Thursday, June 28, 2012


The guy who shared this picture on my Facebook wrote "HAHAHA all you woman read this shit" accompanying it.

Well all you boys & girls here, read MY shit.

At first you may find it a bit entertaining, and perhaps even agree with the wise guy. Hmm, he has a point. You think to yourself.

Well I am here to prove how sexist his comment still is, and to defend all the females that were offended by it.

To the Male that created this: I bet you thought you were a pretty smart man when you made up this. Thought fuck yeah, I'm going to shut these bitches up. Well here's my 'fuck you too' for you. Sorry, but you ain't as wise as you hoped you are.

Let's start off with the stereotypes that I'm familiar with.

Boys: Calm, cool, collected creatures who are supposedly good with handy skills. Oh, and are also unknown to showers, disorganized, and like to eat. They like to play online video games, and drink alcohol.

Women: Beautiful creatures, who may have irritating behaviours, and if they ever are, it means they are on their period. Their skills specializes in cleaning, caring for the kids, and cooking. Apparently especially in making sandwiches.

Defense #1
Origin of the phrase:

"The catchphrase “Make me a sandwich”, sometimes deliberately mistyped “Make me a sammich”, is a common reply for mocking female posters all over the internet, either to discredit or annoy them. It’s openly and intentionally sexist, and usually follows feminist claims of any kind.".....[source]

100% of the time, if not, 99.99%, guys say this to me whole-heartedly meaning to make a sexist comment. I could have all the qualities of a guy, but they would still say this just because I lack a penis between my legs. 

What are the situations I've been in that results in this comment?

In game when I tell the other players I'm a girl.

"Get back in the kitchen!"

"Go make me a sandwich."  

"You must be fat and ugly!"

Yeah, yawn. Same old story bro. 

And whenever I tell a group of boys I'm making my lunch, one without fail will tell me to make them a sandwich as well. LOL Even though I'm not making a fucking sandwich. I don't take this as a huge offense, but either way, the comment is still implied as sexist. If a guy were to claim he's fixing himself a meal, no one would ask him for a sandwich because guys can't cook, right? Duh.

The only time that would fall in the 0.01% is when I said I was making myself a sandwich, and someone said they wanted one as well. I'm pretty sure they meant it as a sexist comment deep, deep down. But probably wants the sandwich more. :D

Other than these situations, they mean to offend me.

Why a sandwich.

If you were really hungry, and wanted me to cook you something. A non-sexist man would ask for a bowl of noodles, perhaps a plate of pasta, or simply to 'make him a meal, please.' Like why settle on just a sandwich when I can cook you other things since I'm so fucking good at cooking? You're offending my women pride with the variety of meals I can make. :(

It's a demand, not a request.

Even though it looks like majority of the time, us women like to blow up on small things without reason, that's not true. We don't get mad because you simply asked us to make you a sandwich, we get mad because you are demanding it as if we are entitled to serve your lazy ass.

Even though the photo says 'asks to make a sandwich' well ha-ha in reality, all I hear is "Go make me a sandwich!" not "Can you please make me a sandwich?' There's a difference douchebag and we can tell when you're being sexist or not.

"I fix her shit cuz I'm good at it. You're good at making sandwiches."

How would you know? All because I have a vagina doesn't mean I'm good at it. Heck, I never made anyone a sandwich besides myself. (Yeah, I'm not very wifey material trololol) And btw, I make very shitty sandwiches. I slap a slice of ham and cheese, and I'm done. No fancy smancy stuff. 

All because women are 'supposed' to do the cooking in the house, doesn't mean we're all necessarily good at it. #badargument

But I do make pretty decent gyozas/dumplings. Just saying. :)

Men are good at fixing.

So you're saying that all guys are good at fixing computers/cars? Even though that can be true, does it also mean that all females cannot fix their own computers/cars? Sexism-ception.

Either way if you don't fix it, we'll happily take your credit card to the mechanic. And have fun sleeping on the couch tonight with your hand. *Shrugs

But what got me really mad were the comments, made by girls.

I understand that with the first few read, the guy did seem to have made a valid point. But I'm sorry agreeing with the guy when you're a female doesn't make you 'cool.' 

Check out how many guys liked the third comment.

Of course it would be majority of guys right? *facepalm

Okay I'm sure these girls didn't purposely agree with them because they wanted to appeal to a guy, but because they didn't read deep enough into the picture like I clearly have... lol. But please girls, have some more pride in yourself and know when you're being attacked!!

The reason we claim it's sexist is because it is used in a sexist way. Not because we don't want to make you a sandwich. It's the way guys use the phrase that makes us blow up.

Let's see who gets hurt more, me without a sexist boyfriend, or you without a girlfriend to make you a sandwich. I'm sure I can attract another man easily because I'm so fucking good at making sandwiches, and find one that will appreciate me without having to degrade my womanity. 

It's 2012, I don't need a man to define me. But you on the other hand, needs a stomach to be fed.

But hey, who am I to argue with a guy who spells 'cause' like 'cuz.' #grammarnazi :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Miley Cyrus

Probably one of the most random-est topic I have chosen to blog about.

Disclaimer: If you're a super obsessive Miley fan, you might not like what I have to say at first. But feel free to leave me hate comments or anything ridiculous for me to read. Thanks!

I remember when Hannah Montana first came on when I was in Grade 9. I grew up in the era of Lizzie McGuire & That's So Raven, and I absolutely could not understand why this show was so popular. 

1) The story line is okay, but the jokes were so cheesy and weren't that funny.
2) Horrible acting, especially from the main character. Too exaggerated, and fake.
3) Miley sounds like a man.
4) Her smiles makes me cringed.
5) She can't sing, or act. (Can relate a bit to number #2.)

