Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi, & Blog Skin Preview

Man, I'm tired.

I'm sure this is something that you hear a lot from others/yourself/me. But fuck damn it, I feel so tired. And it's not like the "I-just-got-off-of-work-tired." Lately I've been feeling very low on energy, uncomfortable bloating, sleepy, and right now my right leg feels numb and I'm trying to jump around, get the blood pumping around but it's not effing working!!!

It must be because I haven't been taking care of myself... sleeping at 2am, odd-time meals, not exercising.. Oh no shit I haven't been feeling well!!!

But other than that, my life has been good. Like seriously. I'm happy, I feel like most aspects of my life is at a good place right now. It's wonderful. And I've been working hard for it.

School? I'm getting a fucking A on all classes baby. :D Except I scored 64% on one of the quizzes... hope it does not affect my grades that much. :X But I did a solo presentation for that class that is worth 25% of my mark.. 90%!!!! I love Management class. Starting to really believe that I have chosen the right path on studying Business. :D

I went on my first run of the year on Friday... I died. As I was running and started cramping up, I was like 'HOW THE FUCK DO FAT PEOPLE DO IT?!?' Like omg, it's HARD when you first start. So kudos to everyone trying to achieve a healthier better lifestyle!! Shit ain't easy son. "Planning" to go on another run tomorrow morning. -yawn- If I can get up on time.

Also on the to-do list.. the new blog layout. HAHA I remember announcing about it in September, then mentioning in October how it was all coming together very soon! Well... it's already been almost 6 months and it's still sitting in my draft pile. 8) I'm fairly satisfied with it but I can't code the fricken side bar and that's what holding it's launch back. D: I need to sit down and figure all this out very soon because I am so, so, so over this current skin. And btw, is the Twitter widget working again?!? I like that shit on my blog.

But here's a preview btw : )

Launch Date: TBA

Onto an important announcement. My favourite song atm is........

Bella Thorne & Zendaya - This is My Dance Floor (From Shake it Up)

Seriously, this song is so amazeballs!!! I want to just shove my earphones into everyone's ears whenever I listen to it. Yeah, I'm just a tad crazy. A tad... But GO LISTEN TO IT NOW!

Have a nice week! Easter weekend is coming up. xo

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Need a Vacation!!

Mexico, New York, California, Japan, Hong Kong ...

Many of the few cities and countries that I would like to visit very soon! But I am a student in debt after all so Japan and New York are out of the question for sure.

I was thinking of going with a few friends to California for a week or two and visit DISNEYLAND!! I have not been there since over 10 years ago where I can scarcely remember anything. Except for going into Mickey Mouse's house which was wicked cool because everything was "tooney" looking. :3 And how my brother and I were so terrified of the Haunted House because we thought the ghosts were real..

My second desired option would be MEXICO. For approximately $1000, EVERYTHING would be paid for including plane tickets, food & drinks, and hotel for a one week stay at a resort. Sounds like one full week spent in heaven for me! Living in rainy Vancouver everyday.... I am utterly desperate for some sunshine.

I am SICK (Yes, capitalized, bolded, and even underlined.) of the constant rainy weather Vancouver has to offer, although we have had some sun for the past few days. The other day my friend & I concluded why Vancouver was named one of the "worst dressed cities", maybe because we are all trying to dress to survive (from the cold and wet) and not to look cute. It's hard trying to dress stylish when you are bundled up in layers of clothing and when your favourite knit sweater is busy soaking up the rain.

Some beautiful images that have been popping up on my Tumblr dashboard that just makes me want to go even more....

Seriously, where can I go to find a private swimming pool like this!??! >_<

A Photo by MikeHarnetty of Hong Kong.

BRB, saving up every penny. Oh wait pennies are now extinct in Canada lol.

[Random] Just saw this on Tumblr, and I'm just freaking out how adorable it is!!! Have a huge feeling that this is probably an Asia exclusives and us North American folks are stuck with normal white cups till Christmas season. Yawn.