Saturday, May 26, 2012

Settling Abroad with Hey Sailor!

I really did try to think of an interesting title. :(

Do you like my Photoshopped-in hat?

Okay so I know these have been released overseas for quite some time already, and I've been spending my free time reading blog reviews, and swatches while waiting patiently for these to arrive in Canada on May 24th!!

What am I talking about?

The new MAC Summer Collection, Hey Sailor! 

I've always loved anything and  e v e r y t h  i n g  nautical. It is a reoccurring trend that basically comes back every damn year. (Does it even leave?) It's definitely a theme that never gets old. The navy, red, and white combination is absolutely fantastic so you can bet on it that I am completely in love with the MAC Hey Sailor! Collection's packaging.

The official launch date took place on a Thursday which I had school, and work back-to-back. I did manage to take a sneak peek during my break. (Thank goodness I work in a mall!!) I swatched everything that was in sight which only ceased to fuel my excitement as every product was highly pigmented and colourful. But then, what DID I expect from MAC?

Forward to the next day, I knew I needed to stop by and spend time with the collection right away. I was so thankful I finally had a day off, and that it was also PAY DAY. Which means I could afford to splurge on a lipstick, or two... ;) (Foreshadowing!!)

I already had the day planned out; weather was amazing as well which always make going out alot better. Before I hit the MAC counters down town, I went to the mall to locate this bandeau shirt that I have been lusting for almost a month at Garage! I assumed it has arrived in stores since they finally stocked it on their website.

And it was there!!!

It comes in two colours, and I snagged the one in my size. I preferred the other colour but there was only Medium and Large left. So happy that Garage has a free shipping service if you order at the store!! So convenient since my shirt was only $12, and if I wanted to buy it online at home, I would have needed an order over $75. -.-" No thanks la!

I'll write a post about them another time since I don't want to take away the spotlight of my MAC haul. :)

Before stepping into the MAC store, I had limited myself to two products. The plan was a lipstick, and a blush/bronzer.

I tried on basically everything in the collection. Except for the eye shadows which I knew I did not need any more no matter how pretty the colours are!!

So in this collection of 40 or so items, I stuck with my budget and only bought two lipsticks. The bronzer and blush didn't 'wow' me enough to consider a purchase. But I might go back for the bronzer just because of the packaging! I don't really own any bronzers anyway. ;)

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow

So which colours did I pick out from the collection?

 Been on the search for the perfect anchored necklace for quite a while. I think I will resume the search. :) The anchor is my own pin that came from a clothing article.

Red Racer & Sail La Vie

*Squeals The packaging is SOO freaking cute !!! I prefer holding onto these than my Chanel lipsticks. I'm in love! 

Here is the Red Racer, which is a hot red lipstick. From what I heard, this has been the most popular pick from the batch of lipsticks! And I can see why, this colour is incredibly sexy. 

Sail La Vie is a more orange type of shade. I used to stay away from anything orange, and orange lips sounded like the ugliest thing back then. But it's summer, and I've been finding different bright shades to have fun with this season! 

Side by side comparison.

I tried doing some swatches, and take some pictures of the items in action, but it failed!! I couldn't properly angle my lips in a way that would make the picture look flattering. Or that I realize my lips don't really have a defined shape which makes it boring. -_- I even googled how to 'take good pictures of your lips."  Wtf.

FOTD/OOTD ! I been wearing alot of purple lately..

I wish I was into MAC make up last year, or whichever year held the Wonder Woman collection. Looking back on the pictures, the packaging is AHH-MAZING. So jelly at all the females that gotten their hands on them!!!

I'm not really into reviews cause I'm not an expert on these things.. but I'll keep you posted how I like these lipsticks and how it looks on me!!! ;)

Did you get anything from this collection?

Tifa Mai

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

"Hey! Wanna go out for a drink?"

"Sure! What kind of drinks... bubble tea?"

Yes, that's me being the "innocent" girl trying to stay clear of anything alcoholic. (Explanation [here]) Before you think it's some creeper/stranger guy trying to mack on me, it's actually not. Just my awesome cousin (same age) whom I acknowledge as one of my bestie, and even sister sometimes. She's like a living diary to me that I can tell anything to, and the secret will be kept.

Yes, that's also the same girl I blogged about the previous year whom is utterly obsessed with anything related to Kate Middleton. [here] She rocked a short-version of the classic wedding dress on her birthday!

