Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merrry Christmassssss !!!

OMG!! I cannot believe it is Christmas already. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! I've been incredibly busy the past week. I work in retail, so it's been pretty busy at the malls with everyone scrambling around for last minute presents for others; (and themselves!) I am super stoked for Christmas this year. I'm not gonna lie, the past Christmas years have been pretty bunked lately. Ever since the kids (myself, and cousins) started growing up, and families been consumed with the busyness of life, Christmas just wasn't as magical anymore. Let's admit it, it's not as fun without the BIG, mysterious, wrapped presents under the tree. (TOYS!!) But of course, Christmas is NOT about the awesome toys we receive. It's definitely about family. And I am very thankful I still have them all here with me this year. :)

I have already celebrated Christmas with my immediate family last night (Christmas Eve) with a wonderful dinner that my Mommy cooked up. We substituted our turkey for some chicken from the supermarket instead because we're not a huge fan of turkey, and it takes us days to finish. Then later on this evening, going to head over to my cousin's for a family gathering and more Christmas celebration.

Anywaysssss! I've been itching and kicking my butt daily to fart out a blog, but never had time to fully finish one. I still have about two weeks left of winter vacation but it is filled up with work. And even though I got paid almost $300 the other day, I blew it all up on Christmas shopping. *sad face I swear, I am such a generous person this year. Santa better give me a fucking good present this year.

So, it's almost been a whole month since my birthday!! I finally got around to snapping 'artistic' photos of my early gifts. :) I have such wonderful friends! I swear I feel like I don't deserve such awesome people in my life, who know me so well. Love, love, love.

Here is the awesome Hello Kitty bouquet that my special someone got me. :-)

"For You."

Check out my nice photography. ;)

Isn't this the cutest, corniest bouquet or what? It makes me so happy and giggly when I see it in my room. ^__^

Thesee were given to me by one of my closest girlfriend, who I really adore and appreciate in my life. One of the most unique, independent individual I know. Loveeee you! Muah!

Pink. Bow Tie. = ME. She knows me sooo well. :') (It's a belt btw.)

I fell in love with these right away when I opened it!! These are gorgeous, I cannot wait to wear them.

I have an obsession with headbands ever since I laid my eyes on Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. :) This being pink and has a bow tie just adds 100+ points to it. Maybe I'll blog about my headband collection one day.

Once again, Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Lots of Love,


  1. ^^ i have a headband obsession too xD

    Merry late christmas!!

  2. Ee the Hello Kitty bouquet looks super cute!! :D

  3. I love the feather earrings :D
    They're so pretty and I hope you had a Merry Christmas too! :)


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