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Anime Revolution 2012

It's been a super busy week for me lately! I work almost everyday, and on my days off I'm off to run some errands like an adult. *tear, so sad. Miss the days without responsibilities! But I must admit, I enjoy being active and "productive."

So you can probably predict where I went this weekend.......

This is my second year attending an anime convention, and I was SO excited for this! It was held at the Vancouver Convention Center this year right beside Pan Pacific Hotel. Although I had purchased a three day pass for this, I was sadly scheduled for work on Sunday even though I booked it off!! -_-" Ughs, hate it when management does that. But I went on Friday and Saturday which was good enough.

This was me at the convention two years ago (on the far left in black) with a group of Naruto cosplayers + a fellow ninja friend. ;) I had an amazing experience there, so I was super excited for this one! And I also attempted to dress up for that year too. I was going as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. :$ Of course, hehehehe!

Didn't have time to put together a costume this year though. :(

Entrance of the Vendor's Place! Where I spent 85% of my time... The shopping blood in me is always strong.

They sold kimonos here! I'm thinking of getting one. :) Who never had the desire to wear kimonos? Now we can wear it at anime cons!!!

My fav. Hello Kitty in Bunny form. :3

More Kimonos!


A hallway of "Japan."

My OOTD. No costume, just going as boring me. :( This was taken right outside the convention. Really pretty!


Here was an artist's stand. I saw her stand two years ago and I fell IN LOVEEEE with her artwork! I know it's a bit rude to take a picture since it's like copyright issuse and all. But I still attempted to take one, and as you can see her hand blocked me from taking them. LOOOOOOOL Bitch has no fricken website or anything. -_-" I called her a bitch cause she gave me such attitude even after I bought some stuff from her. Kept saying she was willing to negotiate if we bought more than one $20 poster.. but I bought some buttons + a small postcard, and she wouldn't deal for $1! Omfg woman. I ain't rich and can't afford 2+ posters that I probably have no place to hang. /end rant. But anyways, I really like her artwork and here's a taste of them online. HEHEHEHE Don't care if she hates me for this. But honestly, she's soo talented. I would love to view more of her artwork without having to see them once a year at a convention. 

Lightning from FF13-2!!! Such an awesome costume. This character is the reason why I want pink hair.

The cast of FF13. I love how they all do their character's poses. I don't have the balls to do that!

Danbo and I ! Day 2 of the convention. :)

Cute random tiger. Looks like he can be a mascot of a cereal box. :D

In case you didn't know, I'm a HUGEEE League of Legends player! And was pleasantly surprised to see Ashe. (right) Amazing costume! There was a Lee Sin and Ezreal too.

Sitting at the FARR back during the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary panel. I met Sugar from YTV! (She voiced the character Rini, aka Chibi Usa. Pink hair girl!) The voices of the English dub, Sailor Mars, Jupiter, Artemis, Tuxedo Mask, Rini, and of course Sailor Moon was there! It was really fun to watch this panel (it's actually the only one I attended.) Sharing the love for the first anime I've watched, and the one that inspired to want to go to Japan, and love anime, with all the other fans there was a good experience. 

They showed various clips of the different types of media that Sailor Moon was published. This included manga, anime, a live action series, and a musical. I never knew there was a musical! *fail fan. I'm in the middle of re-watching the series in Japan again, but it's very difficult to find subbed episodes from around the middle of season 3. So that means I have not watched the final season of Sailor Moon which was Sailor Stars.  And guess what? They showed the FINAL EPISODE of the FINAL FIGHT of Sailor Moon in Sailor Stars. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SPOILER FOR ME. I had to shield my eyes for a good 5 minutes while hearing Sailor Moon scream, and moan in the background...

Karin from Naruto! Cute girl. :)

Not sure where this is from, but I like their costume.

Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed!!! Adorable couple, and no harm, but the guy is so cutee hahaah!

This awesome ring I tried on. *punch

Hats!!! Nine Tails Fox, Chocobo, and that dude from One Piece. 

More hats!! I love the Mario Star, and Nyan cat one.

I love Rilakkuma. He really grew on me since I got past the point that he looks like pedo bear. TROLOLOL.

The number one reason why I love going to these conventions are the people/cos-players. Everyone is super nice, and friendly. We are just there for one reason: The love and appreciation of anime. Which I've learned that the coined term is 'otaku.' Basically someone that is obsessed with the manga/anime culture. I sadly only attended one panel/event of the place, and rest were in the vendors as I have mentioned.. I didn't like the location this year as the hallway made it feel so limited as opposed to last year where it was held at the university, it was a huge place with events everywhere. 

ALL the merchandise I've bought were from the artist's area. I consider myself to be an artist as well, so I find it really important for me to discover new talents and support them. I loved talking to them about art, and flipping through their artbook, (sorta like a resume) and seeing how drastically they improved. I never got bored of walking through that aisle 50 times in a row..and I'm not even exaggearting.

I'll do a separate blog post for those artwork/artists another time!

For now, I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I really need to catch up on blogs. :X I will do that right now! Xoxo

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At August 22, 2012 at 8:39 AM , Blogger mizzsandychau said...

oh i lve going to anime conventions! i've never really dressed up myself but looking at the costumes are always so exciting

At August 22, 2012 at 12:11 PM , Blogger Champagne Star said...

Ahhh.... Anime Conventions. Lol I actually hate anime, except for the hot anime guys!! I also hate cosplay because the people never look half as sexy as the actual characters, particularly the male characters (I'm sure you see a little pattern going on here lol). Strangely enough, my best friend is a big, huge anime fan!! Still, it looks like you had fun, and it's good that you got a chance to do something enjoyable and fun (I know how tough being an adult can be, and it's always good to revert back to simpler times!!)!

At August 24, 2012 at 9:28 AM , Blogger Ally said...

omg the hello kitty bunnies...!!!! <3 so cuteee i've always wanted to go to a anime convention!

At August 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM , Blogger Tifa said...

Hahha yeah it's so fun to go !!! You should dress up one day :)

At August 30, 2012 at 10:57 AM , Blogger Tifa said...

Lmao I know what you mean ! Some people can ruin the characters but I learned to look past that cause it's just about sharing your love and passion for the animes :)

At August 30, 2012 at 10:58 AM , Blogger Tifa said...

You should!! I saw all kinda of people there and it's plenty fun to look around :)


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