Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Wish

In a few mere hours for us Western Canadian folks, October shall grace us with it's warm chilly presence of autumn leaves, and also bring in the spooky atmosphere that concludes with the holiday we know as Halloween.

Half the year has already passed, summer has gone, and sooner we'll be bracing our lives for the end of 2012. But before that, Christmas will come of course. :D

I made some goals for September previously:

1) Work out often

2)Work hard in School

And surprise, surprise, none were achieved. I went to the gym once? And I barely touched my studies after school hours. -_-"

Towards the end of the month, I was really frustrated at myself for being such a potato it was driving me insane. So lately (or just today) been trying to study harder just because I had nothing else to do. (My life is that boring. I normally work Sundays but haven't been scheduled for it lately. :X)

So same goals apply for October, let's hope I achieve them this time!


I'm not really a big Halloween person. I love to dress up but the thing is.. I always wait till the very last minute deciding on a costume and then it never happens. lolololol. And the years after High School, I didn't really do anything for the holiday. Clubbing screams death and shootings to me around the Halloween times. -_-"

But I'm invited to a Halloween party this year and I am so excited!! Except......

1) Place is very far out into the city, and is known to be a little shady and unsafe.
2) Inconvenient to get home, only way is probably taxi since skytrains would be close by then.
3) I don't drink. It's a drinking party LOL
4) I'll be surrounded by people that I don't get along with

Sigh. Such all bad reasons eh? Only reasons why I ever consider even going is because it's one of my good friend's party, and I have rejected him 329408234093284 times already, to watch the drunk people get drunk, food, and to wear a costume!!

I use to hate it when girls would wear those slutty costumes. It was so stupid, and blah blah blah. But guess what? I say YOLO because you're only hot for a period of time in your life and why the fuck not wear something slutty/hot/tight??

So this year I've decided to go for the military themed costumes. The first idea I had was this one:

I specifically wanted a white sailor costume, instead of navy. (Idunnowhy, it's just what I feel like this year.)

But then I saw this hot baby:

Haha *whip! ;) Sadly the hat and dress are sold separately... -_- I love red, and I think this costume is super hot, and commanding. Hahaha This dress looks a bit short on the model though....but I hope it will fit my frame since I'm short anyways!
I don't really like this much, but it's a second option. This set comes all together, so it's a bit more convenient.  One main thing I really like about this costume are the bold shoulders. :D

Gonna check out the Halloween store after school tomorrow and make my decision. Heheh I'm excited! I hope I do decide to go to the party though.. O_O I always bail out last minute.

New Blogskin

Been having a lot of problems coding the damn thing and making it the way I want it, but finally, finally, it is coming together quite nicely! I'm very happy with it atm, and just need a bit more time to fix it up and hopefully it shall be up before the end of the year! (Hey, time flies quick.)

I want to show you guys a preview, but I'm a bit too lazy atm to upload something. HAHAHAHAAH! It's okay, good things come to those who wait!! ;)


Random Ramblings~

October is my boyfriend's birthday so that means I need to get him something. I already have something in mind and it's gonna take $100 bucks away from me. *pouts It'll probably be another $100 to spend on my costume, and then I would need extra cash to eat out/spend time with friends etc. *sucks in a DEEP breathe SIGH I need more work hours and to save money. #life



  1. I love October!! Everything from leaves to the pumpkin flavored everything to Halloween despite the fact I don't even do anything on that day!!! I love fall weather too but hate snow >< I like the first costume the best =3I also noticed that the sailor girl look is so in for Halloween now. Good luck with keeping up with your goals, I need to stop slacking and focus on school too.

  2. you should really blog about it when that day comes! wondering what you'd get as your costume XD
    btw, i'm having my 2,500 followers giveaway :)
    I hope you can join too :D
    here's the link: ◆ GIVEAWAY

  3. I love october too, but it might be bcuz of halloween! I already prepared a gothic lolita themed costume for the costume party <33

  4. I love fall in general; I think it has the best weather out of all the seasons! Cute costumes, but actually, I could come up with some other uses for those outfits!

    Btw, I tagged you for the Liebster Award

  5. Love the fall & Halloween~ I would def. go for the second one~ too cute~



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