Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Get a Girl to Like You

Update: "HOW TO GET OUT OF THE FRIEND-ZONE" might be the better title.

So I have this theory.

This light bulb idea came up while I was watching this new Korean drama, "Lee Soon Shin is the Best!" starring the cutie pie IU, and the handsome, charming Jo Jung-suk. (´∀`)♡

And I think I have unlocked a psychological theory on how to get your girl crush to like you, or at least be interested in your shitty ass. I think this will work best for all the "nice guys" out there who has been terribly friend-zoned by your girl.

But first I must put up a disclaimer for all the virgin losers out there that are destined to be forever alone, with no technique or overly-photoshopped photos on their online dating profile that can save them.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibilities for your failures. This is just a theory that I have come up with based on observations, and my own experiences. If this doesn't work for you then you are out of luck. I suggest becoming a monk. (lol jk please don't become too depressed.) Oh and girls, don't take it too personally. I know it probably does not apply to ALL of the female population.

Source: Dramas, observations, basic psychology, and being a girl myself.

So I'll start off with that the title is sorta misleading...... but hey, you have read this far now might as well read the rest of this post to see what crazy logic I have came up with. :D A more accurate title of this post would be... How to Get a Girl to Notice You, or How to Get a Girl to be Interested in You.

Girls... we like attention. Whether we admit it or not. We may not desire GREAT attention, but we are all human beings deep down and have a need to be acknowledged and that acknowledgement ties in with attention. Although perhaps attention isn't quite the best word to use in this context since it can be interpreted in a negative light.

When you like a girl, us girls do not necessary respond in a positive way. If you're not Channing Tatum or our crush, we'll probably brush you off as creepy/annoying. But sometimes we like you back, but just as friends. This is where MY theory comes in, after endless weeks of trying to chase her, texting, tweeting, and then being rejected/friend-zoned by her (this theory is better if she knows about your feelings for her), STOP giving her all the attention and MOVE ON to another chick. I don't care who, just grab the next random chick you can find to give some loving to. (Actually be careful who you pick, it could be dangerous afterwards.)

Due to your absence in her life all of a sudden, she will feel a sense of lost and try to rekindle the friendship to make things "back to where it was before." She will crave for your attention because she misses it. (This does not mean she wants your dick btw.) Here's where the real test starts, when she finds out about the "new girl" you are hanging out with and giving attention to, she might feel mad. Mad that you abruptly stopped talking to her for this new girl who doesn't even bother to pluck her eyebrows properly, and wears orange. Ugh. Orrrrr that "anger" is actually form by "jealousy" because she realizes that she actually does like you and want you.

Either way, if we considered you as our friend, we would have wanted you to stay in our lives. But because we're greedy. we want the guy who likes us to stay in our lives, but just as friends.

Unless we actually have feelings for ya.

Good luck!

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At May 25, 2013 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

you're right. if i dont like the guy, i may think he is creepy or bothersome. but it's always nice having someone like you, even if you don't like them back. it's better than no one liking you.

- sarah -


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