Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Blogskin!

It's time for a change!

Don't worry, a good change.


So sick and tired of the childish girly feeling I get from it. Like with every new skin, it's a step of improvement. This one still sticks to the theme of girly, but with softer colours to contrast the amount of pink. I hope you like it !! I worked on it for a really long time... What bothers me the most is I couldn't code the side bar into what I wanted. -_- I'm thinking in the next skin, I'd probably have to call in the help of a graphic designer or when I move into another blog host they will let me have more HTML creativity (Blogger seems to limit it).

If you noticed, I switched the sidebar and blog content section. Added a beautiful header to every blog post, and expanded/centered the date font. No more "A Taste of Elegance" in the header because the blog is no longer named that and replaced with an egocentric, "Tifa Mai." Of course I still have a picture of myself in it from photo shoot I did the past summer. :D

Moving on to the side bar... made a new "Welcome" image with a personal touch. BUT my most favourite thing are the SMALL CUTE BUTTONS I made to link to my social networks!!! I want to join more social networks just to make more... (Hmm keek, vine?) Let me know how you like them!! Note the "Youtube" button does not work yet since I'm still *working* on my channel. Hehe.

Yadadada... a bunch of small stuff that I can't be bothered to go into detail like that creepy picture of me at the very bottom of the page, and a more thorough entry in the "About Me" page for y'all to read.

As I stated earlier, the pics from the header/bottom header was from a photo shoot I did with a local photographer named, Bennie Chow. Very nice guy with a lot of talent! =)

Check out his awesome portfolio [ here ] !!!

Here's some of the other shots we took that I wanted to share. It was very, very hot that day and the sun was beaming in my face and totally ruined some of the shots because my face was so red.

Wanted to chose this awkward pose picture because I like how it showed my (uneven) tan. Tyra would be disapointed with my H2T (head to toe) posing. :(

Lolz, I had "ombre" hair. 


Was trying to create a specific pose where I would drop the dress and create a nice flowy drop, but it's a lot harder done than said! Don't think we were able to achieve it in the end. 

Looking back on these photos makes me feel happy and I want to do a lot more photo shoots this summer! Hahaha, must start working out because I am seriously feeling changes from my unhealthy lifestyle lately. Ughs..... 

Please let me know how you like the new blog skin, and any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Get a Girl to Like You

Update: "HOW TO GET OUT OF THE FRIEND-ZONE" might be the better title.

So I have this theory.

This light bulb idea came up while I was watching this new Korean drama, "Lee Soon Shin is the Best!" starring the cutie pie IU, and the handsome, charming Jo Jung-suk. (´∀`)♡

And I think I have unlocked a psychological theory on how to get your girl crush to like you, or at least be interested in your shitty ass. I think this will work best for all the "nice guys" out there who has been terribly friend-zoned by your girl.

But first I must put up a disclaimer for all the virgin losers out there that are destined to be forever alone, with no technique or overly-photoshopped photos on their online dating profile that can save them.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibilities for your failures. This is just a theory that I have come up with based on observations, and my own experiences. If this doesn't work for you then you are out of luck. I suggest becoming a monk. (lol jk please don't become too depressed.) Oh and girls, don't take it too personally. I know it probably does not apply to ALL of the female population.

Source: Dramas, observations, basic psychology, and being a girl myself.

So I'll start off with that the title is sorta misleading...... but hey, you have read this far now might as well read the rest of this post to see what crazy logic I have came up with. :D A more accurate title of this post would be... How to Get a Girl to Notice You, or How to Get a Girl to be Interested in You.

Girls... we like attention. Whether we admit it or not. We may not desire GREAT attention, but we are all human beings deep down and have a need to be acknowledged and that acknowledgement ties in with attention. Although perhaps attention isn't quite the best word to use in this context since it can be interpreted in a negative light.

When you like a girl, us girls do not necessary respond in a positive way. If you're not Channing Tatum or our crush, we'll probably brush you off as creepy/annoying. But sometimes we like you back, but just as friends. This is where MY theory comes in, after endless weeks of trying to chase her, texting, tweeting, and then being rejected/friend-zoned by her (this theory is better if she knows about your feelings for her), STOP giving her all the attention and MOVE ON to another chick. I don't care who, just grab the next random chick you can find to give some loving to. (Actually be careful who you pick, it could be dangerous afterwards.)

Due to your absence in her life all of a sudden, she will feel a sense of lost and try to rekindle the friendship to make things "back to where it was before." She will crave for your attention because she misses it. (This does not mean she wants your dick btw.) Here's where the real test starts, when she finds out about the "new girl" you are hanging out with and giving attention to, she might feel mad. Mad that you abruptly stopped talking to her for this new girl who doesn't even bother to pluck her eyebrows properly, and wears orange. Ugh. Orrrrr that "anger" is actually form by "jealousy" because she realizes that she actually does like you and want you.

Either way, if we considered you as our friend, we would have wanted you to stay in our lives. But because we're greedy. we want the guy who likes us to stay in our lives, but just as friends.

Unless we actually have feelings for ya.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

He Made Me Smile .

Don't want to explain everything again, so click on the links if you are curious/need background info.

