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So my family & I planned a trip down to the States down to Portland (just in case you forget, I live in Canada) for a mini vacation and family bonding time. I made a personal mission of mine to take as much pictures, and videos as I could. After all, one of the most important tool for a blogger is a camera. :D

Day 1

Woke up at 6AM to get ready, then left the house at 7 to avoid the traffic at the border.

Got to the Seattle Premium Outle by 9:30.

The outlet was not opened yet, so we just walked around and waited. Grabbed our morning coffee and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that was slowly bestowing on us! :D

 Brother & I all smiles :)

Mommy & Daddy!!

Bro wiping his eyes as always. (His habit)

Loveee this picture of my parents!! Sooo cute :)

Where is this club?!? Sign me up ASAP!!

This was the line up for Coach. Seriously, COACH!  That's so 2005! How come there's no line up for Michael Kors? :|  (See also later for my hypocrit-ish.)

There wasn't anything good at the outlet, or anything worthy to buy. So next stop was TJ-Mexx! Which was like one of those stores with a bunch of random stuff together, here in Canada we have Winners. In the States, you guys have Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, ROSS, and I can go on.. But I have already showed you last post that I bought this beautiful dress:

I will be wearing it for my brother's high school graduation in two months. Can't wait till I get it tailored to my size (I believe I got a size L or something, since Small was not available.) and start thinking of accessories to wear with this outfit.

Lalalala.. trying on hats for fun. Props to you dedicated bloggers out there! Had some woman starring at me  while I camwhored Kekekeke... :$ Blogging takes balls, and a mindset to not give fucks!

My Outfit of the Day :)

On our way to check out, the cashier lady asked us if we would like to apply for a membership at the store to earn points, etc, etc. Usually Canadians are allowed to apply to most retailers. She kindly asked us what State, CANADA was in. We explained we live in British Columbia, and that we call it a province here instead. It didn't work in the computer.

I stood there thinking, "Omg, she really doesn't think Canada is in the fucking United States does she?"

She then asked her co-worker, and he simply replied "It's another country, only works in the States."

And the lady started laughing, and was like "Oh."


Then she went on how we must have fresh fruits there, and that she GOES to Canada to buy fresh fruits. Wtf.. !?! So don't tell me you crossed over a border and know that you went to another country... My dad stated that she was probably new here, and didn't know. My mom retorted, "Even when I first immigrated to Canada, I knew the difference between the two countries." LOL

Back track a bit, on the car ride to there I applied on make up like a real pro! Eyeliner and all.

Saw this in another TJ-Mexx-like store, how adorable is this? It comes with a tiny miniature dress for your fellow teddy-bear friend! I wish I had these when I was a kid, I loved dressing my bears up. (And still do.. Just too bad all my bears are male. :$

Went to the 'biggest' mall in Portland. There's an ice rink there! Didn't buy anything here though sadly.

Day 2
Also known as Easter Sunday

Besides, that we were the only asian family at church; it was Easter Sunday and apparently most stores were closed that day. Where I live, majority of the stores are closed EARLY, not closed. The only holiday where everywhere actually closes is Christmas. xD Oh well, I'm glad some other places still respect holidays. Just.. sucks that it had to happen on my three-day trip. >_>)

There was a Walgreen across from my hotel, and it is open 24/7! Including holidays thankfully! I never went in one, but was always curious when I see other bloggers talk about it. My goal was to grab some Milani make up, and Katy Perry lashes. (Apparently the lashes are only sold in ULTA..)

Such pretty colours! I really like the packaging. Been interested in this brand since Michelle Phan introduced it years ago.

But there was this huge outlet near our hotel WAS open, and it had all the big names like Nine West, Adidas, Coach, etc.. shouldn't be too bad!

But yes it was.

Although I did find some gorgeous Nine West sling-backs that was of THE most popular colour combination this summer, Pink & Orange.. I decided to save my money for other buys. Since I do work at a shoe store, I can get discounts on something similar.

The rest of the outlet was very boring. There was so many people/tourists because everywhere else was closed, and it was a very beautiful day! We went to eat breakfast earlier, and I thought we were going back to our hotel before the outlet, but we headed straight to there. Hence, the lack of pictures cause I had no cameras. :(

I haven't entered any Coach outlet stores in the longest time because everyone has them, and it's just not that great of a brand any more. Overated, boring, and a bit tacky. I admit, I do have a fair share of Coach handbags. But thank goodness we stopped shopping for them like four years ago. I just hope the same faith does not happen to Michael Kors. :X

Andddd after all that bashing on the brand...

I bought a Coach purse.

Let me defend myself, it was not those logo branded purses with a bunch of random C's all over them. It's a very nice classy looking bag, with a neutral colour that would match any outfit:

Been wearing it almost everyday since then, I felt like it was a good investment instead of getting a Michael Kors bag. :'( (I inserted the butterfly keychain from my mom's old Bebe bag.)

