Friday, July 27, 2012

My iPhone Story

I can't believe it's been almost a month with no new blog post just because I had nothing to blog about. Seriously. It's not like I've been home on my ass the whole summer either, but there wasn't anything exciting happening in my life at the moment. Sounds so sad, QQ. Cue the violin music please~*

But, but finally!!! Finally something that has happened....  My baby has arrived..

My iPhone 4s!!!!

It's been a long one week search. Rejection, after rejection on craiglist and even noobs that don't reply to be after deciding on which day to meet up!! #ihateyou I'm a very impatient person, and when I want something, I want it now. Especially after I looked in my bank account last Friday morning to see such glorious numbers!! (I knew I would easily spend it on makeup or something if I don't buy a phone soon. -_-)

It was so hard to get a hold of somebody. If it was a good price, once I shoot them an e-mail, most of the time it was already sold.

The highest price I was willing to spend was $480. But only for BNIB. (brand new in box)

At first I didn't mind a "mint condition" one but then I realize if I'm going to splurge on a lot of money I might as well search harder for a brand new one since I don't want someone's boogers on it! I know my phone itself is quite dirtay from my fingers... :X

The first guy to reply me was for a BNIB (Brand new in Box) White iPhone 4s, for $480 and he was willing to meet me somewhere near my home! It was perfect! Most of the "good" prices on craiglist was from outside my city where it is a bit sketchy, I don't have a car to drive there, AND I'm not familiar with the surroundings so it was better that I sticked within my bounds.

So it sounded all perfect and stuff, and I even asked my brother to come with me for some man-protection and since he knows a bit more about phones than I do! Always scared of scams and it is my first time meeting someone up from craiglist. I was always trying to nit-pick every text the guy sent me, and even wondered if he was trust-worthy since he spelled "tomorrow" as "tomarow." LOL! Wouldn't have really minded it was like "tmr." But bad english = unprofessoinal!! Muhahahaha..

But my brother kept telling me how 'overpriced' it was, and I told him to go on craiglist to look himself! The price ranges were $420-550 for an iPhone, used and brand new. We then had a small argument about it, and he said I could get a BNIB for $400 if I was patient.. Pshh yeah right! Maybe in a year it will be, but I'm not waiting that long. Hmph, I have already been waiting for half a year!

The morning of our meet-up, I saw an ad on craiglist for a BNIB White iPhone selling for $450, and it was 32g instead of 16g. I hurried and e-mailed the guy right away to call me asap. And after fuming around for an hour, I texted the original guy to cancel our meet up.

I met up with a girlfriend that afternoon and discussed with her about my search. She bought her iPhone 3gs herself on craigslist as well, so she had some experience under her belt! She convinced me that the $480 was a good price, and I should have went for it. I hurried and texted the guy for it, and he said it was ALREADY sold! I can't believe it! My heart broke.

The $450 guy did e-mail me back though (even though I specifically requested him to call me!), asking to meet up on Wednesday/Thursday but he never replied me back afterwards... o_o I was so tempted to e-mail back "Y U NO REPLY ME U PIECE OF CRAP FHIDOSFHIOHF." I have a really bad temper. Especially ever since I started playing League of Legends.. But I held back this time.

So my search continued and at 2am in the morning while surfing on craiglist.. my boyfriend linked me to an ad for a BNIB iPhone 4s White 16g for $550. It said that 'the phone has arrived two days ago and comes with one-year warranty.' I was like 'Holy shit $550!' but my boyfriend convinced me to try to bargain with him.. ZzzZ I'm very bad at bargaining and I don't usually like to. But I shot the guy a quick simple e-mail, "$480."

I woke up the next morning WIDE AWAKE at 9:45AM even though I slept at 2:30AM the night before... Iunno why but I had a good feeling inside me, and I knew something good was going to happen. Perhaps even a reply from an iPhone person! I shot up from my bed and hurried to turn on my laptop. And there it was... a reply from the $550 guy. He agreed to a $480 price and asked me to call him asap! I called him right away, and he was pretty professional about it. Seemed like a really nice guy, great English, and agreed to meet near my house as well!

I was sooo excited, and called my boyfriend right away (waking him up in the process) to share my happy news! I didn't think he would accept the $550 deal since he stated it was 'firm' on the ad. But just my luck! And with warranty too. Thank you God for always watching over me!! Things do happen for a reason. I just kept praying that the phone isn't fake, or it's a scam, or anything!! :(

Rushed out of my house, ran to the bank to withdraw cash, and met up at our meeting place at noon! The guy's name was Eddie btw, and he was absolutely wonderful if I had not hinted that already. The iPhone+warranty was already laid out on the table, and the first thing he said was that I can open it and do whatever I like! I asked him to open it up since I didn't want to damage it or anything.. I was really excited, and am so glad my boyfriend was there with me since I would have just been like 'Yes, here's the cash!! Bye!!' My boyfriend was patient enough to look over the phone and made sure it worked and all that manly stuff.. ~ Eddie even told me that another person offered him $500, but since he promised me already, that he would keep to his word. Such a nice guy eh la? Could have easily ignored me like that other douche, and made an extra 20 bucks!