Part One [ here ]
Part Two[ here ]

You know one of those day, week, or even month where you just feel plain ugly? I haven't felt this insecure in a while, and it fricken sucks. My skin is allergic to something I'm using so there are awkward bumps on my cheeks, and my panda eyes are worse than ever since I keep insisting on sleeping at 2am. Kay, I swear I will try to STOP complaining about that on my Twitter/blog. But it's contributing to my fatigue, and is starting to show on my face. Wah.

It's been awkward between the Phone Guy & I these past couple of months. Nothing really new happening. Still exchanging some comments here and there about how we are, or if one or the other played Candy Crush. Getting to know each other one comment at a time LOL. Still don't know each other's name though.

My co-workers are always like 'Why don't you give him a chance?' and "Man, he really, really likes you!" Sigh.... I can't help but feel the blood rushing to my face whenever we talk about this. Truth is, I'm just not interested. I'm not saying he's a guy I would never date, but for the moment, I have zero interest in furthering our 'relationship.' I just want to focus on my life for the time being, enjoying the 'single life' you can say.

Back to the main story.

Oh yes, feeling ugly.

Insecurities are such a bitch to deal with. It's like no matter how much make up you put on, it's still not enough. I hate those days..

So one day after not working for a long while due to scheduling, he said to me motioning his arms, "Where have you been?!? Had me worried, thought you didn't work there anymore!!"

I consider myself a pretty witty person, but lately I just can't seem to think of anything to say. Maybe because I feel a bit pressured that his co-workers are right there listening to our conversations as well. Thinking back to what I would have said, it would probably be "Oh I went to get a life." Iunno, something. But all I did was smile back after a quick Hi.

Later on at another time, he motions me to come closer to him and says, "If you weren't here, who would I talk to? :("

Usually I would roll my eyes, and be like 'What the fuck dude?' But because I was feeling a bit in the downs, and that someone out there is making me feel special and pretty, I felt warm inside. Thankful. Maybe in a Korean drama this is where my heart would start fluttering and realize that I sorta like him.

No sorry, that did not happen.

I gave a boring response and said, "You have your co-workers."

But at the end of the day, he made me smile.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annual Friendship Anniversary

Love this quote!

So every year on the second Friday of May, my best friend "Mickey" and I go on an annual date at the same fondue place, same time, AND sit at the same spot. I actually wrote about last year's and you can find the post here. I realized that I had written it was the fourth year that we had done this, but it is actually the fifth. So this year was our 6th Annual Friendship Fondue Anniversary.

So usually I would be really dressed up, but I had to go pick up something in the morning and basically stayed out till I met up with her. This year my outfit was a Hello Kitty dress that I bought at Macy' last year. I wish I had put more effort in my make up that day or at least wash my hair. (I know, a bit disgusting.) But it's okay, because my best friend looked beyond gorgeous!!! Most pictures are from her iPhone, thank you Mickey!! Also super thankful for the filter on her phone because it helped me look a million times better hehehe. 

The traditional pose every.single.year. :P I should make a collage of all of the six years!

It seems like Capstone (the restaurant) changes management every year (since I literally only go ONCE a year on this ONE day). The past five years have been ran by asians but this year, things changed! There was a hostess (that was non-asian, I'm not being racist I swear) at the entrance that would seat you (did not have that before.) It was funny because my friend called ahead to "reserve" our traditional seat but it was taken. So we asked to wait till the people were done. The employers were curious, and were asking us "what's the occassion?" I then realized that they probably thought we were some lesbian couple that was celebrating our dating anniversary or some shit. Hahahaha LOLOLOL.

Capstone was holding a contest of some fondue chocolate art, so Mickey decided to draw me. Cough, it's like looking in a mirror eh? 

Afterwards, we then met up with a friend and headed to the nightmarket that had just open that night! Here are some pics of the event. 

Here's a great shot of my bff's outfit!


The only thing to spend your money on at nightmarket.. overpriced yummy food! Here's some takoyaki *drools

Hoping the weather will be nice this Friday so I can go again! Xo. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

MAC's Baking Beauty Collection: What Did I Get?

The collection looked lovely judging by the advertisement picture, but the products itself? Meh. Just a small collection of pinks and purples. But I DO love their powder blushes designs which I had sadly missed out during the Archie's collection last month.

So knowing MAC's products selling out as fast as Justin Bieber's concerts, I ran out to my nearest MAC store as soon as I could on launching day.

Nothing was sold out yet when I got there since its not a huge fun collection as the Archie one.

  1. In for a Treat Champagne base with matte coral flower and mint leaves
  2. Pink Buttercream Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves

Originally was going for In for a Treat (left) but instead I went for the Pink Buttercream (right) since it has a hint of pink. I already have the NARS Albatross so I really did not need another white highlight.

Did I really needed to add this artwork in collection? Not at all. I mean it's a whopping $35! But like many beauty lovers that will sought after this collection, it's mostly just for the gorgeous design and I totally understand you girl! ;)

Was debating whether I should get the lipstick since I don't think I have anything like it and it can look quite nice!

But meh, I'll pass. I work too hard for my money. Till the next collection, MAC!