Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Je ne veux pas choisir un titre.


Sorry folks, this ain't going to be a real fun post. Blogger knows how many times I already touched on this subject!

School. And Failing.

If you've been following my tweets, (you can preview some from the side!) you would know that I had a french presentation due today. I live in Canada, so French is sorta our second language. We were forced to learn the basics in elementary, and I continued it for 5 years in high school. (It's not impressive as it sounds.) But I also decided to complete the very first year of university which I did great on.

Now, I am taking a second year French course, and oh boy is it a tough one! Not only am I in a classroom full of French immersion students, but it's actually been a full year (spring from last year, till now) since I took a french course so it was a bit rusty. And the class basically function 90% on oral only.

My assignment was to present a mini lesson to the class. So, I have to teach something to the class in french, and provide a list of vocabulary. Being the smart cookie that I am clearly not, I didn't start on my project till.. a few days before. I actually worked my ass off the last few days to do decent on the presentation. My choice of topic was Japan, and I must admit, my power point was pretty fucking amazing. (I knew if my speech failed, then at least my power point would look good.)

So Sunday night, I stayed up till 1:30AM after a full day of work. (Yes, that's very late for me since I had morning class.) Woke up at 6:30 AM, which means I only had 5 hours of sleep.

Once class started, I started getting really nervous. I somehow found this other criteria page in my binder:

15-20 Min Presentation: Nope, only got 5 min.
10-15 Vocabulary Words: Got exactly 10, thank goodness.
Do an Active Activity: Nopes, just powerpoint and my lecturing.
Prepared Well: Hmm.. not exactly.

So, I got in front of the class and I was scared shitless. My mind just went blank as I started the show. The beginning was a bit shaky, but that was pretty normal. It was during the middle that I started forgeting my lines, and my script. I kept repeating the same words, Ici , il y a , tres interessant . It was pretty damn horrible, and you look around to see you giving that encouraging smiles but deep down you know they are like 'Wow this girl's fucked!' And when I finally finished, I think everyone was amazed and surprised at the abrupt end and how short it was. FML My teacher then asked me a question, and I did not understand. I think I was so nervous that my brain froze. My friend and classmates tried chipping in, but I was like a deer in highlights. I was so humiliated. During the moment after, I actually took the situation very well. I complained a bit, and gave out a very sad vibe but I wasn't super depressed, or wanted to cry. I think I'm starting to get use to this failure thing. xD I actually had a French test afterwards as well, so my life is just wonderful!

I'll end it here so I can start catching up my sleep since it'll be a full day of studying tomorrow as well.

Au Revoir!


  1. Presentations can get really scary especially when you have to do it in another language! That sounded like a tough situation but, I hope things go well for you from here on out!

    1. Yeah they are ! :( Thanks alot <3

  2. I did French only up to grade 10 and now I totally forgot about my French! You lose it when you don't use it!

    1. Haha yeah! Like the body, you gotta exercise language frequently to retain it! x)


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