Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm a Juicy Girl Now!

Bonjour ! こんにちは!

Both hellos in le francais, and nihongo (Japanese.) This is what happens when you take two language courses at once. I should try writing a whole entry in french one day... I'm still in the beginners level of Japanese, so I'll leave that for a few years. LOL

I'm also joining a Korean club at my school, and I am so excited to start learning Korean!! :D Thank goodness it's not for marks.. I already have enough grammar structure and vocabulary to memorize already.

Here's another mini haul entry since I don't have anything interesting in my life to blog about.

I seriously have an issue with spending now ever since I started making income again. I swear it's from the MONTHS of lack of spending, so now it's all being made up for with careless spending. -_- #girlproblems

Sephora: Hello Kitty Mon Amour Compact Mirror

I originally wanted the Hello Kitty Coloured Blinged Compact Mirror but they sold out of it. :(

But it doesn't matter because Sephora x Hello Kitty came out with a new Paris theme. And I actually end up loving it more for the simplicity and the artistic feel of it!

But the best part of course is the bubble wrap paper that came with it, hahahaha.

Juicy Couture

I'm not a huge fan of Juicy. I own like one tracksuit, and nothing ever really caught my eyes on their website. Can you believe it? I don't own a Juicy handbag!!

So if you follow me on Twitter. You would know that I made some recent expensive purchases. I got the Juicy bracelet a couple years back as a birthday present, but never bothered getting the charms since most of them cost more than the bracelet itself! Ridiculous.

But then I saw this picture on Tumblr:

It was this that sparked and started my fuel to collect these pretty charms!!

The boxes that held the charms. I have a third one but the box is so ugly I didn't want to include it in the picture. LOL

My bracelet with all the charms. :)

It's a wedding cake!!

As you can see, this was part of the original picture on Tumblr. Perfect for a princess.

The limited edition chocolate box. It's so fricken shiny, and nice. And you can close it too! My boyfriend got this for me.

Cute Asian Stationary

Went to a Korean supermarket, and grabbed some stationary as I walked by it. They are sooo cute! And they supposedly function as a pen and a pencil. How great eh? 2 in 1! Great for cheap Asians. But there's no lead inside the pencil part for it to work. -_-

Bought a few cards as well! I saw similar cards like these online and wanted to make my own. So I purchased them for inspiration... :D

I recently realize that my blog has very few pictures of me. (Hahah such a vain statement.) It's because I don't get 'made up' and picture ready every day to take a photo. Trust me, I love to get dressed and put on make up just like any other girl. It's just I don't have much reason to nowadays to put in the time when I'm running to school, and work. Purpose of this paragraph is..... I need more pictures of myself on this blog. :3

Next blog or so should be good as I will be blogging about my birthday party !! I'm just waiting to get the original picture files from my friends' cameras. :)

And this will be the last post for January. Five blog entries this month, I'm doing good on my resolution so far. (Well at least that's good for me, since I try to put in a lot of effort with each entry.)

Cheers to the rest of the year!!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Be Career Minded or a Hopeless Romantic

As a woman growing up, and living in the 21st century, it is no longer considered the standard or 'normal' for woman to be housewives, and bear children before hitting the age of 20. We've been raised to continue education after high school, and have our own careers instead of relying only on our husbands. Basically become and established our own identity as an independent successful individual.

Many successful women in the media are considered "career driven." Their career is very important to them, as they have poured sweats, tears, and years of their lives to establish such success. (Examples: Oprah, Madonna, Kardashians.)

Reason I shamefully added the Kardashian family in it is because although their existence is annoying, you can't deny that they make millions because of it. And although it doesn't look like much, it still take hard work to create such an "empire" base on their names.

I, myself, have said to myself that I want to establish a stable career before heading down the aisle and having children. I was very sure that I did not want to settle down early (before the age of 24), and would hopefully get everything sorted our by age 30. (Ridiculous how us women have a time limit for babies. :( )

But today I was watching a drama where a couple decided to divorce based on certain complications of career choices, but also because the wife felt that she had not been able to expand her career since she had settled down early, and had a child with him. I thought it was very sad that such circumstances would destroy 15 years of marriage. (Yes, I know it's all fiction but I'm sure it happens in reality.)

Although this is all based on observations, and 'inside sources,' it seems like a lot of celebrity/Hollywood marriages fail due to one of the duo having a bigger career, or a rise in fame. Take for example, a recent divorce case, Katy Perry and Russell Brands. For basically the whole year of 2011, Katy spent it touring around the world, and receiving a bunch of awards, AND filming awesome music videos. It's none of my business, but I did wonder, "How did she have time to spend with her newly wed husband??"

Also the infamous short marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. There was a video clip from their reality tv show, how Kris wanted Kim to move back to his home town and have children right away; while Kim still wants to continue on her career and stay in New York. I laughed like a bitch when Kris said that 'no one would give a fuck about Kim Kardashian in a few years' (worded differently, but same meaning.)

