Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look of the Night: Bringing Back the Denim Jacket

Here is my very first 'Look of the Day' posts, although it was originally supposed to be Outfit of the Day. It's just, doh- I forgot to take a picture of my full outfit. Good job.

My usual make up routine consist of neutral eye shadows, a bit of blending, and mascara. Bam! A little bit of blush, and lipgloss and done. I usually skip the eyeliner, not because I find it a bit too much, but because I suck at applying it! But after noticing how my eyes just don't pop as much in pictures as much as I want them too, I decided to go the bold road, and put on some strong eyeliner.

I really hate putting on eyeliner because if I screw up (which is 99% of the time), my whole eye make up would have to be redone. -_-

But here's the end results! It's amazing what eyeliner can do to your eyes, I did my best to do a cat eye and eyelined my bottom lashes as well for a more dramatic complete look. ;)

There were times where I looked at the mirror and said, "Wow! I look really freaky and scary! But I love it!!"

So I've been meaning to look around for a nice acid wash jacket after watching some asian drama. The character looked so badass, it was a good substitute for leather jackets since you can't wear them all the time. I haven't been able to find one yet, especially one that does not look so mommy-ish. No offense.

But hey guess what? The denim jacket I am wearing was found in my mom's closet. Ha ha ha..

It's just too bad I did not take a full picture, but I paired this jacket up with a long sheer black top since I was wearing leather leggings that had zippers on the side. Hell yeah, I'm bad ass.

My dad was totally photo-bombing me in these pictures, so I had to crop them.

I'll be sure to take more considering into time next time I do a OOTD post. Will plan my time more carefully to make sure I have time to camwhore every single thing more carefully. #lifeofablogger


  1. Love the eye make up. You did the wing really nicely. Love it!

  2. yay to denim jackets !
    i need to find myself a nice oversize one, even though the weather here never seems to get cold. ahah .

  3. Your eyes look amazing!
    Please check out my blog
    My Topshop giveaway ends tomorrow night! <3
    follow and I'll follow back xo

  4. I love denim jackets
    You are so pretty :D

    Now following your blog :)

    1. Thank you!!! :) Yeah glad to see them back in style! I'll check out your blog now. ;)


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