Monday, April 8, 2013

Manicure Monday - Spring in with Selena!

Welcome to the first of Manicure Mondays set of posts!

I love having a full set of nails painted looking all pretty, and clean. It def helps boost up my self confidence up by a bit, and I often catch myself starring at my hands throughout the day whenever I'm bored. (How self-absorbed am I? :P) And there's something very therapeutic about doing it!

This week, my nails will be coated with a beautiful soft coral pink! This is actually my first Nicole by OPI nail polish. For some reason I always felt ill towards the brand even though I am a regular OPI customer. It must be the bottle because I hate how it's shaped so.. ugly!!! I guess it's trying to have a 'trendier' look since this line seems to be geared towards the younger market. And I feel like the product quality would not be as good as OPI's.

But of course SELENA GOMEZ comes out with her own line of nail polish via Nicole by OPI so I guess I have to purchase some now!!

From Selena Gomez's Nicole by OPI line, "Selena".

I wish I had picked a nail polish with one of her song titles, but not like it matters. The lovely colour on my nails is named after the sensation herself, Selena. Not surprising since this colour screams fun, bubbly, and cute, -just like her.

Hope you're looking forward to the next MM like I am! I can't wait to perfect my nail painting skills as I do more of these. :D

Top & Base Coat - Essie
Main Colour - Selena from Nicole by OPI
Ring Finger - Glitzerland by OPI


  1. I love love the color and waiting for next MM love this kind of posts
    I think I never used an OPI or did I? hmm I ll check later anyway plz post more miss u hun *btw I do look at my hands sometimes too :$*

    1. OPI is a good brand!! I love it :D

  2. Such a girly and pretty pink x


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