Anyways, I haven't seen this girl in ages (way back in January to be precise, holy shit!). It was about darn time I cleared out my schedule to see her. I know, I am such a horrid friend but I've been trying very hard the past few weeks to make a greater effort in keeping contact with them and making time to hang. Precious relationships like these aren't around often, and they require a length of time to build.

I suggested a "cute coffee shop" since I always pass by one in a small neighbourhood every week on my way to church. I really didn't want to go to a bar, an asian bubble tea place, and definitely NOT Starbucks. Not like I have anything against that franchise, but I want to try somewhere new!

My cousin then told me that there are many "cute coffee shops" that I speak off on Commercial Drive; and being the resourceful and very productive person she is, Googles some options right away as I slave away at work. This is the difference between a straight A student, and a... non-straight A student. I didn't want to diss myself too bad. But I definitely procrastinate most of the time. ^^"

We walked down a couple blocks on a pms-ing Friday after noon. The weather just wouldn't decide to stay sunny!!! Stopped at this really vintage looking place, that was quite crowded but big. It was called Continental CoffeeI knew I wanted to go in right away!! It already looked so welcoming with everyone just enjoying each other's company with a cup of coffee.

History: Continental Coffee is a family run business created by Anita Allen. The business has been running strong for 30 years! Very impressive. source

Funny story is, I DON'T drink coffee. Well, not an avid drinker. But I think I can slowly start crossing that off my list as I'm finding myself making more daily trips to Tim Hortons before class and work. :(  In my defence, I can only drink Cafe Mocha (which is like a hot chocolate & a little bit of coffee mixed together).

And omg, I was a bit shock at the prices. Starbucks, you are amazing and all, but my wallet finds it annoying everytime I order a Tall drink from there that I walk out about $5 less in my debit.


Okay maybe I'm exaggerating on the cheap factor, but I swear I haven't seen such 'low' prices in a long while. I ordered myself a '8oz Cafe Mocha' that was $3.00. The Tim Hortons' Cafe Mocha when I order daily cost $2.40.

Check out my adorable little cup!!! And that's CHOCOLATE whip cream btw. I truly love my whip cream. ;D

My attempt at capturing those 'Tumblr-esque' photos. What do you think? Hehehe, check out my lipstick stain my mug. 

Their granola bar thing that tasted quite good. Thank you cousin for ordering these and letting me have a bite. (:

And this is HER Cafe Mocha cup, 8oz as well. Yet she gets a cooler more modern cup than me !!! So jealous.

I loved their friendly service, and I think the barista can sense my lack of coffee consumption when I ordered with my many 'uhhh' and hesitation. I loved my Cafe Mocha btw, it was delicious and I was very happy with it. The setting really did add in the experience with it's wonderful wall paintings, and vintage looking accessories. I can't wait to be back!!! 

So on top of the $3 cup, there's an additional 12% tax charge that comes around to $3.36. That's more than $1.00 more than what I pay for my Tim Horton's coffee. But it was so worth it!! 

We went wandered around the long street to see what local clothing stores were available. We found lots of wonderful vintage clothes, that are not necessary on sale for 'cheap', but probably reasonable enough for make a living and to pay their rent. We all can't sell clothes at Forever 21's price!! 

After growing up, and living in Vancouver for 19 years. I think it's time to explore more of what this city has to offer. Tired of all the big franchise, and I want to start supporting more local businesses since I will probably have my own one day as well.

Hopefully this Friday will be good to me, as I plan to go downtown to explore the local vintage shops. After I stop by MAC to check out their Hey Sailor! collection of course. ;) (I have my eyes on a lipstick, highlighter, and blush so far!)

Cheers to summer adventures!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2011

I can't believe it's been a year.

365 days have already passed.

And I want to let you know, that during those 365 days, you pop up in my mind every single day. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a minute. Either way, I'm always   t  h  i  n  k  i  n  g    a  b  o  u  t   y  o  u . 

I don't want to believe it, I don't want to forget.

Lately, my mind has been forgetting more and more about you. But I'm not letting it. I'm finding myself forcing to keep you in my mind, cause I don't want to forget...

Is that weird?

I don't expect you to do the same.

But I wonder...




If you remember,


I always thought back to a year ago when I still had you. But now.. when I think back, you're not there.

