Friday, September 14, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style!!

It's apparently I'm still in "summer" mode even though a week of school has already passed.

This past weekend was one of my good friend's birthday bash. We went to a bar and I was really excited because it was my first time going to one! I don't normally drink, but I thought why not? I was hoping they had a few good martinis or something.

So we went to Cellis, which is apparently pronouned as Kellis?? Hahaha I kept saying "Cell-lis."

I didn't really know what to wear to a bar, but I just chose this simple black dress because I've been wanting to wear it for a long time hahahaha and paired it with a kick-ass black leather jacket to add to the 'tough' look. Dress from bebe. The back is quite nice, it's a bit like lace.

Didn't take much pictures as the bar except for the food:

Mini tacos. 

Potato fries, calamaries, yam fries.

Birthday girl was nice enough to treat us to some appetizers that include Nachos, and Calamari! I ordered myself a huge plate of fries that I could not finish..

There was no good drinks that interested me on the menu. Last time I went to this other restaurant, there was this Nutella alcohol drink that was pretty good!

Sadly no pictures but I got the birthday girl Fifty Shades of Grey. LOL!!! I hope her and her boyfriend will enjoy it. ;)

The birthday girl made us play a 'ice breaking' game where you had to write your

1) Status
2) Likes
3) Dislike
4) Random Fact About Yourself

Here's what I wrote:

1) Taken, fags!
2) Defeating my enemies on League of Legends
3) Stupid Noobs
4) I am better than you.


When the end of the dinner was nearing, my friend suggested to us that her friend was having his birthday party at Caprice (a popular) and that we can go there afterwards. I heard lots of hype about Caprice, and it was the very first club I was supposed to attend but never got the chance. So I was really keen on the idea because the club was literally just across the street... I'm already dressed up appropriately for it anyways, so why not?

Thank goodness there was absolutely no line up at all when we got there. (I really, really hate club lineups. Last time I waited here at the same time, I had to wait an hour and a half and still didn't get in.)

One step into the club and I already love it alot more than Celebs (the last club I went to.) First of all, they were playing a mainstream song that I knew. Second, the venue is alot bigger and there was a little lounge upstairs with pretty couches. Win, win.

Pictures at the front entrance. The bouncer looks so annoyed in the back. LOL

Although I tried the "all-black" look that night, I don't think I can stick with it. I love my colours too much!!!

The fancy couches I was talking about!! Couldn't resist striking a few poses.. :$

Andddd can you believe it? I took my first shot!! I insist it tastes like orange juice though.... seriously wtf?!? It's called "pornstar" btw.

In a few short minutes, the club started getting packed and it was time to PARTYYYYYYY!!! I freakin' love this club. They played all my favourites from Ne-yo & Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" to PSY's GANGNAM STYLE!!! Holy shit it was amazing.

The DJs even started handing out glowsticks and glow glasses to the crowd!!! AWESOME OR WHAT?!?

We bumped into my friend's guy friends which were good cause they sorta "protected" us from the other creeps, and made the experience more enjoyable as well. :) I made the weirdest faces at those guys that attempt to get into our circle.. Alcohol surely makes people do WEIRD SHIT.

Those glow-glasses were quite cool but I can't see shit with them. lolololol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GIRL, D!!!!!! Sending you lots of love always, and to our friendship. Hope you had an amazinggggg night!

Some "candid" silly pics when we were on our way to the club. Some of my favourite pics with my favourite people. 

Taking a pictures outside the club on the streets!! Looks like Time Square or something ne??!? Either way, LOVE these picures. Nothing but love for these girls.

Very good night indeed!

Oh, and I managed to somehow lose $20 that night. But YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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At September 14, 2012 at 10:00 PM , Blogger Fannie said...

Hi Tifa, sounds like you had an amazing night out with your friends! I love your black dress and your jacket. I love my colors too but nothing really compares to a little black dress.

At October 31, 2012 at 11:11 PM , Blogger Tifa said...

Thanks fannie!!! Haha yeah little black dresses are classic! Can't have enough. :D


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