Lady Gaga had said this:

Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.
Lady Gaga

Well, it will also never tell you that it loves you.

I understand why many women chose to pick career over love nowadays. The pain of heartbreak can drive us away from it, and chasing over a man at this present time is considered, "weak."

My point of this whole blog is, don't always pick career over love. Love can be a really amazing thing. And for those who are lucky to have been in love, or even those who had little crushes in school, know how one person can make you so happy by just a word. And it's even more selfish when you have to lose loved ones because of a career.

I am NOT saying that you should give up a career for a man, because you shouldn't. You should be independent and never be fully dependent on a man. I just find it really sad when it has to cause divorces, and marriages should be based on compromising.

It's all about balance. Always make time for a career and love. :)

Just my thought of the day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Very Michael Kors Christmas

I think Santa wanted to make it up to me for having a bad year, so he gave me an AMAZING, and I must add, very generous, Christmas.

Disclaimer: I am aware that I probably sound like an undeserving, bragging, materialistic female. I apologize in advance. But I just had to share my excitement!!! :D

We didn't have a White Christmas. In fact, it looked like a typical gloomy day in Fall outside... although it was technically Winter. (Yeah, Global Warming is really getting to us. Warmest winter we have had in a while.. :X) -I live in Canada fyi, so yeah we are known to live in igloos and shit..

Let us move on to the superficial part of this blog.

Okay, so you might have probably already figured out from the title.

So this year, I received ............

Michael fucking Kors.

This is a cosmetic pouch that my mother got for me. This came as a gift set when you purchase a certain amount of Estee Lauder products. Love you Ma! Xo.


And just when I thought I was already a super lucky girl.. my parents pulls this shit out of the closet:

The signature MK. :)

It's a tote bag to match with my little pouch!! AHH OMG! I couldn't believe that my parents would spend so much on me. They then told me that they had purchased this for a bit less than $100. I was really confused, but I swear I saw these designs in the stores RIGHT NOW.

As seen here listed for $198 USD. (The gold version must have sold out, could only find the silver metallic version online.)

Turns out, if you look carefully at the designs. The ones on the site has smaller MKs with a circle around it (much like my cosmetic bag), and my tote bag from Nordstrom Rack has the bigger MKs with no circles. Hmm.. interesting.

And as you can see from these pictures, I was also gifted these lovely Michael Kors Berkley heels from my boyfriend. I wanted these for over two years. And it took two damn years for them to go on sale (at all)!! Talk about FINALLY. Damn brand names... -__-

I tried on the last size 6 before receiving them. I was debating whether or not to purchase them since this would probably be the last I would see of them. So grateful I received them as gifts, I am a very happy girl.

Okay.. so these all the Michael Kors goodies. :)

Wait.. no.

There's one more.

You must be thinking. WTF THIS LUCKY BITCH?!?

Hell yeah. ;)

During one of my work breaks (I work in a shopping mall), I walked in Michael Kors to browse around. I saw the employees wearing the most beautiful sequined dress. (Mind you that this was like a few days before New Years, AND I was still on my quest to find the perfect birthday dress.) So I asked her about it, and she notified me that it was on sale.

Okay so yeah, 15% isn't that much. Especially for a Boxing Week sale. But omg, the dress was so damn gorgeous. I tried it on of course, and damn, was it sparkly. (I love, love, sparkly things.) Original price was $195, went on sale for $179 + 15% = $150 ish before tax. I know, not a cheap dress. Heck, my prom dress was around that much! But seriously.. just look at it.

Note: She's also wearing those heels I got.

So I went home after a long day, and thought about it. I've been working 8 hours for the whole week and worked 40 hours+ even though I am considered part time. I dealt with crazy customers, worked on lack of sleep (I REALLY need my sleep, I function horribly without my ten hours of sleep.) I fucking deserve this dress !! (Might as well get a dress to go with my bags, and shoes. )

And so.. Christmas 2011, I gifted myself with this dress!! And I felt really awesome walking around with a Michael Kors shopping bag, HAHAHAHA!

I actually got a silver version of it, since the gold one sold out rather quickly! :(

I saw quite a few Michael Kors employee with this dress already, I bet they get really good employee discounts!!! -__- Damn bitches.

New Dream Job for 2012: Sales associate at Michael Kors.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Butterflies, Glitter, Pink, and More Pink!

What do all these words have in common?

They all can be used to describe the new blog skin! I'm so glad to finally be able to put it up right before school starts. It took me forever to find the perfect inspiration to put the layout together. I knew I wanted it to be girly, and pink; unlike the previous skin which is blue. There's still many things I need to figure out on blogger. I'm trying to see if I can put image mapping on it, or install a "Picture of the Moment" section like Xiaxue has on her site.

The credit page needs to be redone, and updated. So do not file your complaints to me yet if you see your brush designs/patterns on the layout! Your work will not go unrewarded.

