Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Je ne veux pas choisir un titre.


Sorry folks, this ain't going to be a real fun post. Blogger knows how many times I already touched on this subject!

School. And Failing.

If you've been following my tweets, (you can preview some from the side!) you would know that I had a french presentation due today. I live in Canada, so French is sorta our second language. We were forced to learn the basics in elementary, and I continued it for 5 years in high school. (It's not impressive as it sounds.) But I also decided to complete the very first year of university which I did great on.

Now, I am taking a second year French course, and oh boy is it a tough one! Not only am I in a classroom full of French immersion students, but it's actually been a full year (spring from last year, till now) since I took a french course so it was a bit rusty. And the class basically function 90% on oral only.

My assignment was to present a mini lesson to the class. So, I have to teach something to the class in french, and provide a list of vocabulary. Being the smart cookie that I am clearly not, I didn't start on my project till.. a few days before. I actually worked my ass off the last few days to do decent on the presentation. My choice of topic was Japan, and I must admit, my power point was pretty fucking amazing. (I knew if my speech failed, then at least my power point would look good.)

So Sunday night, I stayed up till 1:30AM after a full day of work. (Yes, that's very late for me since I had morning class.) Woke up at 6:30 AM, which means I only had 5 hours of sleep.

Once class started, I started getting really nervous. I somehow found this other criteria page in my binder:

15-20 Min Presentation: Nope, only got 5 min.
10-15 Vocabulary Words: Got exactly 10, thank goodness.
Do an Active Activity: Nopes, just powerpoint and my lecturing.
Prepared Well: Hmm.. not exactly.

So, I got in front of the class and I was scared shitless. My mind just went blank as I started the show. The beginning was a bit shaky, but that was pretty normal. It was during the middle that I started forgeting my lines, and my script. I kept repeating the same words, Ici , il y a , tres interessant . It was pretty damn horrible, and you look around to see you giving that encouraging smiles but deep down you know they are like 'Wow this girl's fucked!' And when I finally finished, I think everyone was amazed and surprised at the abrupt end and how short it was. FML My teacher then asked me a question, and I did not understand. I think I was so nervous that my brain froze. My friend and classmates tried chipping in, but I was like a deer in highlights. I was so humiliated. During the moment after, I actually took the situation very well. I complained a bit, and gave out a very sad vibe but I wasn't super depressed, or wanted to cry. I think I'm starting to get use to this failure thing. xD I actually had a French test afterwards as well, so my life is just wonderful!

I'll end it here so I can start catching up my sleep since it'll be a full day of studying tomorrow as well.

Au Revoir!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Step at a Time

So like probably most of you, I follow quite alot of people on Twitter. (Not on my main twitter account.) They don't necessary need to be a Hollywood celebrity, but I am quite fond of following successful people who never cease to inspire me to work harder, and keep chasing my dreams.

Here are a few of my favourite twitter peeps that you might know as well:

Hok - A super talented Japanese individual who specializes in the arts; such as dance, and unique hair. I first discovered this individual on "So You Think You Can Dance," and later on again on another dance show, "America's Best Dance Crew." (Which is like my FAVOURITE competition show.) My first impression of him was: Wow! He has crazy hair! But after creeping through his tumblr, and twitter, I developed amazing respect for him even more. Not only can he dance his ass off, but the way he views life is truly beautiful.

HeyCheri - I discovered her through MichellePhan's Twitter timeline I believe, or not. But either way, I remember clicking on her profile because she has this hot ass picture:

Here's the link to her Flickr for your viewing pleasures. ;)

After right clicking to save the picture, (hey! I know you're doing that too.) I decided to follow her. -To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, I actually assumed she was an import model. I skim through my tweets everyday and occasionally see her pop up. So this chick likes video games (as do it), and apparently she loves to blog alot. It wasn't until I stumbled upon her NSFW tumblr that got me really interested in her life, and personality.

1) This girl makes 'good' writing look easy. That's when you know you have achieved/master something, when you make it look easy to others. She also writes a lot about her personality life, which even though she claims to stay home a lot and nerd out, for some reason there's always something happening that makes her entries entertaining to read! She also touches base on pretty much every aspect of life, including very personal ones, which makes her a bit more awesome!

2) She shares to her readers her successes AND failures, which is so important. It makes it easier to relate to her on a personal level, and you understand that she has worked very hard over the years to get to where she is today. And not just with the stroke of luck, and beautiful looks.

Arden Cho - One of my newest girl crushes, (sorry it's no longer Michelle Phan.) is Arden Cho. Not only is she so pretty, and seem like such a sweet heart (I swear she's an asian Taylor Swift.) , but this girl can act, sing, and apparently she has some pretty nice fashion senses! I first encounter her in Ryan Higa's YouTube movie, "Agents of Secret Stuff." And loved her since then. She is an actress who goes to many, many auditions daily. Like HeyCheri, she also shares about her failures, and is a very positive individual who often encourages her followers to work hard, and follow their passion.

These are just of the few people that I really admire, whom I see (or read) work really hard continuously daily to get to where they are today. I loved their look on life, and I believe it is the main reason why they are where they are today. And even though compared to us (or, just me.) they seem to have already accomplished alot, and is in a good place in life, they still don't stop reaching for the top. I realized that this is one of the keys to being a successful individual, which is to never stop aiming higher, and most importantly, to be humble about it.

I'm 19, I go to school full time and work part time. I have many things on my to-do list before I leave this world. As much as I would like to travel around the world, and do what I love; that's just not realistic, and absolutely possible right now. But does that I mean I should torment myself to the boring life of school/work everyday? No.

I learned that the best way to tackle a big project for basically anything in life is to do it one step at a time. Take small portions daily, instead of doing it all on one day.

So it was pretty clear that the act of just saying my goals isn't going to do much if it will be forgotten. I then tried to develop this technique, which will hopefully remind me everyday of my goals, and motivate me as well!

This is all written in my cute korean agenda stationary.

Monthly Goals:

I also would be adding more things along the way to my list..

In advance, I prepare a layout that compose of:

-Goals of the Day
-Food/Water Consumption
-Quote of the Day
-Money Spent

And then fill it in each day!

There's also little Disney Princess stickers to inspire, and motivate me! How? Well, that's an unknown theory of its own, but I believe it helps okay? ^_^

My goal for this whole school semester is to do well. Trying to get a B or higher for all my classes. And as a reward, I will treat myself to an iPhone 4s!!! If I don't achieve my goal.. well, that shall be discuss when the time comes.

Here's a little board right in front of me as I'm on the computer to remind me daily.

I shall make sure to report my results by the end of the semester, be it success or failure. The only way to grow, and learn is to keep going no matter what.

School is also a main reason why I haven't been able to blog much, -as always. But don't worry, I'm actually thinking about it everyday, and keeping up to date with my dash board. ;)

I wish you all luck in achieving the paths you want to go in life!

PS. I've been dating my twitter alot more! ;)))