So I wanted this Michael Kors bag, that is for a whooping $398CAD ! Over here in the USA, it was for 'only' $348USD approx. The currency is almost the same so you can count them as equal. That is a difference of $50! And also, the city I was staying at, Portland, had NO TAX. While in Canada, I must pay 12% of tax. Which comes to paying an additional $47.76 CAD. Add together the price differences, and I'm basically paying a $100 more for the bag. It's a crazy difference!! But because I am still a student, and perhaps I will have years ahead of me to make good money and splurge.. I decided to save it.  But ended up purchasing a Coach bag anyways that is more than half the price.

Camwhoring with my Mommy back at our hotel:

Get your sleep ladies! Cause no amount of make up can cover up the sleepiness from your eyes :(

And here is a really unflattering camwhore pic of me. My brother & mom saw it right when I took it, and laughed so hard at me. =(

"I'm sexy and I know it."

All restaurants (besides fast foods) were closed as well, so you can't believe our excitement after finding an asian restaurant right across from our hotel after driving around 30 minutes to find one. -_-"

The asian waitress later was so wonderful, and the food was so delicious. Nice change from the constant fatty foods we've been encountering all day so far.

Interesting how they don't have 'asian' veggies like bok choy.

Not trying to be racist, but these fortune cookies are SO WHITE/NON-ASIAN.

Day 3

Just more shopping, shopping, and shopping!

Before we officially checked out of our hotel, we snapped some pics outside with the blossoming cherry blossoms!! Usually it's raining, or too cold to take pictures with the trees where I live. So by the time it's all nice, the blossoms have already withered away.

Add caption

My cute mommy trying to balance! :)

My lovely parents, I like this candid shot.

My bear wrapped with the hotel's towel. I forgot about it, and just shoved him in my bag along with the towel..

Had breakfast at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

Salad Rolls are my favourite. <3

Tried on this $10 dress right away when I saw it. I was immediately  drawn to the crazy colours!! I love colour this year, and am so happy it's a huge trend this year.

My brother: Looks like a towel.

Dad: It's too long, you're going to trip because you're too short.

OBVIOUSLY I will be wearing them with cute ass wedges!!! :'( I let this one go though, cause I'll probably not wear it next year.

Last minute shopping: MAC Brushes in Canada are about $10 more, so it was my goal to grab a few over there.

Grabbed the 217, and 242 as you can see. I'm still quite noob when it comes to brushes, so I will explain no more. But they are both eye brushes, ones a shadow brush and the other is a fluff one.

Haven't had time to properly tried them yet. :X Along with my Dollywink lashes, Nina Ricci eyeshadows, etc.. I'm becoming a hoarder.

To end off this beautiful trip, we stopped by KING BUFFET for ALL YOU CAN EAT BABY!

Of course you can't expect high quality food, but it was for a cheap decent price. Can't complain.

Here we have some craptastic sushi, crab, fries, clam, beans, fried chicken..


Although we went on a bad weekend , (I had like 3 tests, and two projects to tackle that week) and with majority of the stores being closed on Easter Sunday, overall it was a very good trip. I had to restrain myself from buying anything else the following week since I spent so much! But of course, it didn't work. :X Time to save up for that Michael Kors bag!!!

I want to put it in here that Portland really opened my eyes that my city isn't as friendly as I had originally thought. When we were walking around, random people would greet us good morning. One guy on a bike rode past us and screamed "WELCOME TO PORTLAND!! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!!" So nice. :') I have nothing but love for this city!!

Okay phew!! That was by far the longest blog entry I had ever writiten, the most time consuming and effort, I had ever put in ANY post. So I better get alot of nice comments!!! Kidding.. (not)

Happy April! Xo.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pictures of the Week

Since my past few blog posts have been so "wordy," let's face it..  no one really read all of it except for me. :$

And my blog is in need of prettier/cuter/colourful pictures on it's front page. So here it is!

Heavenly pancakes from today with the bff. Such divine!


From my trip down at the States this past weekend, got tons of pictures to post up and share. ;)


A dress I got over there. I love how versatile it can be. Classy for work, sexy for a dinner date, or a girls night out. Perfect! 


Check out these AWESOME cue cards I made to help me study for my Japanese final. Such cute stickers!! !