So it's obvious, I hated the fucking show and Miley Cyrus. And no, I'm not jealous of her.  I do not want to be her. Except when she dated Nick Jonas, ha!

Miley is the type of girl that you love to hate. (Sorry Miley fans!) Every time she makes a mistake, people love to blow it up like she bombed a country or something.

I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed seeing her being hated on. Cause I couldn't understand why this girl is so popular for. Although her show did quite incredible (especially compared to the other shows), I thought she was so mediocre compared to Demi & Selena. She had no charms, no talents, and not the greatest look. (True hater right here.) And her mistakes just made me hate her more cause I thought they were so 'silly' and unnecessary.

Vanity Fair Shot

- Her scandalous bra-underwear leaked photo
- Stripper pole dance at Teen Choice Awards
- Her slutty wardrobe & need to show skin
- Vanity Fair Picture Scandal
- Saliva bong scandal
She was 17 here at a concert, damn those abs!

"Can't be Tamed" at Much Music Awards

"She's just being a normal teenager!"

Yes, that may be true.

"Weren't you 16 before?"

Also yes, and I'm actually the same age as her and never related to her actions -back then. Now, at 19, I totally understand the joy of showing off skin and to be sexier. LOL

But the huge difference is she works for fucking Disney. Disney represents all rainbows, and sunshine, and she herself is a role model for millions. Am I saying she must stick to her goody-girl image forever? No. She could have at least waited till she was 18 and older. I didn't understand her need to become so sexual, and to strip off her Disney image at such a young age when still starring as Hannah Montana. I know, it's not like her actions directly affect me, but these are the reasons why I don't support her nor respect her.

She was being so try-hard to grow up. -_-

Here's a quote from Selena Gomez that she has said recently regarding a role in the hyped up novel, 50 Shades of Grey.  

"I only read the beginning of it, because when they told me about the [Funny Or Die skit], I didn't know. So I started to read it, and I was like, 'Oh, this is spicy.' So I thought it was good, it was intriguing. Obviously, it's working, so the skit was really funny… I know I'm taking risks, but I don't think I could [play the part of Ana in a film adaptation]. That would be a little too much for me. I think someone older should do that part." -Selena Gomez

Okay, I am super biased when it comes to Selena and maybe I should type up another post on how much I love her. But I love, love, love the way she handles herself. She has such charms, and elegance. She's recently taking more risks in terms of films by slowly moving away from teeny-booper movies, but she is not pushing so hard as if she has completely forgotten her younger fan base.

My model growing up was Hilary Duff. And she did an amazing job of transition. It probably was not easy! But I understood her need to do different films as she grew up. I understand being a role-model is hard cause you are sort of thrust into the role without even being asked if you want it or not, but hey you're making millions, don't complain!!

Ok fine, money does not solve all problems. But maybe a Louie Vuitton bag should satisfy that crave for awhile. No? Alrights fine.

Of course, who am I to judge Ms. Miley Cyrus? I am not in her million dollar shoes.

I must admit though, she is growing up to be one beautiful woman. I especially am fond of her luscious locks. *envy

One of my most favourite dress of hers. So feminine, and classy! 

A recent pic of her, she's 19 now so those ta-tas don't bother me as much. Show the world what you've got, girl!

I give credit when it is due though. Although her Hannah Montana acting was mediocre, and she didn't have the greatest voice, this girl was an amazing performer. At least, I can tell she has the potential to be.

Although majority of her album "Can't be Tamed" was mostly focus on her new image, and the dark sexy music video itself, it was just too bad the press didn't focus on her other songs. I actually quite enjoyed most of them, and there were deeper significant reasons in them as well. I really liked Liberty Walk & Permanent December. Again, trying too hard to shred off that Disney image which took spotlight away from the other things. -_-

But what exactly made me start to like her?

She's actually been quite MIA from the spotlight for the past year or so, which I think was a smart move on her part. I was never really fond of her fashion (it was either slutty, rocker chic, etc.), but I follwed this tumblr anyways: Miley Cyrus Fashion

For a while, almost everyday on my Dashboard, I saw pictures of Miley Cyrus working out:

Okay, girl clearly has a rocking bod and is working hard for it. She's definitely has been inspiring me to get on that treadmill. -And also wear crop tops! ^_^

I cannot put down any person that works hard, no matter the result. She's trying, and I'm not.

So +10 points for her.

I come to really like her sense of style right now. It's very casual, and effortless chic. And she surely knows how to dress her banging new bod!! I'm so jelly of her abs.

Even before she disabled her old Twitter account, I always found her tweets quite interesting. Quite normal for a teen, but enjoyable to read. Nowadays, she seems to be some kind of modern hippie and emphasize alot on the importance of Love and Happiness. Cliché right? But reading these tweets make you desire these feelings, and it has inspired me to become a more positive person.

But possibly the number one reason that won me over was her strong belief in being yourselfand having the courage to stick to your true self.

"I'm sick of feeling as if I owe someone an apology for being who I am." - Miley Cyrus

Now I understood her more. Sure, she made a lot of mistakes that I am sure she isn't that proud of. But all those actions made her who she is today. A humble, hard-working, grateful beautiful human being that has set her priorities straight. Miley often gets alot of attacks, and hate in the tabloids and Internet. And seeing that proves how strong she truly is. Cause throughout all the criticisms and hateful judgements, she learned to ignore all that and continued being the person who she wants to be. She did not change herself to please other.

So even though Miley was my least favourite Disney star, whom I had shamefully judged in the past; has quickly risen to the top of my list because of who she is.

I'm sorry Miley, for hating on you. :(

She's just gotten engaged, and I couldn't be more happy for her! Success and Happiness truly is the best revenge.

I wish the best for both of them. :)