When you were mine.

And as I move forward, memories keep fading and I'm struggling to hold on to it longer. 

I think of the day that we will bump to each other again. 

Face to face....

My heart races.

Although I just saw you last August in the streets, and a glimpse of your car passing by in September.

Haven't heard from you since . 

I want to know how it feels like to have a conversation with you again.

No matter how awkward, no matter how  h e a r t - b r e a k i n g .

I just want to talk to you, to see your face.

But I admit, I'm scared for that day. I hope I would be ready for it. I hope I won't cry. I hope I will be gorgeous that day, I hope I would have become a fantastic independent person. 

Just so I can show you,

What you have lost.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friendship Anniversary!

Ever since Grade 10, my best friend as of Grade 8 have been hitting up the same fondue spot located in the heart of downtown on a Friday during the second week of May. So this would be our fourth year going. We even sit in the same table every year too! (We can be very picky girls. Seriously, when we had Math class together. We always sat on the same desk spot. If anyone took it, we would give them death glares throughout the whole class. It's serious business.) Usually we take pictures to our hearts content. But this year.. not so much! But it's okay cause I took a lot of self-portrait shots.

A few weeks back I posted a picture of this HIGH-LOW/MULLET dress that I had bought: 

It was about $25 which I think is pretty damn good for such a gorgeous high quality dress!!! I'll let you see for yourselves. :)

I feel this picture gives out a vintage retro feel. I recently discovered this application called 'Actions' in Photoshop and it is fucking amazingggggg! It is equivalent to filters on your damn smart phones!! I've been so jealous that I don't have cool twitpics/instagrams, but now I can have it too!!! I'll make a post linking all my favourite fellow 'action'  artists so far. Still downloading around, and discovering beautiful techniques. Back to me though, I haven't had a nice self-portrait photo in a while. Heck, I haven't felt this pretty in a while. (Been stuck in a loop, never had a real occassion to get super dressed up. *sad face) And as I see a lot of asian bloggers use this term, I am so *chio.* LOL

And here's my BOOTY-tiful best friend, whom I shall address as "Mickey" on this blog. Here's a shallow story for y'all. I went to a private elementary school growing up, but since private high school was too expensive I had to attend a public high school. (Oh the horror! No, I'm kidddingggg.) My friend here, was from "the islands" as we make fun of her. Ha-ha, well it's just a ferry ride away but she moved here to the big city cause of her brother. Anyways, so we both knew NO ONE at that high school. On the very first day of school when everyone was ushered in the gymnasium, I saw this lovely girl sitting on the ground by herself. I thought, "HOLY! She is SOO gorgeous!! I MUST BE FRIENDS WITH HER!!" I went up to talk to her, and that's basically how our friendship began. We made through five years of high school, and two years of university together so far. :') I can't help but tear up after typing that. Time does fly, it's been a smacking 7 years of being friends with this bitch girl.

Sadly, she has just transferred universities this semester. So I guess that ends our 'seeing each other everyday' thing. It's so lonely at school now since my boyfriend and I broke up, I have no one else that I am close with in school. *tear I just can't have the same relationship with people I meet in my classes. They are great and all, but I just want to see them in class. I have no interest in outside communication.  LOL? Does that sound mean? Or you get what I mean...... Ha-ha!

Okay no more sad, emo thoughts.. it just means I have to start working super hard to transfer school soon..

During our four year going to the same place, we never tried their drinks!!! We always stuck with water as cheap asians since the fondue was already damn overpriced! But they changed their menus this year to have a cheaper fondue price if we ordered tea as well. So here is my Japanese Green Tea Matcha Latte/Tea. I was really excited since I've recently discovered my love for anything green tea. (Green tea ice cream, matcha etc..) I can't believe I was missing out for the longest time during my high school years!! My fellow classmates were obsessed with it and always bought Green Tea ice cream during our breaks. I did try it a few years back, but it was too 'odd' for me.. Things do change.

Btw the foam was supposedly to be a leaf I assume...... Not a bad try? In it's defence, I did mess it up before taking the picture. :3

Selfish cam-whored shot as I wait for our fondue!! I am loving these filters btw, kekekkeke. My damn failed curled hair.