I tried googling some blogger gadgets to make my blog prettier/interesting.. .most of them suck!!! Why isn't there something that connects your tumblr/twitpics together yet. *Waits for Google to buy Tumblr*

I know the past few blog posts have been seriously lacking some photos! So here are some from my Forever 21 haul the other day. :)

Jaded Heart Shaped Earring. A steal for only $1.50 CAD!!

A collection of floral earrings. Cannot wait to wear them. Although my friend actually got the same exact earrings except she had bought them somewhere else.. $5.80 CAD. Okay for five pairs, eh?

This ring really caught my eyes with the bundle of flowers together.

So obsessed with buying (cheap) accessories lately. Instead of buying a whole new outfit, spice it up with some jewellery.

I'm planning to start doing some OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts like on most female blogs. And perhaps more beauty posts ! :)

It will be an exciting 2012!! Xo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ugly Hearts Makes Troll Faces

"Gossip is idle talk or rumour about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts and views, but also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted. The term can also imply that the idle chat or rumour is of personal or trivial nature, as opposed to normal conversation." - According to Wikipedia.

Gossiping is an activity that many of us (girls AND boys) participate in commonly when we are socializing with others. When there's nothing to say, talk about someone else's lives! (Because yours is boring as fuck.) I, myself, am a participant of this game as well from time to time. It's a horrible habit that I am trying to stop because it only creates negativity, and bad karma. Truth is, everyone, is bound to be the target of gossip. Everyone. You may be the most loserish person in school that has absolutely nothing interesting in your life, but somewhere out there, people are saying something about you. The purpose here is:

"People will talk smack about you whether you are doing good or bad. So might as well whatever the fuck you want with your life." - Tifa

As you can tell, I sound pretty darn angry. More disappointment actually, but nonetheless, there's anger. I'm not a naive little girl anymore, I KNOW that people talk about me for whatever reason. I KNOW that my close friends do as well. It's part of life, it's part of being HUMAN (although honestly, that's a shitty reason). Everyone has their own flaws that may at time annoys you. Nobody is perfect. (I definitely know I can be a huge party pooper, and be quite a downer.) What's absolutely despicable is when people that I hold value in my life are MAKING UP false information that is far from the truth.

I recently found out that a friend of mine from school, who I thought was one the sweetest, genuine person I know; dare to accuse me of only dating my ex boyfriend (whom is my high school sweetheart, and dated for almost four years.) for CAR RIDES.

First of all, WHAT THE FUCK.

Second, I started dating him wayy before he got his driver's license. What she doesn't know is that I do frequently walk to school in the morning, and home since he either had an early morning class or dance practices after school. Although I like to call myself princess at times, it doesn't mean I expect to be treated like one. (Odd concept?) It is very important to me that I become a very independent woman.

It makes me so sad thinking about it. This girl was my locker buddy for my last year of high school, and she saw us together everyday. And yet, all that time, in her fucking head, she thought that I was using him for car rides?!

Buddy, you don't date someone for four years just to leech on gas. If you're going to make something up, be more creative. Maybe even something cliche as, "She only fucked him for his good looks, and money." or "She used him to get to his best friend." ANYTHING, that may be slightly believable and not as ridiculous.

Like many situations, this probably got blown out of proportions by the passing word of mouth. She could have said, "I think she only dated him for car rides." Like that one word could prove her innocence. She's not my best friend or anything, but a good friend wouldn't even think twice about that when it's clearly not true. Unless your friend really is a slut, and gold digger. But in this case, it is far from the truth. My relationship with him means a lot more than the car rides, and is probably something that she will never be able to experience.

Gossip is something that happens all the time. I wouldn't even give two fucks if she had said something about my hair, choice of wardrobe, or even who I am. That's her own irrelevant opinion that no one cares about. But don't make shit up that isn't even close to being true. But then, that's how the art of rumours work..

(I actually had to see her right after my friend told me about this, and boy, was it super hard for me to keep a smile on and hug her. -_- )

Ladies, (and gents) no matter how good looking you are, try not to resort to gossiping. Take the high road, and focus on your successes in life. Because a pure heart can make the 'ugliest' (in terms of what society defines it) person, the most beautiful thing in the world. And besides, nothing fuels more fire for people to gossip than successful people.

Gossip about you = people find you relevant since you must have done some shit to get their attention.

Unless you really just gotten their attention because you slept with ten guys and your boss, then you're just a slut.

Also, if anyone ever hurts you because of this, kick them out of your lives right away. Life is too short to waste time on irrelevant losers.

Okay so phew, my anger has cooled down after writing all that. And although I had expressed disappointment at first, I am relievednow that I do not need to waste anymore energy on such a person. My 'nice-ness' is only reserved for certain people in my life. But I am flattered that she needed to talk about my break up when it happened over half a year ago. I am also flattered that people need to talk about me. :) Well, sucks to be her, because she just lost a potential great friend and an awesome person like me in her life.

So anyways, here's a big FUCK YOU to you, bitch.