Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maybelline EYESTUDIO Color Explosion

I've been wanting to do this post for so long!!

I love make up just as much as the next beauty blogger, but I just don't know how to properly review them. It's so damn hard to take decent photos of the product, the swatches (showcasing the most acurate shade), AND taking pictures beauty shots of yourself with it. I don't know how you ladies do it! :X So will this be a review? Not exactly. I just want to share to you one of my favourite product to use at the moment. :D

My #1 beauty obsession would be: eyeshadows.

I love, love, love looking at the vibrant beautiful colours even though I know I will have a hard time finding occasions to use them.

I own wayy too many palettes ranging from the two famous NAKED palettes, to shitty Sephora ones. But for some reason, as I was walking down the aisles of a drugstore, I felt that I needed a small neutral eyeshadow quad for those 'on-the-go' moments. Yeah, I'm just finding an excuse to buy more eyeshadows lol. 

So I picked up this quad from Maybelline:

Maybelline EYESTUDIO Color Explosion in CAFFEINE RUSH.

I'm guessing Maybelline is my favourite drugstore brand because it seems I tend to purchase the most cosmetics from it. (Especially their mascaras.)

Three of the colours out of the five are shimmers, and they all blend very beautifully together. The top gold colour (I know it looks a bit pale in the picture.) has a cream-like texture. I never worked with cream-based eyeshadows before so it is fun to use. But I must admit, it's my least used colour in this quad. :X Probably because I don't know how to properly apply them on.

But everything else, I use it all for one look everyday. The bottom white colour is excellent as a base for your lid, and as a highlighter. Then I dip in my brush, and use the brown shades on my crease! My most favourite colour is the one on the left (light orange-brown shade) which I use to blend out the colours together.

Swatches on my hand. Look how pigmented they are! I am very, very impressed. 

Here is a better more precise view of the colours. Especially the gold one on the top.

Is it just me or have drugstore products raise their prices? This quad retails for $12.99CAD which I don't exactly think is the cheapest. But then, the high quality is very admirable, and impressive. I did pick up another quad from this line in Blow Blowout, but I got it half-priced on sale for $6.99CAD :D

I have not yet used this palette, so it is still sitting on my make up desk waiting to be played with. I don't normally use blue eyeshadows but this quad looks soo pretty!!

Main reason why I grabbed this palette was for this silver shade. Can't wait to try it out!!

Maybe I can do amazing looks with it, and post some pics. ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Just Want to Write

So I'm typing up this post at midnight, one leg up gracefully rested on my chair (a habit I picked up from my mother), sipping on some asian tea that's most likely jasmine, with the romantic scent of cranberry lingering in the air from the candle I lit in my room. I squint my eyes, and type furiously onto the keyboard with faded letters from my sweaty fingers. I really need to go see my optometrist soon and get some new glasses.. my eyesight is getting so blurry.

I'm currently trying to re-energize from a brutal week. I had two midterms today, and with amazing luck, I was scheduled for work almost everyday up till today. It fucking sucks. My work place is understaffed so I had to take more shifts than usually, and all the new people don't know how to close so there is no one to fill in for my place. I really wanted to quit. Also I was dealing with some personal family problems, AND my period decided to come visit me. But I didn't even had time to think about it because I was already feeling so much stressed and worn out. Sorry, period. Gosh life is so hard sometimes.

Okay rant over.

So I did managed to survive today. My economic midterm wasn't as hard as I thought, and I failed my Japanese exam most likely. I'm just praying that I did decent on my economic exam.

I finally gave my eyebrow a good plucking after weeks. LOL I really wanted to put that out there. Things get hairy when you get so busy! TMI? Think whatever you want.. hahahaha.

I grabbed a few things within the past few weeks, and I will be sharing them on here soon. :D Make up, clothing, and even candles! I just need the time to sit down, swatch the products, and take some nice pictures.

I've recently become obsessed with candles. I blame the Beauty Youtube community for influencing me. There is so much hype for the Yankee Candles. I've been burning one up a candle every night for fun. It gives me comfort, and a warm feeling inside that makes me happy. :) I don't know where to get Yankee Candles here in Canada, but I hope I will be able to find some when I go to the States.

For now, I will try to find a decent scent from Bath and Body Works. (I'm not much of a fan of the store...)

I walked in the store testing out the new Pumpkin smell, and I had THE most DISGUSTING reaction face on, and a worker came up to me, "SOMEONE'S EXCITED ABOUT THE CANDLES!!!" I gave her a weak smile, and silent face palm.

The past week has been very stressful, but tough times teach you great lessons. I am hoping my time management skills are now better, and I somehow start valuing school more. To be honest, I sorta gave up on school since I feel like I'm getting nowhere in university. (I am already on my THIRD year, and am no where near graduating.) I failed wayyy too many classes, and my grades are so low -it's fucking depressing. Sometimes I think, school just isn't for me. I know for a fact that I am NOT dumb. I know I can do it. With proper time management, and effort, I can do it.

