Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fall in Love IN Japan

Besides Twitter, Tumblr has been by far my most favourite social network site to go on and explore.

I love the millions of different pictures I find on there; inspiration, funny, motivating, and I must say some of my favs are the sexy ones. :$ [ Princess Tifa ] <-- My Tumblr! Beware it can be NSFW. But majority are innocent, I promise. ;]

I follow various kinds of blogs, ranging from makeup, celebrity biases, to hot modelling chicks.

One of my frequent reblogs is from the Japan/Korean tumblr fansites. It makes me even love the countries even more from afar without ever being there.

My top two favs & where I got these images from are: [ FuckYeahJapanAndKorea ] & [ Momijidesu ]

It makes me realize how boring I am of my city. Maybe boring isn't the right word to describe it, more like there is so much more of the world to see! I don't want to be stuck here any longer. As if hearing about Japan isn't enough, these pictures just fuel my desire to go there, or actually, live there.

Even the food pictures are awesome!! Everything about Japan always looks so かわいい (cute) !

Heck, even the dramatically rain/snow weather pictures makes me wanna fly there to dance in it! Haha I'll probably will have to rethink that... but you get my point. :-)

I want to ride a Ferris Wheel in the middle of Tokyo someday!! (Bucket List) 

I really like those couple images in Japan like the last two before very last one. It makes me want to... it sounds silly, but it's a dream of mine to fall in love in Japan.  I want to find someone that I will meet there, under the Cherry Blossoms perhaps when it starts to fall, go to summer night markets wearing a yukata, and be able to view down Tokyo together from the Ferris Wheel. :P

What a dream it would be.

Can't wait for the day that I will blog about my trip there!! xD *Cross fingers



    I really want to do a trip to japan this year. We have to save up lol

  2. these are beautiful! I need to plan a trip!

  3. I loooove Japan, plz if u go take me with u, I will cook and do laundry for u everyday :D

  4. Gorgeous photos! I know what you mean about tumblr, I get lots of fashion inspirations from there too! I think that's so sweet you want to fall in love in Japan =)Personally I'd love to live in Japan for a few years but I don't know about forever just due to economics and all that boring adult stuff. I think I'm going to Tokyo in the spring and it might be my last time in Tokyo so hopefully I'll make the most out of it.

    I hope you get to go to Japan soon and fall in love there and have a ball!

  5. Great photos I would love to visit too


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