Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello my Beauties!

Although I am a day late, just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Valentines Day. :) It's my favourite holiday (not just because the theme is pink and red :$), but the meaning of the holiday. I totally despise V-grinches who complain about it being "Single Awareness Day" or it being a too "commercial" holiday. Stfu. You're just totally bitter because you don't have a Valentine, and can't get laid.

^ Win. This guy makes such a valid point.

And the holiday is only commercial if you buy into it. For me, it's a day to celebrate love. Many argue that you should be showing love to your significant other love every single day, and not just have one single day out of the year to do it. Okay well, honestly you little prick, you better be fucking buying your girlfriend flowers everyday, taking her out to dinner dates, and I better not see one single day that you treat her like shit. (I had someone on my Facebook post such a status about treating his girlfriend like a princess. Okay buddy, let's see down a few years.) If you say Valentines shouldn't be necessary, then I guess we don't need Mother's Day, Christmas and all the other damn holidays, okay?

I'm sure your mama is impressed with your words, and you want to look like the prince in shining armor now. But let's see you keep up this visage, let's say for.. forever. We're humans, what's wrong with declaring one official day to celebrate it? With or without it, the rest of the 364 days would be the same chump. Now, stop your yapping and start getting on your knees!

Wow, too much steam on selected people. I totally understand the other percentage of people who are not fond of this holiday. Personally, for me, whether I'm single or not, I enjoy this holiday with an open heart. I love seeing people on the streets, at school receiving flowers, and being all lovey dovey. It is the one day that I can tolerate PDA (Public display of affections.) Honestly, the joys on their faces are just priceless, and makes me feel warm inside. (Yes, I can be quite the softy)

Let's just set aside our relationship status, and what we don't have and focus on the main, most important reason: Love.

As for myself, my boyfriend spoiled me rotten this year and got me a bouquet of roses and a HUGE, ASS, BALLOON.

No seriously, this balloon was fucking huge. And our plans were to go shopping after I finished school. He purposely bought it for me so I would have to walk around with both of these with everyone starring at me. -_-

As much as I seem like an attention seeker, I actually don't like it on me. I like having attention without really knowing people are giving me attention... does that make sense? O_o

And guess what.

When I was opening the door to my home, with the balloon in my hand... I accidentally popped it.

In my mind, "Mother Fucker."

It now has a big hole in it, and is lying dead, and lifeless on my floor. And it barely survived a good few hours. :(

I found this on my Facebook news feed the other day. Thought it was quite funny, so I shared it:

Heart Shaped Angus Beef Steak! WOW! Does it not help all the (noob cooks) couples out there who wants to cook up a romantic dinner, and doesn't need to spend half the day trying to cut the meat out into heart shapes. :) Thumbs up to asian markets! (I will probably be purchasing this next year! Harhar!)

And to sum this entry up, here's a picture of myself at my birthday party. My Spring Break has just started, so I should be having my birthday post up soon in a week or so.

Happy Valentines Day!

Having my first official 'legal' bellini.


  1. You are so funny, haha.

    I agree with what you said about Valentine's Day.

    Mother's Day is a sad day for me though, but I love seeing everyone so happy to be spending time with their loved ones.

    & you look really pretty in the last photo. Congrats on having your first legal drink? 21?

  2. happy late valentine's day! aww you are beautiful ^^

  3. thank you for visiting my blog and following.
    wow didnt know the legal drinking age could be to 21 !
    am following you back :)


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