Another one for the hell of it !! Ughs, my eyelashes looks like to be drooping.. OH! Fyi, I am wearing THE Dolly Wink #1 eyelashes!!! I finally hopped on the train, and am now obsess with them like every other asian loving girl! These do make your eyes sooo prettty, I am very impressed. I mean duh, after reading 823843972489 positive review on them, they better fucking live up to the hype. Now I can't wait add more to Dolly Wink cosmetics to my collection... *Brb, wallet crying.

Taa-daa! Our fondue finally arrives. The previous year they had gummy bears and marshmallows. This year they replaced it with those mini cookies, and banana bread in the bottom left corner. I don't miss those gummy bears, but marshmallows dipped in chocolate is soooooo good! And that is cookie dough, and mango ice cream in the middle. They usually give us more options.. like GREEN TEA. Q_Q

We get our own individual chocolate bowl this year, usually we have one big one smack in the middle to share.

I wanted to have a full shot of my dress with my beautiful city behind me! But I don't think we chose the best location to showcase that...

Soo in love with my dressss. It's amazing when the wind blows it, makes a very pretty tail. :) ~

Filtered version for funsies:

We also roamed around the art gallery and had a mini photo shoot of our own to my great content. I'll save the photos for another post since most of the 'good' shots are on my friend's iPhone (wtf). And she will be sending them to me soon!!

But here's one preview so far:


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Diary of a Shopaholic: Makeup, and Stationary Haul ! ~

I follow so many great beauty blogs that it's always hard not to want something when you ladies do a review on them! (I guess I get persuaded pretty easily..)

So although I am *trying* to save money, I couldn't help swiping my debit card a few times the past week...

I went to my local mall at least 3 times in the span of 5 days because I went with different people. LOL I do not have a problem, I swear.

But give me some points from staying away from high-end brands, as I actually bought some drugstore products to try out AND got most of them on sale. (My asian mama would be proud! ^^)

When it comes to makeup, I am always willing to invest in higher quality brands since I know I will be using it for a long while, and I need it to work well. Of course there are some things I am lenient on such as Maybelline mascaras, lip liners, brow pencils, and eyelashes. But when it comes to foundation, eyeshadow, etc I need a highly pigmented product that would make me look amazing. Cause you know, I fucking need it. :)

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

I saw a review of this on my dashboard, and fell in love with the packaging and the way it was advertise! Honestly, I had readily expected this to suck shit. And I knew I was getting sucked in onto their dirty advertisement. I saw these 'on sale' for $7.99 once (reg. $9.99) and after much debated, decided to grab two. Only to realize later I had forgotten my wallet at home! :( Searched everywhere for these babies days later to see where it is on sale again, but alas I settled for the regular price because I was too impatient and eager to try them!! Must add to my collection..

Someone teach me to save like a Boss Asian. :(

So I snagged the shade 05 "Fresh Pink" and 20 "Peach Satin." I'm excited to try an orange tone of blush for summer! Something different. So far I have tried the 05, and I am quite impress so far.

Been having my eyes on the NARS Orgasm Blush (or any of NARS blushes) for a while, but I decide to splurge another day and these shall satisfy my cravings for now.

Maybelline GREAT LASH

Walked past these on sale for $4.99 (reg. $6.99), and just had to buy them to try out the hype for myself. And it has a cute watermelon colour combination packaging, Pink & Green, so why not !!!
Cause I don't have thick, dark fake lashes in my collection yet.. I think. And it was 20% off.

My best friend recommended me this inexpensive liquid eyeliner for only $6 cause I ran out of my Sephora eyeliner a few weeks before. But I grabbed the MAC Liquid Eyeliner instead that goes for a whooping $22. I did grab this eyeliner in the teal colour eventually just to test it out. Swatched it on my hand, and it was not bad actually.

Cause I lost all my hair ties over the last few years. Wanted pretty colourful ones.

I passed by this asian store, not expecting much. But omg most of their stationary stuff was $2 !! And it was beyond cute. Grabbed this pouch for my camera since I lost the originally pouch at the Britney Spears concert..

Cute asian vintage swag or what?!? :)

A cute couple keychain that I couldn't resist. :$

A cute contact lenses box!

A new mini Hello Kitty to add to my ever-growing collection... *facepalm.

This was the main reason I went out to search for. A container for my false eyelashes. And yet I ended going home with a bunch of other things.. xD

One of my close friends with me said, "You would be broke if you went to Hong Kong!!"

Haha, so true.