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Month of March

I misss you my blog!! *Kisses, Kisses! Muahh, muahh! :)

I thought of my blog every single day, waiting for the day I can sit down and focus on writing a post. Yes, I am that emotionally attached to it. :') I can take a quick breather now,-phew! Oh, and welcome and thank you to all new followers! Although I had no new updates for awhile.. HeyCheri actually took the time to read my post [here] , replied me via Twitter, AND retweeted me. So sweet of her!! So I definitely owe her for some new followers, and hits. ;)

I can't believe it but there's only two weeks remaining of the semester left!! That means I gotta work super hard to pull together all the projects, and term papers that's due. Oh what joy that comes my way! So in terms of blogging, the month of March was quite slow in terms of updates. Nothing super excited happened (as always), but there were some small things that I wanted to share to you all! So instead of promising an individual post for each event in the near future, I decided to compile it all into one image; for a quick, easy way of blogging!! ;D

1) It's been said before on my blog, and also has made it to my New Year's Resolutions for the past few years: I cannot cook. Well, that was because I never actually tried. Until I found this awesome, amazing, awesome, Youtube channel: cookingwithdog. I love, love Japanese food (or anything that has to do with the Japanese culture overall.) The videos are super fun to watch, with the cute little narration that the user gives! Also importantly, they make the food look easy, or shall I say, more appealing to cook. ;) And the first dish I chose to tackle down is the gyoza (dumplings). The mission started out rough, as I had forgotten (or didn't know.. stupid me.) to take out the meat (which was in the FREEZER) the night before, to let it defrost. So in a panic, I... placed it by the heater while I went to Google up some solutions. LOL. They suggested microwaves, and placing it in hot water (which I ended up doing.) I didn't need the whole damn thing, just a portion so I ripped out whatever defrost piece of meat I could tear apart and started my whole cooking journey. The rest went well, and the results were very rewarding. Even my mom loved it. I know, you're probably thinking: She's your mom, obviously she'll say she loves it! No, not my mom guys.. she's the bigger troll than me. She would tell me straight up when my outfit is ugly, my food sucks, and anything. HAHAHAH! But I love her always. :) And I believe it could be an asian mom thing! C'est depends.

2) Been searching for the *perfect* pair of designer sunglasses for the summer.Was looking for a very basic black shape, that wasn't too big for my face. Settled for these Ralph Laurens, which I really like the simple sides without being too tacky for my liking. Main reason I bought them was cause I had a really cute sales associate guy.. teehee. -_-

3) Cougar blinged earrings from Forever 21. Aren't these bad ass or what?

4) Went out with my bestie after the YTF concert (see number 5) to Cactus Club for some munchies. I was to sustain from eating meat that Friday, and so had my very first veggie burger which tasted the same.. Hmm suspiscious! Or artificial meat is just cray cray!

5) YTF concert! Which was probably THE highlight of my month. For those who don't follow a lot of Youtube stars, this was a concert composed of Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, Dtrix, Victor King (Wtf I always called him Kim.), Andrew Garcia, J Raquino, and Chester See. It was an amazing concert full of great, amazing talents, and most importantly, a strong bromance that you can really feel from the group. It tears me up watching them love each other so much, and I desire such a bond with my girlfriend. *cues waterfall tears and mini violin Q_Q

The sad part was that Kev Jumba could not make it, which I was super bummed about! Would have been awesome to see him host the show with Ryan. ): I didn't bother making an individual post for this event since I could not get any decent pictures of them since I sat at the farrrrrrrrr back, and all the pictures were blurry..

These guys were unbelievable amazing, and HILARIOUS. 

There was this really one mean/awkward moment though during Victor King's solo. 

A fan screamed: "CAN I HAVE YOUR BABIES?"

Victor stopped his song for a brief pause to reply, "I'm sorry but you sound 14."

LOOLLOLOLOLOLLOL! I thought that was quite mean of him to shoot down his fan like that, no matter how annoying that girl was. But *shrugs, that was pretty darn funny! 

I originally thought that YTF stood for 'Youtube Friends/Family' as promoted on their channels. But in the end, they explained the real, corny, deeper meaning of it. Which I want to share with all of you.

Yesterday. Today. Forever.

It simply means, whatever you do today affects your forever. The past, is the past. 

Basic, but I like it!

I wanna make a YouTube channel soon, but for sure not as a makeup/beauty guru or anything. We already have enough of those..

6) I finally hit the gym decked in all pink from head to toe. I was quite embarrassing on campus, but I figured I haven't touched these clothes since high school so might as well pull them out for a good cause. And I actually went again the following Friday, and hopefully will do tomorrow as well. ;) I'm on a roll baby! Also trying out this whole 'heathy eating diet' thing to live a better lifestyle. Not to lose weight or anything, cause I clearly don't need/desire it.

Alot of gurus/bloggers seem to be doing it as well, so that's great to see!

The missing 7) Although I DO NOT like Nicki Minaj as a person (because of her stupid offensive outfit at the Grammy's), I caved in and bought her MAC Viva Glam lipstick because I was looking for a bright, fun lipstick colour and hers happen to be the perfect description to what I was looking for. :@

It's almost 1AM already, and to be healthy, one must also sleep early. So I am trying to fix that.. starting now! :)

I'll proof read this in the morning, and fix all the grammatical errors, and blah blah blah.. ZZzZZzzz!