Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friendship Anniversary!

Ever since Grade 10, my best friend as of Grade 8 have been hitting up the same fondue spot located in the heart of downtown on a Friday during the second week of May. So this would be our fourth year going. We even sit in the same table every year too! (We can be very picky girls. Seriously, when we had Math class together. We always sat on the same desk spot. If anyone took it, we would give them death glares throughout the whole class. It's serious business.) Usually we take pictures to our hearts content. But this year.. not so much! But it's okay cause I took a lot of self-portrait shots.

A few weeks back I posted a picture of this HIGH-LOW/MULLET dress that I had bought: 

It was about $25 which I think is pretty damn good for such a gorgeous high quality dress!!! I'll let you see for yourselves. :)

I feel this picture gives out a vintage retro feel. I recently discovered this application called 'Actions' in Photoshop and it is fucking amazingggggg! It is equivalent to filters on your damn smart phones!! I've been so jealous that I don't have cool twitpics/instagrams, but now I can have it too!!! I'll make a post linking all my favourite fellow 'action'  artists so far. Still downloading around, and discovering beautiful techniques. Back to me though, I haven't had a nice self-portrait photo in a while. Heck, I haven't felt this pretty in a while. (Been stuck in a loop, never had a real occassion to get super dressed up. *sad face) And as I see a lot of asian bloggers use this term, I am so *chio.* LOL

And here's my BOOTY-tiful best friend, whom I shall address as "Mickey" on this blog. Here's a shallow story for y'all. I went to a private elementary school growing up, but since private high school was too expensive I had to attend a public high school. (Oh the horror! No, I'm kidddingggg.) My friend here, was from "the islands" as we make fun of her. Ha-ha, well it's just a ferry ride away but she moved here to the big city cause of her brother. Anyways, so we both knew NO ONE at that high school. On the very first day of school when everyone was ushered in the gymnasium, I saw this lovely girl sitting on the ground by herself. I thought, "HOLY! She is SOO gorgeous!! I MUST BE FRIENDS WITH HER!!" I went up to talk to her, and that's basically how our friendship began. We made through five years of high school, and two years of university together so far. :') I can't help but tear up after typing that. Time does fly, it's been a smacking 7 years of being friends with this bitch girl.

Sadly, she has just transferred universities this semester. So I guess that ends our 'seeing each other everyday' thing. It's so lonely at school now since my boyfriend and I broke up, I have no one else that I am close with in school. *tear I just can't have the same relationship with people I meet in my classes. They are great and all, but I just want to see them in class. I have no interest in outside communication.  LOL? Does that sound mean? Or you get what I mean...... Ha-ha!

Okay no more sad, emo thoughts.. it just means I have to start working super hard to transfer school soon..

During our four year going to the same place, we never tried their drinks!!! We always stuck with water as cheap asians since the fondue was already damn overpriced! But they changed their menus this year to have a cheaper fondue price if we ordered tea as well. So here is my Japanese Green Tea Matcha Latte/Tea. I was really excited since I've recently discovered my love for anything green tea. (Green tea ice cream, matcha etc..) I can't believe I was missing out for the longest time during my high school years!! My fellow classmates were obsessed with it and always bought Green Tea ice cream during our breaks. I did try it a few years back, but it was too 'odd' for me.. Things do change.

Btw the foam was supposedly to be a leaf I assume...... Not a bad try? In it's defence, I did mess it up before taking the picture. :3

Selfish cam-whored shot as I wait for our fondue!! I am loving these filters btw, kekekkeke. My damn failed curled hair.

Another one for the hell of it !! Ughs, my eyelashes looks like to be drooping.. OH! Fyi, I am wearing THE Dolly Wink #1 eyelashes!!! I finally hopped on the train, and am now obsess with them like every other asian loving girl! These do make your eyes sooo prettty, I am very impressed. I mean duh, after reading 823843972489 positive review on them, they better fucking live up to the hype. Now I can't wait add more to Dolly Wink cosmetics to my collection... *Brb, wallet crying.

Taa-daa! Our fondue finally arrives. The previous year they had gummy bears and marshmallows. This year they replaced it with those mini cookies, and banana bread in the bottom left corner. I don't miss those gummy bears, but marshmallows dipped in chocolate is soooooo good! And that is cookie dough, and mango ice cream in the middle. They usually give us more options.. like GREEN TEA. Q_Q

We get our own individual chocolate bowl this year, usually we have one big one smack in the middle to share.

I wanted to have a full shot of my dress with my beautiful city behind me! But I don't think we chose the best location to showcase that...

Soo in love with my dressss. It's amazing when the wind blows it, makes a very pretty tail. :) ~

Filtered version for funsies:

We also roamed around the art gallery and had a mini photo shoot of our own to my great content. I'll save the photos for another post since most of the 'good' shots are on my friend's iPhone (wtf). And she will be sending them to me soon!!

But here's one preview so far:



  1. I love the dress! Where did you get it?

    1. Thanks!! Got it from this store called Sirens. :)

  2. niceee photo software! Instant pro :D my best friend moved unis straight after high school, but don't worry, when she comes down to visit it'll feel like old times and that she's never even left! x misstea & co.

    1. Aww that's good to hear! Especially during this time of our life when we're going through big changes, and sometimes that could disrupt a friendship. Glad to hear you guys are still going strong. Xo

  3. beautiful dress! i love the floral pattern.
    i miss fondu so much, not a lot of fondu places here in boring T.O. gotta drive to the states if i ever want any good fondu

    1. Awww that sucks!!! Can you make it at home? Just get some fruits, and chocolate? :) Huehue the price isn't really worth it for something so 'simple' but it's just become our tradition.

  4. I love your dress! And I love siren! I only buy my jeans there. Hahaha

    1. Do your jeans last?? I'm a little iffy on buying jeans from sirens/forever21/hm!


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