Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Butterflies, Glitter, Pink, and More Pink!

What do all these words have in common?

They all can be used to describe the new blog skin! I'm so glad to finally be able to put it up right before school starts. It took me forever to find the perfect inspiration to put the layout together. I knew I wanted it to be girly, and pink; unlike the previous skin which is blue. There's still many things I need to figure out on blogger. I'm trying to see if I can put image mapping on it, or install a "Picture of the Moment" section like Xiaxue has on her site.

The credit page needs to be redone, and updated. So do not file your complaints to me yet if you see your brush designs/patterns on the layout! Your work will not go unrewarded.

I tried googling some blogger gadgets to make my blog prettier/interesting.. .most of them suck!!! Why isn't there something that connects your tumblr/twitpics together yet. *Waits for Google to buy Tumblr*

I know the past few blog posts have been seriously lacking some photos! So here are some from my Forever 21 haul the other day. :)

Jaded Heart Shaped Earring. A steal for only $1.50 CAD!!

A collection of floral earrings. Cannot wait to wear them. Although my friend actually got the same exact earrings except she had bought them somewhere else.. $5.80 CAD. Okay for five pairs, eh?

This ring really caught my eyes with the bundle of flowers together.

So obsessed with buying (cheap) accessories lately. Instead of buying a whole new outfit, spice it up with some jewellery.

I'm planning to start doing some OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts like on most female blogs. And perhaps more beauty posts ! :)

It will be an exciting 2012!! Xo


  1. LOL ''waits for google to buy Tumblr''.
    AHahah yeah, google would definitly do that. xD Why be a concurent if you can buy em out lol.
    And I have had the same trouble. D:
    I can't find pretty free widgets for my blog either, so I decided I'll write my own!... but first I'd have to get better at coding, lol....

    I want to go shopping for some jewelry aswell, but I am completely broke, so I will just stare at pretty things instead, xD.
    Btw, thanks for following meee, ofcourse I'll follow you back~ xx

  2. omg i love f21 jewellery! xxx

  3. Oh you purchases some very lovely and girly accessories! I think these will be so great for spring outfits!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment! i hope you hacve a wonderful 2012 as well! i love your blog, it's so fun and interesting, followed you=)
    those heart earrings are so pretty!

  5. i need to do too outfit of the day, i haven't make one yet xD

    i love your new blog skin... i'm too lazy to make mine perfect...

  6. i luv the jaded heart earrings they are very cute, and for 1.8 CND, wow now thats a bargain..i luv f21 too, but i feel like evrytime i go there i have to really dig for some decent stuff, but they are the best place for affordable and pretty accessories.


  7. I love those floral studs! very girlish and springy :) a great purchase

  8. nice purchases! great blog layout too :D

  9. So cheap!! I'm totally going through a cheap accessories stage haha. Can't resist those 'sale' signs at accessories shops lol. I think you can't have too many accessories!

  10. i've been buying cheap jewellery as of late as well! i never really wore jewellery often, so i'm trying to slowly incorporate accessories into my outfits! the turquoise earrings are so cute :)!

  11. nice blog u have here, i am a new follower!

  12. aww so many pretty flowers! :)

  13. Those earrings are adorable (and cheap!) Great buys!

  14. Love the floral earrings. So cheap for so many. :)

  15. You look great in red! I love buying cheap accessories too cause I'm always loosing them. F21 is the best for this stuff. They always have unique looking necklaces.

    Beauty and OOTD are alway entertaining to read so I concur with your new posts ideas :)


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