Saturday, May 5, 2012

Diary of a Shopaholic: Makeup, and Stationary Haul ! ~

I follow so many great beauty blogs that it's always hard not to want something when you ladies do a review on them! (I guess I get persuaded pretty easily..)

So although I am *trying* to save money, I couldn't help swiping my debit card a few times the past week...

I went to my local mall at least 3 times in the span of 5 days because I went with different people. LOL I do not have a problem, I swear.

But give me some points from staying away from high-end brands, as I actually bought some drugstore products to try out AND got most of them on sale. (My asian mama would be proud! ^^)

When it comes to makeup, I am always willing to invest in higher quality brands since I know I will be using it for a long while, and I need it to work well. Of course there are some things I am lenient on such as Maybelline mascaras, lip liners, brow pencils, and eyelashes. But when it comes to foundation, eyeshadow, etc I need a highly pigmented product that would make me look amazing. Cause you know, I fucking need it. :)

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

I saw a review of this on my dashboard, and fell in love with the packaging and the way it was advertise! Honestly, I had readily expected this to suck shit. And I knew I was getting sucked in onto their dirty advertisement. I saw these 'on sale' for $7.99 once (reg. $9.99) and after much debated, decided to grab two. Only to realize later I had forgotten my wallet at home! :( Searched everywhere for these babies days later to see where it is on sale again, but alas I settled for the regular price because I was too impatient and eager to try them!! Must add to my collection..

Someone teach me to save like a Boss Asian. :(

So I snagged the shade 05 "Fresh Pink" and 20 "Peach Satin." I'm excited to try an orange tone of blush for summer! Something different. So far I have tried the 05, and I am quite impress so far.

Been having my eyes on the NARS Orgasm Blush (or any of NARS blushes) for a while, but I decide to splurge another day and these shall satisfy my cravings for now.

Maybelline GREAT LASH

Walked past these on sale for $4.99 (reg. $6.99), and just had to buy them to try out the hype for myself. And it has a cute watermelon colour combination packaging, Pink & Green, so why not !!!
Cause I don't have thick, dark fake lashes in my collection yet.. I think. And it was 20% off.

My best friend recommended me this inexpensive liquid eyeliner for only $6 cause I ran out of my Sephora eyeliner a few weeks before. But I grabbed the MAC Liquid Eyeliner instead that goes for a whooping $22. I did grab this eyeliner in the teal colour eventually just to test it out. Swatched it on my hand, and it was not bad actually.

Cause I lost all my hair ties over the last few years. Wanted pretty colourful ones.

I passed by this asian store, not expecting much. But omg most of their stationary stuff was $2 !! And it was beyond cute. Grabbed this pouch for my camera since I lost the originally pouch at the Britney Spears concert..

Cute asian vintage swag or what?!? :)

A cute couple keychain that I couldn't resist. :$

A cute contact lenses box!

A new mini Hello Kitty to add to my ever-growing collection... *facepalm.

This was the main reason I went out to search for. A container for my false eyelashes. And yet I ended going home with a bunch of other things.. xD

One of my close friends with me said, "You would be broke if you went to Hong Kong!!"

Haha, so true.


  1. oh smart! i have one of those organizers and i've been wondering what i should do with it. i guess organizing false lashes will be it!

    i've been wondering if i should use that mascara that you posted. i see a lot of girls that use it. they say they like it but i'm so used to using my lash blast! have you used that before?

    oh and i'm having a giveaway on my blog. i hope you join! have a lovely weekend!

    1. Isn't it fun to buy organizers ?? HAHA I usually don't use mine. :$

      Yeahh that mascara is so popular, I still haven't used it yet. Trying to finish the crappy one I have first then move on to it. >_> I really like the lash blast! I'm using the maybelline colossal one now in yellow, and it sucks ass.

      And WOOOT a giveaway I'll be sure to check it out. Love your blog. XO

  2. Ooooh! Which Asian store is this? I really want that contact case! I cannot give you any tips on how to save like an Asian Boss. I'm a hopeless shopaholic myself :( You know what? for regular priced items, Walmart will always have the cheapest so try visiting them before any other drugstore :) But Shoppers will always have the best sales. lol.

    I've tried the great lash a loooong time ago but it just didn't do it for me. I hope they've reformulated it and the new brush shape is really intriguing to me :)

    1. It was a random asian store at this quiet mall called Tinseltown in downtown. x) ! Not a franchise or anything ! Hehe

      OoO yes you're right!! I should stop by my local Walmart more often. -_- I wish they had more convenient locations!

  3. I always find that it's when I'm on my 'save money' mode that I end up spending the most. Love the little pouch and contacts case, they're adorable!

    1. Sigh I know what you mean -_- Currently banning myself from entering stores now. lol..

  4. Awesome finds you got there!! I hear ya on the shopping 3 times/5 days as I do that too a LOT!!!


    1. HAHAHAH Glad I'm not the only one!! Thanks for your comment :D

  5. Great haul!! I want everything you got!

    1. LOLOL! Dude I love YOUR make up collection! Your blog always has amazing reviews. :( !!

  6. nice haul! i almost go sucked into buying the bouncy blushes too! i do wish they didn't discontinue the mousse ones :(

    1. I never had a chance to try them!!! I regret now :( I'm loving the bouncy blushes so far cause it's so fricken soft so fun to touch. xDD

  7. I totally understand what you mean!! Every time I read a good review on something I get so tempted to run out and buy it!! I have been wanting to try the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush but I can't get it where I live TT^TT

    By the way, I don't think anyone can have too many Hello Kitty!!


    1. Really?? Where do you live?? That really sucks! I guess I should be thankful I live in Canada so most of the things talked about online could be bought here or ordered online anyways. x)

      HAHAHA I LOVE YOUR THINKING!! Yes you can't have too many Hello Kitty!!!

  8. Omg everything's so great! I used to have a shopping problem, I'm not kidding, I would never leave the mall/store without buying anything >< It's gotten loads better now a days but every now and then the urge still comes back LOL When you figure out how to save like a boss again please tell us =P (Though I find stay away from malls/online shops work very well hahaha)

    Omg I love Joe products....actually I can only vouch for their nail polishes which I am obssessed with but I did pick up a primer and sheer tint =) I really want to try their blushes and concealer but I'm terrible with matching my shade. I have to bring my current concealer into the store and match it that way -.-

    The pouch is seriously cute and the only other place I know to get cute asian stuff is Daiso LOL Love that place but I can seriously go broke in there, things add up quick!

    Hope you're doing well dear!

    P.s The chocolate drip nails were really easy to do and I might be putting up a tutorial next week but you can also check out Violet LeBeaux tutorial since I relied heavily on that!

    1. Thanks for your comment Suki!!

      Yes, this past week I've been avoiding malls/stores and that's been helping alot so I don't see anything I want and have the urge
      to get it. It's like staying away from alcohol or some addiction . -_- But whatever it's been helping lots!

      HAHA my friend is obsessed with Joe products but I'm not very curious with their other stuff..

      HAHAHA Well this store was near a place LIKE daiso. it's called Yo-yo or some shit!! At TInseltown :D

      Looking forward to your tutorial. :D !!!!

      Thanks, I'm doing quite well hope you are too. =)


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