Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Dreams

I cannot believe we are ringing in a New Year in a mere few hours!!! Bleh, 2011 was so shitty but it had it's lessons and good times as well. Although I have lost a great love in the first half the year, I did find a new one. I failed many times in various places of my life, and fell down a hole for a bit. But I never once fell too deep to not be able to get out. I thank many of my friends for their support, and thank 2011 for those experiences that have truly made me a better, and stronger person today. (Corny, and cliche, I know. )

From a Christmas party last week. :) Beautiful tree isn't it? The bunny I'm holding is Bob btw.

It's that time of the year again to set some New Years Resolutions. Last year's resolutions were so vague, that it was hard to determine whether I actually did follow them or not. LOL! But one thing is confirmed, I did not become friends with the gym at all. Haha! (I think I only went once, or twice at my school.. -__-)

I took the time to organized them into categories. :)

This is the most important field that I must succeed in this year, 110% of my efforts, sweats, tears and time. I will try harder to cut off my internet, and gaming time. I cannot afford to do bad anymore in school.

I really want to start dancing.. (Hiphop/breakdance). I've been telling myself this every year for a while. I need to take the time to constantly practice, and improve myself.

It wouldn't be New Years resolutions without a fitness goal. I hope to get fit, and finally reach the body goal I've always wanted to achieved.

To blog ALOT more, and frequently. To be a better blogger, and improve constantly. Time to pull out my nerd pants, and learn all the HTML codings. Hehehehe.

To learn to cook lots of delicious dishes. :-) (Gotta learn to be a woman, haha..) Gonna prep myself by playing Cooking Mama.

I will work very hard this year to accomplish my goals.

On a last note, welcome 2012! I hope it will treat you all well. Enjoy your night, and party safe. :) Thank you everyone who has subscribed to my blog this year, and commented. Means a lot.

2012, Bring it on. FIGHTING, FIGHTING!

Also, it's been a full year since this blog was opened. (January 1, 2011.) Yay!

Finally getting a few days off after working almost a week straight after Christmas. Going to use the time to make a new layout! :)

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At January 3, 2012 at 1:26 PM , Blogger petitechouxx said...

love your christmas tree! i didn't have a christmas tree for this year, it doesn't have enough space in the living room =(

happy new year!

At January 15, 2012 at 10:58 AM , Blogger Butakimu's Profile said...

Oh wow, that Christmas tree is really well decorated! Good luck on all your resolutions! I'm a total chicken shit and I never make new year resolution. But this year I've decided on a few. lol.

P.s. Your dimple is adorable!!


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