Thursday, May 9, 2013

MAC's Baking Beauty Collection: What Did I Get?

The collection looked lovely judging by the advertisement picture, but the products itself? Meh. Just a small collection of pinks and purples. But I DO love their powder blushes designs which I had sadly missed out during the Archie's collection last month.

So knowing MAC's products selling out as fast as Justin Bieber's concerts, I ran out to my nearest MAC store as soon as I could on launching day.

Nothing was sold out yet when I got there since its not a huge fun collection as the Archie one.

  1. In for a Treat Champagne base with matte coral flower and mint leaves
  2. Pink Buttercream Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves

Originally was going for In for a Treat (left) but instead I went for the Pink Buttercream (right) since it has a hint of pink. I already have the NARS Albatross so I really did not need another white highlight.

Did I really needed to add this artwork in collection? Not at all. I mean it's a whopping $35! But like many beauty lovers that will sought after this collection, it's mostly just for the gorgeous design and I totally understand you girl! ;)

Was debating whether I should get the lipstick since I don't think I have anything like it and it can look quite nice!

But meh, I'll pass. I work too hard for my money. Till the next collection, MAC!


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