Saturday, November 24, 2012

To the Cute Guy that Works at the Phone Booth

So I work at a mall in a shoe store.

We have two storage rooms since we have waayyyy too many stock.

The other stock room is located outside the store, and to get there, I must walk past by this new phone
booth. I walk to this stock room about 50 times a day to get a damn shoe.  -_-

One day as I was walking back to my store with about three shoes in my arms, one of the guys that work at the phone booth stopped me, and asked if we "made commission because he sees me all the time and that I must be making a lot of sales."

Ever since then, whenever I walk past that booth, he would give me a comment or two.

"You sold another shoe?!?!"

"Best salesperson ever right there. ;)"

Sometimes it could be a bit awkward for me because I don't know whether to say hi every time I walk past by the place, or simply just turn a blind eye and power walk to that storage room. Because like I've stated earlier, I walk past by that place about 50 times a shift!

At first, I simply dread having to go to that second storage room because that means I would have to see him... and have that awkward 2 sec conversation.

Yesterday after another trip from the storage room; the guy asks me this smoothly: "Excuse me, but what was your name again?"


I sneered, and coolly replied, "What do you mean again? I never gave you my name in the first place!"

He started to look down and smile in embarrassment, and I could hear his co workers laugh behind him. I gave a parting smile, and made my way into my store again. Then he shouted out my name, and I pretended not to hear him. DAMN IT, WHO THE FUCK TOLD HIM MY NAME. -_-

To the Cute Guy that Works at the Phone Booth:

Thanks. Thank you for making me feel special. I feel flattered that you take an interest in me. And thanks for brightening up my day with your sly random comments. :D

I know it's easy to brush off guys like these as "creeps" or "stalkerish." But honestly, us girls need to give guys some slack! It takes balls to approach a random girl that just happens to walk back and forth to get shoes everyday.

And omg I haven't had a guy interested in me for so long. -_- It feels nice. LOL

Damn, my life is sad.


  1. heeey first ur life isnt sad, all girls and women need to feel special, what he did was special asking for ur name and trying to talk to u, he isnt a stalker *unless u found him masturbating under ur window at midnight* anyway he is trying to talk to u thats it, give him a chance ;p just for fun or for me *am curious to c what he gonna say*
    anyway u are special person and goegeous girl I dont doubt a lot of ppl want to talk to u
    have a great day xxx

  2. haha how cute babe.. it does take balls for a guy to comment you as you walk back and forth. cute story. =)

  3. That's just one guy with some balls! Darm! I would never be able to do that, even drunk! I doubt I could, or most likely would even think about it. For some reason I have a Korean drama scenario in my mind when you write it like that, so sweet<3 You deserve some attention love! Your wonderful<3 and smokin' rauw<3

  4. Great post, your blog is adorable!
    Would you like to join my GIVE AWAY?
    Love, Anna


  5. haha aww, that's so nice of you to be so understanding!


  6. Awww, how cute! It's the little things like that that just make your day that much better.

  7. Hello hun, nice blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know what you think.

  8. oh man I love your storytelling- I can totally imagine this scenario in my head! Tell us what happens next (when you talk to him hehe)!


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