Friday, April 19, 2013

We're All Dreamers Waiting to Become Billionaires

You probably heard this question in your life before.

"What would you do if you had a million dollars??"

Many of us would probably say things like travelling, purchase a house, donate a portion to charity, give some to parents, etc.

But in the process, we also dream/think of when we become rich.

"When I'm rich, I'll...."

Buy a car.

Get that Louis Vuitton bag.

But besides materialistic things, we also dream of living the life we really want because we can afford it now. For example, now you can quit your boring 9-5 office job, to do all the things you like to do. Like taking dance lessons. Playing more sports. Paint a picture. Or pick up that photography hobby you started way back in high school again.

The sad thing is, we all dream of this while working at our part time job, and using up our spare time to procrastinate on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How the fuck do we expect to become billionaires while being paid minimum wage and working 10 hours a week???


Someday, we think. "Someday" in the near future, a day will come where someone like our own fairy godmother will walk into our life and give us a"life changing" experience that would change our life forever. Although maybe a select few of us would be lucky enough, but the rest of us would wait, and wait, and wait, and wait... till we realize we are 40, start to go through a mid-life, and realize that "someday" has gone, and passed.

Why do we wait???

I know for me personally it's because I'm LAZY, procastinating, unmotivated...I also sometime lack the belief that I may have a skill or talent that can help me on a quest to become a billionaire.

I'm currently working part time at a job for slightly above minimum wage, and juggling school. I spend a lot of that money on food, shopping, and going out with friends. My spare time is spent on going out to eat, playing League, or going shopping. My dream of becoming a billionaire is far, far, far away. That's the reality for many of us.

Moral of this post: STOP WAITING, AND START DOING!

Whatever that is that you have a passion for, art, singing, sports, cooking, DO IT WHENEVER YOU CAN!

I'm too busy.

No, no you're not!

If you were really passionate about something, then you would put effort in making time for it instead of finding excuses. Sometimes in order to make time, you gotta be willing to sacrifice. Which could mean less time on social networks, less sleep, etc.

I realize that most of us are not motivated/willing to work on what we want to become now because they assume sometime in the near future that opportunity will eventually come. I was talking to a "friend" about our future. She wants to go to this famous acting school, and become an actress. I asked her if she practices acting in her spare time, and suggests she can go to a more inexpensive school for the time-being, but she makes up an excuse about that school being the best and that she will do it once she has the money.

She works 4 hours a week at a sushi restaurant. I don't think that tip will really help much.

Think about it... how do you planning on being a millionaire with your current lifestyle?

The time to reach your dreams is NOW!


  1. hmmm girl since when u became sooo wise loool kidding lah...
    I love this post cause am one of the person who got 0 motivation at allllll, I realy nees to watch like 30 videos on youtube how to clean my room b4 I clean my house,but hmm lets c I never dreamed to be a billionaire, I want to be happy and do things I want, I love travel so I do what I can t save and go places I want even if thats mean no makeup, no delivery food...

  2. Great message! Everyone really should just get off their butts and do it. You may not become a millionaire but at least you'll have done something in your life!


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