Monday, February 25, 2013


My parents have just come home from Vietnam after two months.

And with the amount of spare time (I felt) I had to waste and take advantage of my freedom, you would think I would be more active with my blog/social networks to update on my shenanigans. But no! Being a housewife consume a lot of your damn time. I know many of you would be wondering why I hadn't just let things be and clean up the last hour before they came home, but I'm telling you I COULDN'T. It's like I got this huge housewife instinct like how some women get maternal ones. I was always cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning BUT IT WAS NEVER ENOUGH. Okay so I did end up giving up and my room looked like a rat's nest for awhile... But holy cow I never cleaned so much in my life! It's a bit disgusting but I never really cared for hygiene when I was a child .. I was always lazy to take showers. But now I find myself itching over every dust bunny and being bothered by the amount of bacteria on my keyboard.

Onto the "interesting" things. So what did I do? Throw a house party? Naughty sleepovers? Trash my house? Horrible hangovers?

Not exactly.

I had my friends over quite often (I live in a basement and it's small so I don't like having my friends over usually when my parents are in the same room LOL) We ordered pizza a lot and watched hockey games even though I am not a hockey fan despite my Canadian heritage. I never been so caught up to date with hockey in my life. Not gonna lie that I don't want to see another pizza box again, and they easily pile up your garbage which is such a pain to throw out.

One week (the week before my Spring Break), I worked the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I had a big midterm exam on Thursday, and I decided to go clubbing with my friends on Tuesday. LOL NOT to mention I had stayed up till 4am the previous night to edit my group paper because some idiot does not know what it means to cite facts. When I look back on that week, I feel amazed at the energy I had to work, party, and study. Sometimes you gotta pull out that super woman inside of ya ;) But not gonna talk much about the night and just post some pics of my buzz self. First time buzzed btw.

Bandage dress is from Topshop! Spent a nice $120 on it because I originally buying it for a date that never happened lolololol. The back is very nice as well! I just don't have a pic to show ya atm. :X


It's a fricken pain in the ass having to decide what to eat for the day. Even though I went out to eat with my friends most of the time. Hehehe. As much as I enjoyed making Yang Chow fried rice, I miss my mother's awesome cooking very very much. :(

Steak and Mash Potatoes made with my cousins! Soooooo GOOD. DROOL.

Home made Taro Bubble Tea courtesy of my cousin ft. My brother. :)

Strawberry Banana smoothie were a regular in the household the past two months! Yum. 

Bought these heart shaped ice cube trays. :P

It's just 'frozen' yogourt with a slice of banana. I wanted to use the heart shaped ice cube tray.

Lol found this at the asian supermarkets thought it was funny.

Really like this jacket from TOPSHOP! I don't have a casual light jacket to wear on cloudy days. This was a size too big for me though. :/ Love the army pattern and the spiked shoulders.

The Canon t3i Rebel is also finally now in my hands !! Haven't really had time to sit down and play with it but here are the few test shots I took so far:

Yes, this is ALL mine. I had to cut out the Vice Palette and Naked Basics out of the picture since it wasn't positioned nicely. *humble brag

Took the courtesy to NOT Photoshop this photo since I wanted to show the quality of the camera. I loved the lashes I wore that day, Kate Perry in "Sweetie Pie" but I already lost one of the lashes so I can't reuse it. :(

I really wanted to jump start my "YouTube career" but sadly that has not happened yet :( SIGHZ So many technical stuff to learn.

In related news I started "streaming" myself gaming League of Legends. My stream is if anyone is interested. I'll update me on this as time goes on. It's a new thing for the time being.

I know nothing sounds very exciting but because the truth is, it wasn't. I find simple pleasures in staying up till 2 am to play League with my close friends, and visiting my friend at Starbucks to get free drink. And I did have a lot of fun the past two months :)

Although my parents are not near as strict as they used to be, it was just nice knowing I can walk out of my house, anytime, as many times as I want without being questioned (out of love). :P But for now it's back to reality and time to continue to work hard.

I now have a huge appreciation for moms, and housewives out there who somehow are able to manage doing housework, life, relationship, school, work, etc. It is NOT easy.


  1. hi beautiful
    my dream is to become a housewife haah because i'm too lazy to work all my life.
    i hate cleaning but i find myself doing only that when i'm home alone. i guess it really is an instict kind of thing.
    i love that bandage dress!

  2. Omg after living without my parents for so long I don't think I could stand them being home all the time! When they come home for that one day sometimes it's like agony! Though I must agree with you, I miss moms cooking! LOL Our respective mums of course though I'm sure your mum cooks some awesome food =) Haha I like how you used the heart shaped trays, that's a pretty creative way to make yogurt look pretty (and maybe con me into eating it!) You look super hot in your bondage dress, in fact I was thinking about how nice the dress looked before I even read about the dress, wow 120$! Clothes are getting so expensive now! I'm so happy that F21 blouses are cut better to fit me than Zara ones or else my wallet would be angry at me all the time. On another note, don't you hate finding something you love and willing to pay the price for but it just doesn't fit right?*first world problem* Anyways I hope you're doing well and keep up the good work working, partying and schooling! =)

  3. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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