Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annual Friendship Anniversary

Love this quote!

So every year on the second Friday of May, my best friend "Mickey" and I go on an annual date at the same fondue place, same time, AND sit at the same spot. I actually wrote about last year's and you can find the post here. I realized that I had written it was the fourth year that we had done this, but it is actually the fifth. So this year was our 6th Annual Friendship Fondue Anniversary.

So usually I would be really dressed up, but I had to go pick up something in the morning and basically stayed out till I met up with her. This year my outfit was a Hello Kitty dress that I bought at Macy' last year. I wish I had put more effort in my make up that day or at least wash my hair. (I know, a bit disgusting.) But it's okay, because my best friend looked beyond gorgeous!!! Most pictures are from her iPhone, thank you Mickey!! Also super thankful for the filter on her phone because it helped me look a million times better hehehe. 

The traditional pose every.single.year. :P I should make a collage of all of the six years!

It seems like Capstone (the restaurant) changes management every year (since I literally only go ONCE a year on this ONE day). The past five years have been ran by asians but this year, things changed! There was a hostess (that was non-asian, I'm not being racist I swear) at the entrance that would seat you (did not have that before.) It was funny because my friend called ahead to "reserve" our traditional seat but it was taken. So we asked to wait till the people were done. The employers were curious, and were asking us "what's the occassion?" I then realized that they probably thought we were some lesbian couple that was celebrating our dating anniversary or some shit. Hahahaha LOLOLOL.

Capstone was holding a contest of some fondue chocolate art, so Mickey decided to draw me. Cough, it's like looking in a mirror eh? 

Afterwards, we then met up with a friend and headed to the nightmarket that had just open that night! Here are some pics of the event. 

Here's a great shot of my bff's outfit!


The only thing to spend your money on at nightmarket.. overpriced yummy food! Here's some takoyaki *drools

Hoping the weather will be nice this Friday so I can go again! Xo. 

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