I want to start making Youtube videos. Just like how I started a blog because I like to write, -for fun. It will most likely be a beauty/make up channel although at first I did not want to be one since I don't think I am capable of giving reviews, or have enough skills to really "teach" people how to do their make up. I'm currently saving up for the Canon Rebel t3i so I can start taking awesome tumblr-esque pictures for my blog, and can also make videos from it. :D :D \

But first, I need to grow some balls.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall is only pretty when it looks like this. But in reality, most of the time, it's cold and foggy. I didn't bother taking a picture of that cause you would only see 50 shades of grey. LOLOLOL

I was invited to two Thanksgiving dinner this year. Yes!! I have friends and I'm popular this year. :')

One was a hot pot night, and the other was a typical turkey dinner. Although we instead substituted the turkey for some chicken from the supermarket. Turkey is too drying and too hard to make anyways.

Round 1, with the League of Legends crew. (aka GAMING group. :D)

Hot Pot, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meatleafy vegetablesmushroomswontons, egg dumplings, and seafood

Source: Wikipedia, but edited it a bit.

The boys went grocery shopping as the girls were busy with work! Haha it was quite interesting and I expected them to fuck up or something. They ended up buying ALOT of food, especially beef. But they did quite well.

Pot divided into two: One normal, and one spicy. Food included (may or may not be in picture): Fish balls, lettuce, beef, shitake mushrooms, korean white mushrooms (too lazy to Google what it's really called.), wonton, crab. Oh how I wish I could relive this night!! SUCH GOOD FOOD.

You see that lotus in the top left corner? (The white round circles veggies with holes in them.) Well, I specifically requested some veggies since I knew they were gonna go overboard with the meat, and I love my veggies for hotpot! So I asked my mom for some suggestions and I swear, she said 'Lotus.' So they went out and bought it for me, and when I arrived, I was like WTF IS THIS. I was thinking something green.. like regular veggies! We all had a good laugh out of it because Lotus isn't for hotpot, and it's SO hard to eat. It's typically used for soup or something.. FAIL. At one point it got stuck to the bottom of the pot because no one wanted to eat it, and we forgot about it.

I had to bring it home, and show it to my mom and she's like "I SAID BROCCOLI NOT LOTUS." >____> No idea what happened there. 

For desserts we had the traditional pumpkin pie which managed to not be very good, and some ice cream. :D

Thanksgiving Round 2.

With the best girlfriends in the world!

Chicken, corn, salad, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes with gravy, and bread. 

I'm drooling just typing up this post and looking at the pics It was a very fulfilling weekend!!

My OOTD for the day. Sweater was a bit on the short side, so I'll admit it when I flashed my ass once or twice. LOL No I didn't have/wore any booty shorts down under. :( But it's okay, I was in a house with my girlfriends. :D I love my stockings, and I finally had the chance to wear them! My friend helped me order them for me a few months okay kekeke. I call them my "stripper tights." :3 They are from the brand 'Fiore' and their quality is amazing. I kept touching it throughout the night. ;) 

I can't to go sweater shopping and stock up for Fall clothing!!! I don't have alot. :X I'm always bundled up like a snowman and it sucks. Hahahahah I'm gonna attempt to look decent and fashionable with the help of Tumblr inspirations this year.

What I'm Thankful for...

Okay so the important part!! There's so much to be thankful for, it is ridiculous.

First of course:

My Family.

I'm so spoiled by my parents, and I feel like I can never fully repay them for all the things they've done for me. I can only work harder, and hope that one day you will be proud of me and that I make you happy! Oh, and I love my little brother. :) Wouldn't trade him for the world even though he can be such a bitch sometimes. LOL

My friends. 

No words can describe how much you guys/girls mean to me. I know friendships and relationship break from time to time, but know that you all mean to the world to me. And I do try to be the best friend I can be as possible.. which I know needs alot of work on. You all do SO much for me when I'm happy/mad/sad, it's crazy how blessed I am. And I can only hope I will do the same for you! >_<

My Life.

I wake up every morning having the chance to dictate my life to however I want it to be. Which is such a HUGE privileged since my parents did not get that chance, millions in the world still don't, and the people in the past that were confined to society rules. I am forever thankful for being to grow up in a country of freedom of hopes and dreams. That's why I will try to live my life to the fullest, and achieve my dreams.


A certain someone that was once such a huge part of my life, and continues to do without even knowing. Life happens, shit happens. But you will always be in my heart, and you inspire me daily to be a better version of myself. Thank you.


For giving me the comfort that He was always, always, be there for me no matter and forever. Because I've learned from time to time, forever is almost non-existent in our world and is never, and barely ever guaranteed. He is the reason I am who I am today, and am able to fight through the struggles from the past year. Thank you, Thank you for your unconditional love and lending me your strenght.

My Internet Life

Blogger, Twitter, I met quite a good chunk of people. Everyone that follows me, thank you for taking the time to click the follow button. Thank you for reading all the random crap I post up, thank you for leaving a comment, thanks for making me feel that I am somewhat cool. I hope I can return the favour to all of you..

Much Love,

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!