Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi, & Blog Skin Preview

Man, I'm tired.

I'm sure this is something that you hear a lot from others/yourself/me. But fuck damn it, I feel so tired. And it's not like the "I-just-got-off-of-work-tired." Lately I've been feeling very low on energy, uncomfortable bloating, sleepy, and right now my right leg feels numb and I'm trying to jump around, get the blood pumping around but it's not effing working!!!

It must be because I haven't been taking care of myself... sleeping at 2am, odd-time meals, not exercising.. Oh no shit I haven't been feeling well!!!

But other than that, my life has been good. Like seriously. I'm happy, I feel like most aspects of my life is at a good place right now. It's wonderful. And I've been working hard for it.

School? I'm getting a fucking A on all classes baby. :D Except I scored 64% on one of the quizzes... hope it does not affect my grades that much. :X But I did a solo presentation for that class that is worth 25% of my mark.. 90%!!!! I love Management class. Starting to really believe that I have chosen the right path on studying Business. :D

I went on my first run of the year on Friday... I died. As I was running and started cramping up, I was like 'HOW THE FUCK DO FAT PEOPLE DO IT?!?' Like omg, it's HARD when you first start. So kudos to everyone trying to achieve a healthier better lifestyle!! Shit ain't easy son. "Planning" to go on another run tomorrow morning. -yawn- If I can get up on time.

Also on the to-do list.. the new blog layout. HAHA I remember announcing about it in September, then mentioning in October how it was all coming together very soon! Well... it's already been almost 6 months and it's still sitting in my draft pile. 8) I'm fairly satisfied with it but I can't code the fricken side bar and that's what holding it's launch back. D: I need to sit down and figure all this out very soon because I am so, so, so over this current skin. And btw, is the Twitter widget working again?!? I like that shit on my blog.

But here's a preview btw : )

Launch Date: TBA

Onto an important announcement. My favourite song atm is........

Bella Thorne & Zendaya - This is My Dance Floor (From Shake it Up)

Seriously, this song is so amazeballs!!! I want to just shove my earphones into everyone's ears whenever I listen to it. Yeah, I'm just a tad crazy. A tad... But GO LISTEN TO IT NOW!

Have a nice week! Easter weekend is coming up. xo


  1. Hello hun I miss ur blog soooooooooo much am sorry I been away I hope ur ok and happy Easter hope u got a lot of chocolate
    I love the new blog skin sample wish u can finish it soon and sorry about ur leg hope it gets better

    1. MISS YOU LOTS TOO SARA! :( AHH! <3 Thanks for the comments hun!

  2. Your new blog layout looks amazing! You're so techy being about to work crazy blogger! I want a new blog layout but am scared to screw around with my template right now hahaha I don't even know how I got it the way it is now =S But I don't feel like it really reflects me anymore either.

    Anyways congrats on going for your first run! I have yet to go on mine hahah my excuse? No running shoes...yet! Hoping to get them on tuesday and I read that the best way to start running is taking it real real slow, like two blocks slow and since I'm so out of shape, two blocks is probably the max I can go right now.

    It's really nice to hear you're doing great in life and kudos to you for scoring A's!!! Not easy at all!

    re: Thanks for sending me so much support and love for my blog!!!! I still like blogging and will keep it up but damn sometimes it's like "I dunno what to blog about my life is boring as poop!" but then again it isn't really lol

    1. Thank you for your kind words and unending support! :) Haha ughs blog layouts are so annoying but it's like math.. once u figure it out, it's the best feeling in the world!

      I'm sure your life isnt THAT boring! Hahhahah always interested in hauls / food you eat :D Someting like that!


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