I was extremely happy for the rest of the day, and my peers told me I seemed unusually 'hyper.' Lolwtf I swear I'm always weird and hyper! But just a bit more that day...

I have an LG phone so that means I needed to get a micro sim card for my new baby! Headed to the Fido (my phone carrier) stand at the mall and the lady cut my sim card so I would save $10 on buying a new one. She put it in my new iPhone and it worked! Except.. all my contacts were not on there. QQ Okay I didn't know that you were supposed to save the contacts on your sim card? I never knew I was so technology challenged until that day. -_-"

So we tried putting the new micro into my old phone again and it wouldn't work. The lady fucked it by cutting it just really badly, and not clean.. either way it came down to my boyfriend telling me to put my sim card in my iPhone. And I derped/fucked it really, really hard.

I put the sim card in without the card-medal thing.......


The moment I put it in, I KNEW someone was wrong, and I KNEW I was in a lot of trouble. After some fidgeting trying to get the sim card out with the paper clip, and being basically labelled an idiot by everyone around me .. we went into the Apple store that was right in front of us. I don't know why we didn't go in earlier, we just thought we could do it ourselves. So we told the front door guy our problem, and he totally had to hold in his laughter and told us to meet up with a 'Genius.' I never walked in that far in an Apple Store and had absolutely no clue wtf he was talking about except that it is someone that will fix my phone..

I get to the back, explain situation again and the guys laughed as well. Omg it was so embarassing!! But the guy said 'I'll brb.' And walked in the back door, 2mins later he came out with the sim card and iPhone not attached! Yay! Magic!!! :D

Another problem arises.

My iPhone wouldn't read my sim card.. FCUKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

It was sooo frustrating, and had to take another trip to the Apple store and they gave me a new Fido sim card FOR FREE. Apple you are amazing, no wonder so many people are willing to suck your dicks. ~

It detected every other carrier except for mine. And it would take about 5 mins to search for them...

I went home to try to 'fix' it myself by playing with the sim card and Googling some answers. It somehow starts reading my sim card but now instead of searching 'Searching..' on the top left hand corner, it says 'No service.' I left it there for the rest of night since nothing I did was working, and thought that calling my service provider would be the best thing I can do the next morning.

You probably read a few times that I refer to my new iPhone as 'my baby.' This is my first iPhone and I intend to use it for a very long time. I ended up naming her Azumi. :) I wanted a feminine name that's not too common, as opposed to "Ayumi." I know I may seem a bit weird, but hey I spent alot on her!!

Anyways went through FOUR people trying to help me restore connection to my phone from Fido.. but none of them worked. I had to go to the Apple store and let the 'Geniuses' check it out for themselves.

This is the fourth day this week that I went to the mall.. on Wednesday I had work so that was the only day I didn't go. But FML that's so sad.. I think I went in every store already and know the promotions.. Anyways I bumped into the same two guys that laughed/helped me with my iPhone sim issues yesterday.. I was a bit embarassed.. LOL! Again, they couldn't fix it on the spot so I had to schedule in a time to get it fixed.

I had to walk around the mall for about two hours before my appointment. -_- But I managed to find the iPhone cases that I've been searching for! I went to look for them yesterday but they all seemed to disappear. And now all of a sudden they appear at a random stall near the food court that I never remembered. Life works so weird sometimes! I bought two cases for Azumi right away. :)

Sadly in the end they couldn't fix it and ended giving me a new phone! Thank you warranty!! I was a bit sad I had to say goodbye to Azumi though.. I really didn't want to replace it and was hoping they would be able to fix it..

RIP Azumi.

You will never be forgotten. :(

The new phone is named Moshi though.

So welcome Moshi to this world!! :D

I can't wait to use Instagram and the dual-camera to blog more!!


PS. I can't imagine bringing a real baby into this world any-time soon.. if I can't even handle a smartphone.

PSS. Thought my phone was having low call volumes but it was just the clear plastic sticker covering the hearing hole. Phew, thought I needed to take another trip to the Apple store.

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At July 29, 2012 at 10:24 PM , Blogger Jo said...

Welcome to the iPhone world! Sorry to hear about all the negative things that have happened. That said, I'm quite sure you won't regret your purchase. I'm an example! lol

Lol at your PSS coz that was exactly what happened to me!!! I'm those kind who do not peel off protective sticker till is becomes unsticky so I took a few hours to realise the problem as the volume was a huge problem not to notice.


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