Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Manicure Monday - Now You See Me

So I'm a day late for Manicure Monday... BUT trust me I'm trying !! Trying to update my blog more CONSISTENTLY. My goal is TWO times a week on Monday/Tuesday (depending on if it's Manicure Monday or not) and Friday.

I already did the manicure and took photos on Monday, I just didn't type up the post yet which I am doing right now hahahaha.

Originally I wanted to try out a neon yellow that I have just gotten but failed to open the bottle... Don't you just hate that?!? Tried running it under warm/hot water but didn't work. -o- Had to ask for a true man's strength when my brother came home but I had already painted by nails another colour.

So this week is a dead sea blue from the L'oreal collection, Now You See Me.

Not gonna lie, this colour is dull and dead. SO opposite of what I'm feeling for Spring/Summer... I don't hate it but probably would not be reaching for this polish as often.

Here enjoy more pics taken by my broken screened DSLR:

So proud of my painting job this time! I don't paint well with mattes but I did a decent job this time. I guess the dark colour helped or it could also be the nice formula. Next time I will be painting my nails the neon yellow I was talking about earlier which is also from the L'oreal line so we shall see how that formula works as well! :) 

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