Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hits & Misses of 2012

It really was not until 2012 that I start exploring deeply into the makeup world. I was always into make up, but this year, I just went crazy. It's because I was making alot more money this year. Woo! I stop by the makeup section almost every chance I get to, and most of the time walk out with at least one item. *shakes head

I used to never really bought drug store products except for mascaras. I would always save up for months to buy a product I would want from Sephora because I believed in the quality. But now that I've watched countless Youtube videos on drugstore make up reviews, I figured that they had stepped up their game and their products are actually more than decent! And that's one reason why my collection was able to grow. Haha ^^" Can't always afford Chanel...

So I've decided to compose a list of Hits & Misses of 2012 in order to incorporate more makeup posts onto my blog, and because I feel a bit more confident in being able to decide what products I like/dislike. :D (Drugstore and Department mixed.) And also I never really showed off my
 make up collection (except on Instagram), which is a shame because I buy so damn much. Sharing is caring right?

I'll start with the Misses:

(You probably have already seen most of these photos from my previous Haul posts.. hehehe)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Despite being such a hyped up product for a decade.. well, it's era is now over. This mascara is shit shit shit shit shit. So disappointing. But hey, the formula was probably amazing when it first came out, and since then, thousands of new formulas have been created and has surpassed it. Either way, I was glad to be able to try it out for myself. =) Still trying to finish the bottle. It works quite well on my bottom lashes so I've been using it for that. Not a total waste, but definitely I will not be repurchasing.

Joe Fresh's Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Teal Blue


Very pigmented, and glides on nicely. The one down factor I don't like about it is that it stains your eyelids for a long time... I grabbed the teal colour, so stained-teal yes is not a natural/good look. :X But hey for $6, that's amazing. Maybe I'll cave in and buy a black one.. but I don't wanna take a risk since a good eyeliner is so important to me.

Mayebelline DREAM Bouncy Blush

I was IN LOVE with this product when I first got it. I was so excited to be able to use it because it was so fun to play with! (Like Playdoh!) But then as time went on.. I realize that because you always have to use your fingers, it can get really.. dirty/nasty. Although I do wash my hands from time to time, I forget sometimes okay! And for $10 a piece.. ehh not really worth it. It was fun to try out though.


My first Milani product. I kept wanting this to amaze me, but it didn't. I thought there was something wrong with me. But nope, the colours just aren't as pigmented as I thought it would be! And I don't like the way the eyeshadows are shaped. It's a bit hard to grab the colours. Maybe I should try the baked eyeshadows or something else!

Joe Fresh Nail Polish 

For $10 for 3 bottles. It's not that bad. I tried the coral colour (in the middle) and it worked amazing on me without any base/top coasts! But the orange and yellow colour failed horribly. It looked very dry, and dead. So I will forever stay away from them. LOL


I was so excited when I finally got my hands on this product as I've been searching it for years (now it's everywhere.) And I must say. This sucks. It does nothing for your lips. It gets one point for having cute packaging, but nothing else. The strawberry smell made me want to gag. -_- Maybe because it reminds me of liqid umedicine as a kid. LOL

Chanel Lipstick - Rouge Coco in 117 Magnolia & 56 Teheran 

I hope I'm not committing a sin or anything, but yepps a Chanel product is on my Miss list. I bought three Chanel lipsticks this year (I haven't tried one yet, and it's a different formula so praying it works better.) But the lipsticks from this Rouge Coco line is so sheer.. I hate working with it. Maybe it's because it's not what I am looking for. But the lipsticks are quite drying on my lips too. Plus they are like $40, so a huge disappointment to me. 

Okay, now onto the HITS!

ELF - 32 Piece Cool Eyeshadow Palette

One of my recent purchases. But tried it once so far, and I LOVE it! The colours actually stayed on for 8 hours, and I am impress. A HIT! I heard ELF is not the strongest in eyeshadows, and I've been deciding for a long time whether it's worth shelling out $5 for. But count me in as a new fan, and I'm excited to try out their other products. :)

Tokidoki Blush Brush

Got this baby for 50% during the Sephora x Tokidoki clearance. I love how its angled, and it's very soft and works like a dream. Plus it's extremely cute too! I bought this so I can contour my face with bronzer. :)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Bought my own very first foundation! I always try to stay away from it to avoid putting on "too much makeup." But it's good to have this for certain events. :D Or when your skin isn't looking so hot. It's a very light-weight foundation, and I like the faint rose smell. 

Maybelline - Mega Plush & the Falsies

Maybelline mascaras are my all time favs. (Except the Great Lash trololol) But this year, these two mascaras are the best. I actually like the Mega Plush better than the Falsies. It makes my lashes look very full and long. :D Either way, they are both great and I love them. 

Urban Decay - NAKED 2

This didn't even cross my mind when I was making my list because it seems like everyone has this palette anyways and they all say: It's Great. And it is. Even though this was released late last night, I did receive it this year and it should def deserves to be on the Hit List of 2012. I actually like this more than the first NAKED palette. The shades seem to match my skintone more?!?

NARS Foreplay Palette - exclusively at Sephora

Just had to get this since I've been complentating about getting the ORGASM blush anyways. I don't use the other colours often since they are a bit harder too. But I can't wait to find occasions to try them out! 

NARS Albatross Highlighter

What can I say? NARS make great blushes. :D In this case, a highlighter. 

MAC - Hey Sailor! Lipstick Collection

Not my first MAC lipsticks but I simply loved this collection. I got a bronzer from it too!! Cutest packaging ever. :) And once again, I love the matte formula of this. Very pigmented and smooth.

Lancome - La Roseraie 001 Illluminating Smooth Powder

This was from Lancome's Spring Collection 2012. I managed to pick up the last one right before their Fall collection came out. :D The design is sooooooo gorgeous. *_* Now, it's all ruined because I beat it up so much everyday. It's a very natural pink flush. Nothing amazing, but I like it cause I don't have one like that. The top part also works as a highlighter. It's always nice to have a 2 in 1 function.

Well, that was sorta like a mini review of each product since I always wanted to do them but didn't have the time to! I hope you enjoyed this post :) Gonna try to poop out a bit more before the year ends!!

Happy Winter! :) Xo.


  1. Hi Sweetie~~ I enjoyning reading your hit and misses. I have to say that the Lipbal EOS was one to my favorites, and work perfctly on my dry lips, I think it´s the flavor. The naked 2 from Urban decay it´s a georgeus palette.


  2. I really enjoyed this post probably because I'm so curiously/nosey and always like to know what products people like/hate lol I actually love joe fresh nail polish and I have to say you pick the worse two! LOL I own the orange shade and it's soooo dry and streaky I can't believe the same company made them but all my other polishes have the same consistency as the coral on in the middle =) I also have the red mac lipstick on the right and love it too, ironically I've been wearing it a lot when I used to think bright reds were more of a summer thing, I haven't jumped on the plum wagon yet. That lancome blush is gorgeous!

    P.S The pink ds made me soooo broke but *sniff* it was worth every penny because it was pink LOL!!!!

  3. Great post! Looking forward for the Naked palette review :)
    Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

  4. I used to like the great lash mascara until I tried others and realised there were a lot better ones out there in the market. The bristles are too short too :(

  5. ah love all those makeup, but there are soo many I didnt try yet grrr


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