Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Day Where All Dreams Will End

Like most of what's on people's timeline/Facebook status, I am not looking forward to September at all.

Not only is it the dreadful time of schooling is coming around the corner, but also the beautiful warm weather. Where I live, summer is very short. And this year it felt SUPER, DUPER short. (I swear it gets shorter each year, FU GLOBAL WARMING.) We had a few weeks of hot weather during August, then it was gone. -_- Just when I just pulled out the summer blankets too. 

I don't really understand why I feel so depress. It's not like I sat around playing games all day like I did LAST summer. But I was totally fine with it. This year I was able to check off alot of things on my To-Do Summer List. Such as the Grouse Grind, going clubbing, chilling alot with my friends, and going to many places. But I don't feel satisfied. Something is missing.

I assumed like most people, we look at summer as a time where we can do anything we want. Party all night long, sleep in till noon, watch the sunset and stay up till dawn, because we all the time in the world is ours.. just for two months. So instead of our time being used up by doing homework, cramming for tests, and doing a last minute essay, we now have time to focus on ourselves. Summer is always a great time for myself to 'improve.' I try to blog more, make it prettier, tweet more, get more active, draw etc. Anything that I enjoy doing. Except two things that I did not do was: take a dance class and go to the beach. Epic fail on my part. But like I stated earlier, I was able to achieve quite a bit on my list. And now that summer vacation is ending.. I'm very sad I won't have time to do all that anymore! I believe it's all in the time-management though and I'm going to try my hardest to be organize and schedule in the things I love to do. Because life's too short to just 'live' for two months.

Here's just another quick update of what I did recently. As I've stated last post, my best friend had just left to go on an exchange program for 6 months to Vietnam. We had a goodbye lunch at this Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant called Pnom Phenh. Apparently they are very popular for their chicken wings! The restaurant is located in a small street at China Town.

Their famous chicken wings!! They are actually quite tasty. Nom nom nom.

This was like beef?? I forgot the name of the dish, but it's actually not raw even though it looks it. Very yummy as well!

I would recommend you try there at least once if you're in the China Town area in Vancouver. But don't expect great service! Apparently it's usually very busy with big line ups, and the customer service is just shitty. I think they are Vietnamese too. FML I swear Viet people have horrid services.. So embarrassing. My friend called in to make reservations for 4 people, but they said no and only 6+ people. Last time she went with her family (she has 5 people), they said they only took reservations for 4 people. WTF?!? The guy said 'WELL YOU HEARD WRONG.' My friend bitched back saying she will write a bad review on and he said 'I DON'T GIVE A DAMN' and hanged up the phone. TROLOLOLOL.

The food prices are reasonable. 

Group picture at the skytrain station before we said our goodbyes.

M, I will miss you so much and I cannot wait for you to be back!!! I hope you have an amazing, and safe trip. 

I wasn't able to send her off at the airport because her flight was too early and I had no way to arrive there on time (5am). I hate going to the airport. It's either a happy thing, then it's really really sad. (I hate goodbyes, doesn't everyone?) I'm a bit glad I didn't go cause I think I would have cried.. LOL

School just started for me, and so far so good. I guess. I hope I will continue to update my blog.

I'm currently working on a new blog layout. The HTML is just messed right now and giving me a headache. In time it will hopefully be done!! 


  1. woww the food looks delicious! hahah you girls all look so happy

  2. i didn't even realize it was back to school time until i started seeing kids on the street with backpacks. That's how unmeaningful my life has been with work work and nothing else but work. I didn't even get to go on vacation this summer :(

    but yeah, the feeling of summer's ending puts me in a depressing mode too

    1. Oh gosh hahahaha I wonder how I will deal with life when summmer vacations will no longer exists in my life!! EMOO

  3. Awww, sry to hear you're so down and out as my mom would say. At least you had great summer memories to hold on to for the rest of the year, kinda like that Britney Spears song "Autumn Goodbye"!

    1. HAhahah awww thanks!! Yeahh very true :)

  4. Excited to see your new layout! I've been wanting one forever LOL

    Omg everyone's tried phom phen but meeeeee! I wanted to but my bf said it wasn't that great LOL I hope you get out of this depression stage soon and starting enjoying your new school year! It's so nice out lately for Vancouver it puts me in a more cheerful mood even for school!

    1. HAHA You should get a new one !!! :D:D

      And yeah you should give it a try just for LOLS. And thanks la!! I hope you been enjoying the weather too before it gets cold/rainy again. -_-"


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