Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

"Hey! Wanna go out for a drink?"

"Sure! What kind of drinks... bubble tea?"

Yes, that's me being the "innocent" girl trying to stay clear of anything alcoholic. (Explanation [here]) Before you think it's some creeper/stranger guy trying to mack on me, it's actually not. Just my awesome cousin (same age) whom I acknowledge as one of my bestie, and even sister sometimes. She's like a living diary to me that I can tell anything to, and the secret will be kept.

Yes, that's also the same girl I blogged about the previous year whom is utterly obsessed with anything related to Kate Middleton. [here] She rocked a short-version of the classic wedding dress on her birthday!

Anyways, I haven't seen this girl in ages (way back in January to be precise, holy shit!). It was about darn time I cleared out my schedule to see her. I know, I am such a horrid friend but I've been trying very hard the past few weeks to make a greater effort in keeping contact with them and making time to hang. Precious relationships like these aren't around often, and they require a length of time to build.

I suggested a "cute coffee shop" since I always pass by one in a small neighbourhood every week on my way to church. I really didn't want to go to a bar, an asian bubble tea place, and definitely NOT Starbucks. Not like I have anything against that franchise, but I want to try somewhere new!

My cousin then told me that there are many "cute coffee shops" that I speak off on Commercial Drive; and being the resourceful and very productive person she is, Googles some options right away as I slave away at work. This is the difference between a straight A student, and a... non-straight A student. I didn't want to diss myself too bad. But I definitely procrastinate most of the time. ^^"

We walked down a couple blocks on a pms-ing Friday after noon. The weather just wouldn't decide to stay sunny!!! Stopped at this really vintage looking place, that was quite crowded but big. It was called Continental CoffeeI knew I wanted to go in right away!! It already looked so welcoming with everyone just enjoying each other's company with a cup of coffee.

History: Continental Coffee is a family run business created by Anita Allen. The business has been running strong for 30 years! Very impressive. source

Funny story is, I DON'T drink coffee. Well, not an avid drinker. But I think I can slowly start crossing that off my list as I'm finding myself making more daily trips to Tim Hortons before class and work. :(  In my defence, I can only drink Cafe Mocha (which is like a hot chocolate & a little bit of coffee mixed together).

And omg, I was a bit shock at the prices. Starbucks, you are amazing and all, but my wallet finds it annoying everytime I order a Tall drink from there that I walk out about $5 less in my debit.


Okay maybe I'm exaggerating on the cheap factor, but I swear I haven't seen such 'low' prices in a long while. I ordered myself a '8oz Cafe Mocha' that was $3.00. The Tim Hortons' Cafe Mocha when I order daily cost $2.40.

Check out my adorable little cup!!! And that's CHOCOLATE whip cream btw. I truly love my whip cream. ;D

My attempt at capturing those 'Tumblr-esque' photos. What do you think? Hehehe, check out my lipstick stain my mug. 

Their granola bar thing that tasted quite good. Thank you cousin for ordering these and letting me have a bite. (:

And this is HER Cafe Mocha cup, 8oz as well. Yet she gets a cooler more modern cup than me !!! So jealous.

I loved their friendly service, and I think the barista can sense my lack of coffee consumption when I ordered with my many 'uhhh' and hesitation. I loved my Cafe Mocha btw, it was delicious and I was very happy with it. The setting really did add in the experience with it's wonderful wall paintings, and vintage looking accessories. I can't wait to be back!!! 

So on top of the $3 cup, there's an additional 12% tax charge that comes around to $3.36. That's more than $1.00 more than what I pay for my Tim Horton's coffee. But it was so worth it!! 

We went wandered around the long street to see what local clothing stores were available. We found lots of wonderful vintage clothes, that are not necessary on sale for 'cheap', but probably reasonable enough for make a living and to pay their rent. We all can't sell clothes at Forever 21's price!! 

After growing up, and living in Vancouver for 19 years. I think it's time to explore more of what this city has to offer. Tired of all the big franchise, and I want to start supporting more local businesses since I will probably have my own one day as well.

Hopefully this Friday will be good to me, as I plan to go downtown to explore the local vintage shops. After I stop by MAC to check out their Hey Sailor! collection of course. ;) (I have my eyes on a lipstick, highlighter, and blush so far!)

Cheers to summer adventures!

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At May 26, 2012 at 1:52 AM , Blogger Butakimu's Profile said...

I've been an avid coffee lover since I was 6. Hahaha. But my stomach can't handle it anymore so I might consider cafe mocha! That choco whip cream made me drooled a bit :)

I highly concur with you discovering family business :) their drinks usually tastes better! Cafe rustico on main & 16th is pretty awesome too! Especially when the owner (Mario) is in.

At May 26, 2012 at 2:12 PM , Blogger Tifa said...

HAHA darn ever since 6? LOL!!! That beats all the high school kids at my school who acted so cool drinking coffee. x)

OoO thanks for the suggestion!!! I'm definetly going there for my next coffee date. :)


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