Sunday, December 23, 2012

Phone Guy VS Shoe Girl

I wrote about Part One [here]. 

I must admit, I look forward to work just a bit more knowing he's working. Don't get me wrong, I don't have feelings for him, it's more like just a small, small, small, crush? Infatuation? Whatever. It's nice going to work and knowing someone anticipates your presence. 

So with finals happening a week back, my manager generously let me have one whole week off from work to focus on my studies. 

I remember dreading going back to work on the first day back. Whenever I don't work for awhile, I always feel rusty and uncomfortable. 

So I passed by the phone booth, and saw him with a couple of his colleagues. We greeted each other civilly, and he said "Hey! You haven't worked in awhile.

I replied, trying to be cool, "Yeah, I haven't worked in a week.

"I've noticed.

I was so tempted to remark sarcastically, "Haha why, you missed me? ;)"

BUT we are not that close yet. Must keep it friendly, casual, and at a distance. 

That day I was working, I was wearing a sheer neon yellow buttoned-up blouse. I repeat, neon yellow.

So in the middle of my shift, I was just standing on the sales floor greeting customers and what not. There were these two ladies in casual attire trying on shoes nearby me. One of them suddenly said to me, "Hey what's up with you and the Bell [a telecommunications company] guy?" I got really confused. Outside my store, I'm right in between TWO phone booths. One is Bell, and the other is called Wireless Wave [where the guy works at]. I'm guessing she got mixed up with the name. But wait, what did she just say again? I tried to remain calm, and keep professional at the same time. I couldn't think of a good reply in time so I stuttered out, "W-what are you talking about?"

The ladies both looked at each other, and laughed. At first I thought it could have been his co-workers, but I knew there was no girls that worked at that booth and they were dressed wayy too casual.

"The guy at Bell told us to find the asian girl wearing the green sweater. I guess that's you. ;)"

I felt horrified. Embarrassed. I wanted to die. I didn't like the attention I was receiving.

In fact, I became red as a fucking tomato. .___.

I tried keeping my composure, but all I did was blabbed out "How is this a sweater?!" Turned around, walked into the back stock room, burning red as my manager and customers laugh at me. :(

Honestly, I thought it was slightly creepy that he "sent" two customers for me. Like wtf he say? "Oh there's this cute girl that works at this shoe store." o_o"

Later as I was quickly running out to get a shoe, he's like "HEY! I tried helping you out by sending you customers. :)"

I shouted back at him, "Next time, send someone that would BUY something. And btw this is NEON YELLOW, not green. I'm offended."

Throughout my shift I kept giving him dirty looks as I walked by for putting me in such an embarrassing position.

So he shouts out, "HEY YOU! Is this what I get for trying to help you? :("

I just looked at him, and asked him what he said to the ladies. He explained that they had asked him where [name of the store I work at] was, and if there's anyone specific they should go to. And he had replied, "Oh I heard the asian girl is pretty good at selling."

Okayy so not as creepy as I first assumed. That's  relief.

Teehee I love how this is all happening and we still don't know each other's name. :-)


  1. It's like a drama <3 So cuteee

  2. Sounds like he fancies you a bit otherwise he wouldn't recommend your service to strangers! May one day he will ask you out for lunch :D...

  3. Awww what a cute story! I still remember story one and when I was at the mall you worked at the other day and walked by your store I remembered it too LOL and yes I was wondering which guy it was at which phone booth =P But it must be crazy with all the Christmas shoppers but from my experience after christmas is the worst what with all the returns and exchanges =(

  4. He is interested enough to notice when you are not there which is a good sign. Make sure you keep us posted.

    Hey BTW do you have a blog lovin or twitter account?

  5. omg u both creepy in a cute way plz more posts haahha its like am watching a reality tv show lmao, btw all men dont know colors so dont get offended, my husband always mistakes colors, and he still believe I have green eyes, but I never bother to tell him there are brown lol

  6. Awww sho cute! I read Part One, too. Can't wait to see how this develops. Don't be too harsh on him, eyh? :) He sounds like a sweety.


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